List of 30+ Best Horlicks Brand Slogans

One can hardly find a child, elderly people, convalescing patients, sportsmen, lactating mothers who have not taken Horlicks as it has long been perceived as a health drink and energy booster full of minerals. Horlicks was a product from the House of Glaxo SKB.

Horlicks Brand Slogans

Taller stronger sharper

Apke junior ke liye junior

5 Signs of growth 

Mujhey chahiye sab kuch

Chocolate Horlicks – peekay batao

Tired of feeling tired

For confident health-conscious multi-tasking women

Make your life lite 

Horlicks makes me taller stronger sharper

Horlicks increases the power of milk

Mathorlicks 100% result

Mixes in milk even before you skip this ad

Roz pio roz aagey baro

Be fearless this exam season

The better protein

Be fearless this exam season

Active mind active child 

The most irresistably chocolaty experience

New flavour sensation

I health drink 5 proven benefits

Introducing all-new active Horlicks

Mission poshan

My strength comes from my strong bones

Make zero compromise when choosing your protein drink

Helps calcium reach bones

Introducing the scientific breakthrough in health drinks

High protein for weight gain

Nourishment for active adults 

Enjoy chilled Horlicks

Bone nutrition specialists

Good nutrition that supports immunity

Eat right grow right

DNA supports brain development

Ab dudh ka glass har baar khaallas

The great family nourisher

The ideal food drink for all ages

Single pack double benefit

Horlicks overcomes weakness

With 4 delicious flavours, milk will never get bored

Clinically proven to make children taller stronger and sharper

Life is fun when you are fit

What you eat is not what you get 

Getting moms to get kids to play more

Balanced nutrition

Bone nutrition specialists

NO fussing only fixing

Milky way 

Paint their future bright

Junior Horlicks ab strawberry flavour main bhi

What is the reason for hunger in their eyes

The coolest summer drink

Take the pledge with us to stay strong

A cup full of nutrients

# Horlicks Wishes you a fearless exam season

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