120+ Catchy Honeymoon Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Honeymoon is that part of your life when it’s just you and your partner after the marriage, preferably in a romantic location. It is all fun, romance, and uncountable pictures. We have a list prepared just for you to ensure you never run out of captions for your honeymoon pics.

Honeymoon Captions for Instagram

A vacation just for the two of us. #honeymoon

You, me, clear skies, starry nights, cozy vibes, and best times. #bestoftines

A honeymoon for my honey and moon. #justyouandme

Why else did you think we got married? #married

 We are going to spend the rest of our lives together, might as well start with a vacation. #justmarried

Your trip for a happy married life. #honeymoonspecial

It doesn’t matter where we go, it’s always a honeymoon if you’re with me. #youandme

Saved up my entire life for this, surely having a blast. #loveyou

I still can’t believe it’s a honeymoon. #honeymoonpics

I don’t have a sweet tooth but I’ll take the honeymoon. #feelingspecial

It is never too late to go back unless you are on your way to the honeymoon destination.

Beaches, mountains, skylines, and yet nothing compares to how you look tonight.

Just need you on all the trips, and it’s a honeymoon every time.

You and me and a million cozy memories. #bestoftines

Time passes faster when you are happy. #honeymoon

The Honeymoon will be over before you can say Honey or moon.

One for the newly-weds and those madly in love. #honeymoonspecial

You invest in a marriage, you save for a honeymoon. #justyouandme

My honey and me, under the shining moonlight. #justmarried

As if we were not already madly in love. #married

Some memories are made just with love. #bestoftines

One photo album might not be enough, need to capture every memory. #feelingspecial

Can there be a repeat honeymoon? One doesn’t seem enough. #honeymoon

It’s you and me together and the rest of the world is oblivious. #bestoftines

No moon will make you feel as happy as your honeymoon.

The first time is the charm. #honeymoon

I have seen the moon every night, it’s my first time going on one. #married

Do astronauts go on the moon for a honeymoon? #loveyou

A short trip vacation before the trip called married life. #honeymoonspecial

Enjoy your honeymoon while it lasts. #justyouandme

The time between the first and last day of a honeymoon passes in a blink.

You would be on your way back home before you can realize. #justmarried

It always takes two to Parle, Tango and go on a Honeymoon. #feelingspecial

The person who came up with the idea of honey might just be a Nobel Laureate.

I am not excited about the honeymoon, said no human being ever. #loveyou

Pick your honeymoon destination wisely, it’s a place to brag about.

A honeymoon is neither just a place nor just a trip, it is an emotion in itself. 

The hype for the honeymoon proves that a threat is stronger than execution.

A honeymoon might just be a backup plan for an escape in case something goes wrong in the wedding.

A well-planned honeymoon results in a well-planned married life.

Live in the moment. #married

Don’t ever extend your stay when on a honeymoon. #bestoftines

A honeymoon might the sweetest vacation you’ll ever go on, it’s in the name.

Embrace every moment. #honeymoon

More time for bonding and coming even closer. #honeymoonspecial

Don’t forget to take your partner along. #justyouandme

Fill those wedding and honeymoon albums. #loveyou

Nothing but romantic vibes and a cozy atmosphere. #justmarried

A trip worth a lifetime of memories. #married

Funny Honeymoon Captions

No caption needed, the love shows itself. #bestoftines

Just Married signs all around. #justmarried

Honeymoon or a paradise for love? #honeymoon

It was a dream to go places with you, it’s finally coming true. #justyouandme

You will be my moon even when the moon goes down.

It takes a heart full of love to know what love really is.

The moon shines the brightest when the night is the darkest.

 A trip out of love, for love with my love. #honeymoonspecial

We are in it for the long run now, no turning back anymore. #feelingspecial

Finally found someone to travel the world with, the honeymoon is just the start.

A vacation embarking on the journey called life. #married

And then we lived happily ever after. #honeymoon

Better late than never. #justyouandme

Love might not have a language, but it could have a location. #justmarried

Nobody really could ever measure the depth of love. #loveyou

A vacation to connect, reconnect, and disconnect.

A honeymoon begins with an early morning and ends on a late night.

A honeymoon brings you as close as you always wanted, a movie-like sequence.

Did you ever look at someone and just go “I’d like to take her on a honeymoon?”

The eyes never lie, they show real emotion and all I see right now is love. #loveyou

I can’t explain in words how happy this trip makes me. #feelingspecial

Each day is beautiful than the last on a honeymoon. #honeymoonspecial

A honeymoon without love I not worth going to. #honeymoon

There is a reason why the words wife and life rhyme. #justmarried

Marriage brings you together, a honeymoon makes you one. #justyouandme

In the end, it’s just me and you. #bestoftines

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