Top 36+ Best Hispanic Brands in the World

Latin America is one of the most stunning spots in the globe. With so many Hispanic brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of some Hispanic brands in the world.

Hispanic Brands in the World


Country: Spain

This Spain-based corporation of apparel is located in Galicia. The corporation is involved in fast fashion, and commodities include perfumes, beauty, swimwear, shoes, accessories, and clothing. Zara is the biggest corporation in the Inditex company, the globe’s biggest clothing trader. Zara shops have women’s and men’s apparel as well as kid’s apparel. Zara’s commodities are distributed based on customer fashions. 


Country: Mexico

This Mexican brand of soft beverage was intrigued by Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill in 1950 and currently acquired by Guadalajara, Jalisco-based a massive autonomous bottling conglomerate, Novamex. Jarritos is also supplied in some locales of Mexico by the Cott and Pepsi Bottling Group. 


Country: United Kingdom

This UK-based corporation of carbonated soft beverage was created in South Wales by Thomas & Evans Ltd and supplied across the United Kingdom. The association was built by grocers William Evans and William Thomas. The corporation’s early manufacturer was located in Porth, Rhondda, eventually broadening to 87 manufacturers and depots.

Grupo Bimbo

Country: Mexico

This Mexico-based global bakery stock producing corporation has its departments in Mexico City, Mexico. Grupo Bimbo is the globe’s biggest baking corporation and manages the biggest bakeries in Spain, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and has some of the extensive radio networks in the US and Mexico.


Country: Switzerland 

This Switzerland-based coffee corporation was built by Nestlé. The brand comes in multiple distinctive forms. The flagship coffee trademark of Nescafe was initially introduced in Switzerland in 1938. They started expanding a coffee label in 1930.


Country: Mexico

This Mexican brand of nectar and juice is prominent among Hispanic customers in America. Presently, they offer a chain of preserved and fresh sports drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, milk, children’s drinks, nectar, and fruit juices in Mexico. The department of Jumex is situated in Ecatepec de Morelos, in the Mexico City area. 

Chupa Chups

Country: Spain

This Spain-based trademark of the lollipop and other confectionery is traded in more than 150 nations around the globe. Chupa Chups was launched by Enric Bernat in 1958 and was acquired by the Italian-Dutch global company Perfetti Van Melle. 


Country: Spain

This Spanish apparel manufacturing and design corporation was created by brothers Nahman Andic and Isak Andic in Barcelona, Spain in 1984. The department of Mango is located in Palau-solità I Plegamans, Spain.


Country: United States of America 

This US-based manufacturer of a trademark of nutriment retailed in America and several Hispanic nations. It has capabilities in many parts of Spain, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Goya produces and delivers commodities from the South American, Mexican, Caribbean, Puerto Rican, and Spanish cuisine.


Country: Mexico

This Mexican corporation of wireless telecommunications was acquired by América Móvil. Located in Mexico City and created in 1989, Telcel is Mexico’s prominent corporation of wireless communications services. Telcel carries settlements to manage a wireless system in all 9 geographic provinces in Mexico. 

San Miguel Corporation

Country: Philippines

This Filipino global publicly registered conglomerate holding corporation is the biggest company in terms of earnings in the Philippines, with more than 24,000 workers in more than 100 main capabilities throughout the Asia-Pacific province. Their flagship commodity, San Miguel Beer, is one of the most retailing beers. 


Country: Brazil

Based in Brazil, this worldwide firm in the oil trade has its offices situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Petrobras was categorized #58 in the most current list of Fortune Global 500. It was launched in 1953 by Getúlio Vargas.

La Victoria

Country: United States of America 

This US-based factory of Mexican food commodities, in special bottled salsas and Jar. La Victoria was launched in 1917 in Los Angeles and brought up the early jar salsa commodity in America. The La Victoria Sales Company was created by Henry Tanklage in 1941. It is now a part of Hormel.

Topo Chico

Country: Mexico

This corporation of sparkling mineral water has been in the business since 1895 in Monterrey, Mexico. As of 2017, it was bought by the Coca-Cola Corporation for $220 million. They are originally well-known in Texas and northern Mexico.


Country: Brazil

This Brazil-based multinational personal care stocks company has its head office in São Paulo. Presently, their trademarks include Aesop, Avon, Natura Cosméticos, and Avon. Natura is accessible in 73 nations. Luiz Seabra created this brand in 1969. Currently, the firm is Brazil’s biggest cosmetics firm by profit.


Country: Chile

With departments in Santiago de Chile, this Chile-based hypermarket line was initially managed and owned by Distribución y Servicio (DyS) but traded to US-based company Walmart in 2009. The shops trade home supplies, school supplies, home electronics, and groceries. Líder was created in 1893. 

Banco Bradesco Sa

Country: Brazil

This Brazil-based establishment is one of the largest economic and banking services associations. It was the biggest non-governmental bank in Brazil until Unibanco and Banco Itaú incorporated it in 2009. Banco Bradesco has its departments in the hamlet of Osasco and has 38,430 “Bradesco Expresso” Units, 4,834 Service Branches, and 5,314 offices.

Brahma beer

Country: Brazil 

This Brazil-based trademark of beer was initially introduced by the Companhia Cervejaria Brahma. Presently, Anheuser-Busch InBev owns this brand. The national Malzbier was manufactured by them in 1914. Later, the corporation started broadening globally. 

Skol Company

Country: United States of America 

This corporation is involved in the manufacturing of sunglasses and antiseptic for sunburn. Situated in New York City, their commodities were accessible in Canada and the United States. The president of this industry was George Gallowhur. In 1939, they introduced a national crusade to market Skol sunglasses.

Catena Zapata

Country: Argentina 

This household operated winery is based in Mendoza. Catena Zapata was launched by Italian immigrant Nicola Catena in 1902 and his son Nicolás Catena Zapata was a settler to inaugurate European wine-producing methods to Argentina. 

Cerveza Quilmes

Country: Argentina 

This Argentina-based brewery was launched by a German immigrant, Otto Bemberg, in Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province in 1988. The corporation developed quickly and became the most prominent brewery in Buenos Aires. The brand is exported to Australia, Italy, UK, France, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Spain, the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, and many nations.

Carrera Y Carrera

Country: Spain

This Spain-based corporation of jewelry has its departments in San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid, and launched in 1885 when a small jewelry workshop was opened by Saturio Esteban Carrera in the Barrio de las Letras. Presently the corporation has associates in UAE, Moscow, Tokyo, and New York City.


Country: United States of America 

This bank holding corporation has its department in Birmingham, Alabama. Since 20p7, Bbva has been associated with the Spanish global Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria and manages chiefly in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona, and Alabama. 

Zacapa Rum

Country: Guatemala

This brand of premium rum was created by Rum Creation and Products in Guatemala, and marketed and supplied by Diageo. The brand was built in 1976. 


Country: Spain

This Spanish beer brand was created by the Mahou-San Miguel Group. The portfolio of Mahou contains an assortment of beers including mixed varieties and non-alcoholic. The Mahou brewery was created in 1890 in Madrid.

S.A. Damm

Country: Spain

This Spanish brewery was launched by the Alsacian August Joseph Damm and Kuentzmann Damm in 1876 in Barcelona. It is the primary beer firm in the town. They are mainly prominent for their beer products which include the following four, Estrella Damm, Voll-Damm, Xibeca, and Estrella Levante.

Marques De Caceres

Country: Spain

This wine manufacturer is located in Cenicero, Rioja Alta, Spain. The wines of Marques De Caceres are among the most largely supplied Spanish wine trademarks in America. The wine firm was created at the Cenicero in Rioja Alta, by Henri Forner in 1970. The early wines were launched in 1975.


Country: Argentina 

This Argentina-based motorcycle factory was created in 1948, initially utilizing 100 and cc engines manufactured by Fabio Taglioni and approved by Italy-based company Ceccato motorcycles. Zanella manufactures ATVs, mopeds, and small motorcycles. It is also involved in the manufacturing of light trucks and the ZMax series of three-wheel motorcycles.


Country: Spain

This Spanish extravagance fashion brand is engaged in the manufacturing of perfumes, clothing, leather goods, and other fashion accessories. Created in 1846, they are considered as the oldest and one of the primary luxury brands in the globe. The corporation quickly developed in fashionableness and was publicized by figures such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and many more.


Country: Chile

With departments in Santiago, Chile, this global line of department shops is acquired by Chilean global corporation S.A.C.I. It is the biggest department shop in South America. Falabella was created in 1889 by Salvatore Falabella.


Country: France

This European global corporation offers automation digital solutions and energy solutions for sustainability and efficiency. It deals with industries, infrastructure, data centers, buildings, and homes by incorporating software, real-time automation, energy technologies, and services. The corporation has projects in more than 100 nations. 

Empresas Copec

Country: Chile

This Chilean forestry and energy corporation with a line of gas warehouses throughout Chile was launched in 1950 by Copec. The current president of this brand is Roberto Angelini Rossi.

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