List of 55+ Best Heineken Brand Slogans

The global major in manufacturing and marketing of pale lager beer, the specialty of the Holland-based organization is the special green bottle in which the 5% alcohol spirit is marketed.

Apart from the main brewery in Holland, the beer is brewed in many other countries of the globe including India. 


Heineken Brand Slogans

Open your world

Early Bird

Congratulations Nairo

Kind of gives you goosebumps doesn’t it?

Heineken Brand Slogans

Enjoy the scariest night of the year

Oceans apart from the ordinary

Not shaken not stirred

Longing for your first date to go smoothly

Make your city shine

Enjoy Heineken responsibly

When we have the youngest customers in the business

Be Fresh

Ooh la la 

Proud to open World Rugby Cup 2015

The Interceptor

Made with water barley and hops

Sometimes lighter is better

Served extra cold

Look at those beautiful long necks

Welcome to the world of Heineken

Heineken sweet who would have thought

Something so special is meant to be shared

Great taste no alcohol

The best light beer you will ever taste

Say yes with alcohol-free

Cheers to Haloween Friendship

Craftsmanship wrapped in a glass

Stop staring and make your move

Come to think of it, I ‘ll spread a little cheer

Probably the best beer in the world 

You can live without Heineken but why

Some things needed to change 

It takes 581 days to get a sixpack it takes 5.81 days to buy one

Some things shouldn’t be shaken or stirred

The live beer

Enjoy the finished moments

Heineken Brand Slogans

Rate your experience

There is beer and there is Heineken 

To beer or not to beer

Why is Heineken America’s number one imported beer

Sounds good

Be Fresh

Now you can

Seductive from any angle

Real passion for beer

Good taste is the most important ingredient

It’s game day

Who will you be tonight

Generations apart

Introducing the sub

Grab a cold Heiny

Open cap policy

World-famous Holland Beer

Freshness has a name

The magic of Heineken

Lager beer at its best

Watch the match here

The coldest beer for the hottest occasions

Join us and the world b as one

Born in Amsterdam, raised by the world

There’s more behind the star

Respect your tastebuds

Heineken Brand Slogans

Fridge stuffer

All cities are great some are destined to shine

As refreshing as can be

There’s more behind the star

Pick up the beer that makes summer summer

The magic of Heineken

Star serve

Life is Brewtiful

Raise a new bottle to our new bottle

Good to the last drop kick

The world’s number one international premium beer

Read between the lines — Happy Beerthday

Grab a Heineken bucket

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