202+ Catchy Heartthrob Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Probably many people have been fantasizing about being a heartthrob, and even if they are not, we may have let them rob our hearts for their spellbinding looks. Here are some captions that can help you express how you feel about it and make your posts spell-binding as well.

Heartthrob Captions for Instagram

I sincerely understand I have a heart when it begins to throb for you.

My heart throbs whenever it here’s your name.

You are my only hot rod, darling.

My heart makes me think only about you.

I love you with every bit of my heart.

Do you even know that you stored in my heart?

My heart began beating the moment we met. #heartbeat

Living without you is like living without a heart.

You are the apple of my eye and the beat of my heart.

The moment I saw you, my heart became yours.

When you stole my heart, you stole my heart beats too.

Every bit of your heart it’s filled with purity and love.

You are unique. So is your heart.

I only snuggle up to you to warm my heart.

Whenever you say those three words, my heart skips a beat.

I pray that’ll wake you up every morning.

I have a heart where you only beat. #love

We have two hearts that beat as one.

I wish my heart throbs endlessly only for you.

Even when we grow old, our hearts will throb for each other.

I love it when you embrace me. I can feel our hearts beating together.

Only when we put our hearts together that I feel whole again.

The only thing I need is your heart.

This was when your heart began loving me unconditionally.

All we need is for our hearts to come together.

You have a heart that’s so different from everything else.

You stole my heart. Keep it safe. Here are the beats too. #heart

Your heart shines ever so brightly, even in the darkness of life.

I won’t talk about her love. I’ll let your heart feel it.

Your hug makes my heart go to the moon and back.

Whenever I see you, my heart begins to throb.

When you touch me, I can only hear my heart throbbing loudly.

Your heart has captured my heart for sure.

Our heartbeats seem to have been glued together.

Your heartbeat makes my heart beat even harder.

Kissing you makes my heart beat faster than ever. #love

My heart feels assured when you are by my side.

My heart smiles in throbs when it sees you.

You are the light that keeps my heart alive.

My heart wants to beat in harmony with yours.

We will last longer when our hearts beat together.

My heart loves the adventure it has with yours.

My heart feels ever so lucky to have your heart.

To be with your heartthrob is like a dream come true.

Our love story is an adventure that every loving heart will love.

Together, we will grow old, but our hearts will live on forever. #valentine

When you are here, my heart never allows a fake smile.

Our hearts are stuck together happily and forever.

Together forever is where our hearts are.

Our hearts have an addiction. It’s called love.

You are as annoying as your heart is loving.

My heart beats with happiness whenever you are around.

We may be cute together, but we are also madly in love.

She took my heart because I stole hers.

Our hearts will live happily ever after.

You are mine and that makes my heart throb so loudly. #heartthrob

We make a perfect couple because our hearts are in perfect love.

You are perfect. Your heart loves me perfectly.

Your voice is what my heart needs to hear, babe.

You may not be perfect, but your heart is.

My heart sees the future whenever I look at you.

Lucky me that you chose to give me your heart.

I am never embarrassed to love you.

Our hearts are swimming together in the ocean of love.

Wherever your heart is, it is home to my heart.

Our hearts fly away together. #heart

When you leave the room, reality enters with a loud popping sound.

My heart throbs to share everything with you.

Funny Heartthrob Captions

Things become the best when you and I are together.

I’ll always be with you.

My heart is happy only when you’re near.

It’s so weird for me to have fallen in love. But I love what happened.

Your heart yanked me off my feet when it took my heart.

The older we’re getting, the more my heart throbs for you.

Our love is a continuing story that our hearts are writing down. #heartthrob

You simply mesmerize me.

I’ve trusted you with my heart, so how do you keep it is up to you

Roses are red, and so is our love.

I never believed in fairy tales. And then we fell in love.

The best love story is the one that you and I are living.

I don’t get butterflies when I’m with you. I get the entire zoo.

First, I thought you had a piece of my heart. Then I realized that you’d taken it all.

My heart beats only for you.

I just don’t understand what made us fall in love.

You’re not perfect. That’s what makes me love you more. #valentine

Of course, I know what true love is. You made me see it

We’re definitely better at being together than staying apart.

I can never live without you.

My heart? You took it long ago.

I keep falling in love with you every moment of my life.

Love is so much easier when it is with you.

Since you gave me your heart, everything’s become more fun.

With each passing day, my heart wants to be with you even more.

Loving you and giving you my heart are the only two things I did rate.

My heart aches to hug you. #hug

You actually take my heart into your hand when you hold my hand.

When our hearts come together, we can surely make it.

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