100+ Best Heartbreak Captions💔(Generator+Guide)

We are well aware of how difficult it can be to deal with heartbreak but we always have to start somewhere. We are here to help with our captions on your heartbreak social media posts.

Heartbreak Captions For Instagram

A broken heart will never be the same again but it still beats. #heartbroken

No matter how badly it hurts, life goes on.

The more we love, the more the chances of heartbreak.

Falling in love is like giving all the power to a person to hurt you. #truelove

It hurts only because it was real.

Signs of heartbreak include doing a lot of things you don’t understand or would normally never do.

Give yourself and your heart some time to recover. #moveon

Love is a double-edged sword, you signed up for this.

There’s nothing you can’t deal with or take care of, heartbreak included.

Where poets are born. #heartbreakpoetry

U fall in love, u get your heartbroken, it happens, move on.

The faster you move on, the faster you can get back to living your life.

A broken heart stops feeling every emotion except pain.

I know it hurts, I know you want it to stop, and it will eventually.

One morning you will wake up and realize it does not hurt anymore.

The heavier the heart, the stronger the bond was. #shatteredbonds

The only way to deal with heartbreak is to accept it.

Talking about heartbreak is always the right way to start.

There are still a lot of things out there in the world that your heart wants, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

The worst has happened, the storm has ceased, time to rebuild now.

You will get over a heartbreak the day you make up your mind. #getoverit

Holding on to a tight rope won’t always save your life, might also bruise your hands sometimes.

You know what they say, nothing motivates you more than heartbreak.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Instagram Captions

Funny Heartbreak Captions with Hashtags

Let’s be real, the heart was meant to be broken.

Accept that you won’t always be lucky. #heartbroke

When you emotionally invest in someone, should always prepare for the losses.

It’s just a heartbreak, love has not forsaken you yet.

When you move around without an umbrella in the rain, you are bound to get drenched.

Write what you feel and throw it somewhere where you can’t find it.

Blessed are those who have never known heartbreak. #luckytolove

A lot of people will say a lot of different things, no one can help you except yourself.

Go out, do the things you used to love doing, bring your life back on track.

Now you know why it is called ‘falling’ in love.

Time to wake up from the dream you thought to be the reality.

It’s not the end, just the transition into something even more beautiful.

God has something better in store for you. #God’sPlan

The world works on the principle of balance, for a moment of love, there’s a moment of heartbreak.

Wish them well and move on with your life.

Don’t let heartbreak define your life, you’re better than that.

Your heart was just too delicate, time to make it stronger. #getoverit

A simple way to get over a heartbreak is to fall in love.

Just because you failed once does not mean you’ll stop believing in love.

Love finds you in places you’ll expect the least, don’t dive into sadness.

You are still alive, aren’t you? #keepliving

It might feel like the world is ending but believe me, it isn’t, it’ll pass.

You’ll find love one heartbreak at a time.

Hearts break, that’s how you grow up.

With heartbreak, comes pain but also maturity.

A broken heart speaks nothing but the truth. #spillpoetry

The consequences of being a hopeless romantic.

Find love or die trying. #lovetolove

Avoiding heartbreak in pursuit of love is like trying to walk on mud without getting your shoes dirty.

Some grow up after a heartbreak, some become artists.

I pity the man who has never got his heartbroken. #brokenhearts

Time to hit the refresh button on the love webpage.

A broken heart bleeds pain. #bleedred

The heartache you are experiencing has no medicine. #heartache

There is a very thin line between falling in love and falling, in love.

Wish we could choose the people we fall in love with.

If falling in love was a road, the heartbreak is a U-turn.

There is no undo button in life. #heartbreaks

A heartbreak proves that we can’t control everything no matter how hard we try.

You feel powerless after a heartbreak only because you had transferred it to the other person. #hurt

Love is complicated, it can make you feel like the king of the world or a worthless looser within a second.

Who has ever been able to define love anyway? #love

Heartbreak teaches you how to truly love.

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Heartbreak Captions with Emojis

“💔🌧️ The raindrops are falling just like my tears for you.”

“💔🚪 Sometimes you have to close the door to find happiness.”

“💔🎵 Music is the only thing that understands my heartbreak.”

“💔📝 Writing my heart out because words are all I have left.”

“💔🔥 The fire in my heart has turned to ashes.”

“💔🕰️ Time heals all wounds, but my heart still hurts.”

“💔🌊 My tears are like an ocean that never stops flowing.”

“💔🌸 Like a flower without water, my heart is wilting away.”

“💔📷 Memories of us are like photographs, always there but never the same.”

“💔🦋 Sometimes you have to let go of what you love, even if it hurts.”

“💔🌪️ My heart feels like it’s been hit by a storm.”

“💔💉 It feels like my heart has been stabbed a million times.”

“💔🌅 The sun still rises, even on the days when my heart is heavy.”

“💔🌟 Even the stars can’t shine as bright as my broken heart.”

“💔👻 My heart feels empty, like a ghost town.”

“💔🛣️ The road ahead feels long and lonely without you.”

“💔🔒 I thought our love was forever, but now my heart feels locked away.”

“💔🦷 It feels like my heart has been ripped out, tooth and all.”

“💔🎭 It hurts when someone you thought was your leading role, ends up being just a supporting character.”

“💔🌌 Even in the darkness of my heartbreak, I know there’s still light at the end of the tunnel.”

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