251+ Catchy Healthy Food Brand Name Ideas

Are you thinking about opening your own healthy snack food brand? If making snacks is your hobby then turn it into your profession without any second thought. But to make it popular and profitable, you must come up with a great name for the brand.

How to choose a name for your Healthy snack food Brand

  • The name should be related to your brand.
  • Your customers should be able to pronounce or spell the brand easily.
  • Keep the name unique and simple yet not too general.
  • Check the availability of the name.

Importance of name for Healthy snack food Brand

Naming your brand is one of the ways by which you can stand out from the crowd. Therefore, understanding the brand name’s importance if significant.

Names can make your brand unique

Yes, it is very much true that the name of your brand can differentiate you from the crowd. It can make your own healthy snack food brand unique and encourage the people to try out your brand than the others.

Name can generate more customers

If the customers find your brand name interesting and trustworthy, then they will want or expect more from you. They will use your brand more and if they are satisfied with your brand they will return to you again.

Names can bring appealing opportunities for you

Once you have named your brand appropriately, you will notice the changes it has brought to your brand. A strong, unique and catchy name can bring you a lot of attractive investment or business opportunities.

Tips to choose the best names for your Healthy snack food Brand

The most exciting thing about starting your own healthy snack food brand is choosing a name for it. But how would you do that? You cannot just come up with any name. It is the first thing that your customers will interact with so you need to be really careful when choosing the name of your brand.

Here you will find some really helpful tips that will make the naming process easier.

Keep it simple but not too general

It is very important for you to know that your customers would prefer names that are simple yet interesting. They will find it easy to remember. But don’t make it sound too general or else the name would become too boring and the people won’t even notice it.

Give it a meaning

The name of your healthy snack food brand should have a meaning or it will lose the spark. Giving your brand a meaningful name will help to understand what your brand is about clearly.

Involve your teammates

When too many brains are thinking about the same thing, you will definitely come up with a an idea. So, involve more people in this process and you will be able to bring out the best name from it easily.

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Healthy snack food Brand

In order to come up with the best name, below are some formulas to create a perfect name for your healthy snack food brand.

Make use of adjectives

Use words that describe your brand better and will give it an interesting sound to it. For example- Yummymist Snacks

Use personification

Naming your brand after someone who is either related to you or created from the scratch can become a great name for your healthy snack food brand. For example- Mommy’s Healthy Snack Foods

Combination is great

Two words that are related to your brand can be combined together to create a great name. For example- You Strong Snacks

Numbers can be great

A significant number that marks something important for your brand can be included in the name of your brand. For example- Just 4 You Snacks

This and that

Adding ‘and’ between two words can make long names sound shorter and pleasant. For example- Bite & Munch

Use a metaphor

Using figure of speeches can make your brand quite interesting and unique. For example- Right from Heaven

Humorous names sound funny

Funny names can be quite interesting but make sure not to choose anything that is sensitive or not suitable. For example- The fat snack trailer

Express you feeling

Words that express a feeling can be used to generate a brand name too. For example- The HappyHoos

Existing healthy snack food brand names

  • Unigift Food
  • Stimson Foods
  • Savannah Snack Foods
  • North American Snack Foods
  • Murphy Snack Foods
  • Megan Snack Foods
  • Dixie Snack Foods
  • Bradley Foods
  • YayBurg Eatery
  • MegaFest Snack Foods

Creative Healthy Snack Food Brand Names


Orgi Holic 

Chow time 

Pure Bitty 

Healthy Morsel

Full of life

Dream Cream








Food Stuff 

Purple Carrot  

Simple Snacky

Funky Savor

Naturia Tree

Tuscan Flavor

Harvest Feisty 

Rich Leaf  


Nutri Invita

Frosty Snack


Frozen Bar

Golden Choice 

Organic Bomb

Sizable Meal




Fooder Mind

Curative food


Fare food

Urban Bites


Skinny Cuisine


Roganic Seed


Urban Food

Express Grillz 


Health Greedy

Live Goodness



Unique Star

Crusty taste 



Food Dude

Frosty Bite

Healthy Key

Feast wrap 

Soirée hunger

Vegan Bowl

Nutri stew  


Goodly Snack


Sizable pinch


Apple up 


Flabby beans

Spoonful secret 

Raw for raw

Quickey Starter 

Eager round 



Earnest health

Impatient taste

Fervent food


Avid snack 

Whiff Yogurt

Green hasty


Chunky bar


Light meal

Midnight snack 



Chow down 


Square meal

Carry out

Gourmet Garden 

Seed soul 

Herbal vibe

Natural Blend


Hive be life

Vigorous diet 

Robust nuts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is branding important?

Branding is important to create an identity and mark the uniqueness of your product from your competitors.

Do I need a tagline for my healthy snack food brand?

You may create a tagline for your brand to describe your brand even better.

Can legal complications take place in the future?

Yes, if you do not register your brand name then you may face some legal complications in the future.

A name can help your brand to sore high and thus, you need to be very careful while naming your snack food brand. Once you do that, you are all set to win the hearts of the customers really soon.

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