List of 25+ Best Harpic Brand Slogans

A very renowned brand name in the toilet cleaning sector, Harpic from the stable of Reckitt Benkiser was launched in the United Kingdom during the 1920s.

One gentleman Harry Pickup invented the toilet cleaner and the brand name Harpic was coined from his name. Today it is available worldwide. 


Harpic Brand Slogans

Banega swacch India

Naya bathroom Mubarak ho

A new powerful combination

Every toilet in India will become 10/10

Harpic Brand Slogans

Parryware recommends Harpic

Say no to acid, upgrade to Harpic

Let’s make India toilet proud

Harpic partners with Akshay Kumar on har ghar swachh mission

Harpic rate my toilet and be a part of the winners

All in one

Ten times better toilet

What would be your reaction if your phone fell into your friend’s toilet!

Har ghar swacch

More than a toilet

Try our entire range

Leaves toilet visibly cleaner

Harpic Brand Slogans

How to deep clean your toilet in 5 seconds?

Is your toilet safe?

Five words that made toilets India’s new status symbol

An equal world needs our support

Apna toilet apni shaan

If your toilet could speak what would it have said

Are you only half cleaning your lavatory

Win over scum

New powerful combination

Total cleaner

The smallest room needs the strongest cleaner

20 – 20 offer

Harpic Brand Slogans

In this combo – one toilet cleaner, one floor cleaner

Harpic now has a twin

Swachhta ki sewa

A hint about the smallest room

World toilet day

Harpic Power — get out !!

Power Bluematic — cleans with every flush

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