101+ Catchy Happiness Captions For All Social Media

The Pursuit of happiness is never an easy one, but we tend to find happiness where we least expect it. It is never a bad day for a happy caption, and if you’re looking for one, we have a list prepared just for you.

Happiness Captions for Instagram

Happiness is a choice. #happiness

Do more of what makes you happy. #happy

Happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin. The coin is in your hands.

The shines bright every day. #sunshine

With happiness, should come gratefulness. #grateful

There is no shortcut to happiness.

Keep yourself surrounded by people who like to see you smiling.

God gave you teeth not just to eat.

Happiness lies in small places. #IamHappy

What’s your definition of happiness?

When life gives you lemons, squeeze happiness out of them. #HappyToday

You will find happiness the moment you stop chasing it.

Stay in the moment.

Happiness comes in installments. #happiness

You will never have everything that you want, but you will always have enough to be happy.

The more you grow up, the less you understand the true meaning of happiness. #happylife

Ask a kid what makes him happy and you’ll have your answer. #happiness

Good health, good family, good life. All that you need to be happy today. #HappyToday

The road to happiness is actually the road to happiness. #happytimes

Being sad today should not stop you from feeling happy tomorrow. #positivity

Take good care of your happiness. It finds ways to escape. #motivation

Let your mind roam freely and happiness will come to you. #freedom

When you really need happiness, turn to your family. #happyfamily

Your happiness is directly proportional to the happiness of those around you.

Let happiness be in the driving seat on your journey of life. #goodlife

If you really want to be something today, be happy. #behappy

Always enter the room with a smile on your face. #smiling

Be proud of who you really are and you don’t have to pretend to be happy anymore. #truehappiness

The easiest way to be happy is to bring a smile to someone else’s face. #helpothers

You can’t please everyone but what you can do is try to make at least one person’s day. #positive

The moment you put on a smile; the world instantly gets better.  #keepsmiling

The harder you work for it, the happier you feel when it’s done. #worklife

Happiness is like that free period in school we were always excited about.

We can’t control everything in the world, happiness is not one of those things. #positiveAndHappy

Give yourself a break from life once in a while. #behappy

The only way to lead a good life is to be happy. #happylife

You design your happiness.

Put on your pajamas, grab some ice cream, do what makes you happy. #pamperyourself

Sadness is just a transition between two periods of happiness. #smilingalways

Happiness is a plant, not a ready-made bouquet.

The happier you feel, the easier life gets. #easylife

Hard times make you tough, happy ones prepare you for the same.

Smile brighter than the sun. #happysun

Don’t look for a reason to smile, it is free.

A laugh a day keeps the trouble away. #laughtoday

Make a rainbow out of the rain.  #happiness

Look for the silver lining even when it is absent, you might just discover a rainbow.

Happiness is like the warm sun after a night of heavy rain. #happyinrain

It takes almost nothing for a kid happy, and almost nothing can make the adults happy.

You can’t weigh happiness, neither can you store it, stay in that moment.

Done ever miss a chance to catch a happy moment. #alwayshappy

The moments made today, bring happiness tomorrow.

Happiness starts with you.

A smile should be the default option. #keepsmiling

Happiness Captions

Write your own happy journey. #journey

Store your happy memories in a really secure space, they are hard to come by.

Happy is an emotion, happiness is a choice. #happybychoice

The hard-earned the reward, the longer the happiness.

If a yellow jacket makes you happy, wear a yellow jacket. #happyclothes

Life is too short to not be happy. #happiness

You control the environment you reside in, make it happening.

Thoughtful today, happy tomorrow. #happytoday

Keep your happy playlist always on standby. #happymusic

Don’t forget to hit the pause button in life and play button on happiness. #happyplay

Be happy when you are alone so that you can be happy when you are with others.

Enjoy your company once in a while. #loveyourself

Nothing is permanent in life, not even sadness or bad times. #happytimes

Have a good time wherever you go.

Live life without regrets. #noregrets

Don’t let the rat race take you away from real happiness. #behappy

All of us have that one song that makes us happy in a moment.

When looking for happiness, leave the keys at home. 

Be the life of the party. #partyon

Greenery brings happiness. #wanderlust

Don’t wait for someone to ask you how happy you are. #alwayssmiling

Happiness puts you in the driving seat of your life. #happydrive

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