208+ Hand Wash Slogans and Taglines

Proper hand washing is a principal line to fight against germs and contaminations. Personal hygiene is important in our daily life, and we should include it in our routines. Hand washing is one of the important parts self cleanliness. Here are some marketing slogans for your Hand Wash.

Catchy Hand Wash Slogans

Kill 99.9% of germs.

A clean nation starts at home.

If we are healthy, world becomes healthy.

Completely get rid of germs.

Let’s fight against germs.

Germs will be vanished in a second.

Good habit means healthy habit.

Say bye to your boring soap.

Clear hand, safe hand.

Shut the door of germs.

No germs in one drop.

One step towards cleanliness.

Protecting yourself is now in your control.

Full attendance in schools.

Teach your kids a good habit.

Now hand wash is in your favorite scent.

Now kids are happy to wash hand with it.

Disease finished, happiness begins.

Avoid soap, use hand wash.

No roughness is there, feel the smoothness.

Value your life, not germs.

Take care of others.

Give a promise of good health to yourself.

Change your world with a good effort.

Give full stop to germs.

Now keep your hands and promise.

We adopted a good habit, did you?

Save lives now.

We care for your safety.

Your life is our priority.

Do friendship with hygiene.

Live long with hygiene.

Cleans hands, healthy hands.

Keep your hands clean.

Wash your hands is your duty.

Your stomach doesn’t need germs, use hand sanitizer.

Be neat and use it before eat.

Care for hygiene means caring yourself.

Say hello to healthy life.

Take your hygiene seriously.

Germs are not to spread.

Give priority to your hygiene.

Spread awareness not germs.

Be healthy, be safe.

Healthy body begins with clean hands.

Clean hands are gateway of a healthy life.

Prevent germs for spreading.

Virus control is now in your hand.

Get a grip on germs.

Break the germ cycle.

Cleanliness is your priority.

Don’t let germs get you down.

You can’t see germs but germs can.

Stop spreading germs in a second.

Start from today.

Clean hands, happy hands.

Don’t let the germs ruin your happiness.

Wash the care and be aware.

Stay happy, stay clean.

Wash your hands every time before eating.

Don’t forget to keep your hands clean.

May the cleanliness be with you.

Don’t compromise with germs.

Maintain your hygiene, not germs.

Don’t let germs to love you.

No germs allowed.

Whenever in doubt wash it out.

The greatest wealth is your health.

Accept what are good, not invisible germs.

Finish germs from its depth.

Easy to use.

At a pocket friendly price.

Break up with virus.

For a healthier life.

Catchy Hand Wash Taglines

Don’t spend on germs, invest to your hygiene.

Clean hands inspire the world to go around.

Don’t shy to shake hands.

Be all time fresh.

Wash with joy.

We take care of your hands.

Keeping your hands clean insurance against contamination.

We are with you to fight with germs.

It’s right to clean your hands day and night.

Wash your hands for protection against infection.

Feel safe with us.

Feel the pleasure of cleanliness.

Smell like a fresh flower.

Your future is in your hand.

Give us a chance to wash your hands.

Let us take care of your healthy life.

Intake good only, not germs.

Don’t give a chance to germs to touch you.

Health and hygiene are wealth and fitness.

Clean well so that you can eat well.

Be a germ buster.

To win every battle, we need a healthy body.

Care for your hand is easy now.

Infection control is easy now.

Tidiness is faithfulness.

Have fun while washing your hand.

Come on, join with us.

A step for something better.

Give a better start to your life.

Feels the joy of a healthy start.

Welcoming a safe universe.

Wash your hand previously.

Keep clean, look like a queen.

Save lives and money.

Your hands are beautiful.

Infection, don’t pass it on.

Safety first, cleans it and fixes it.

Take a stand against germs.

Give a pause to your work and wash.

Resume your work with clean hands.

Wash your hand and be confident.

Stop spreading germs.

Clean hands deserve appreciation.

Avoid it which bad for you.

Wash it out and feel fresh.

The best hand wash ever.

We deal with the best.

We love to care for you.

We exist for your health.

Your safety is our duty.

We are here because of you for you.

We are ready to protect you.

Saving life is our motto.

Feel safe with us.

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