256+ Catchy Hand Sanitizer Brand Name Ideas

A hand sanitizer has become one of the most important products. It helps to keep our hands clean and germ-free. This product has a huge demand. So, your own hand sanitizer brand should have a great name if you want to make it a lucrative business.

How to choose a name for your Hand sanitizer Brand

  • The name should be different from the competitor brand.
  • The name should depict the main features of the product.
  • The name has to be appealing.
  • The name should be registered and trademarked.

Importance of name for a Hand sanitizer Brand

There are already many hand sanitizer brands in the market. But the thing that differentiates each one of them is its name. Thus, you should be aware of the importance of naming a brand that is elaborated below.

Describes your brand

The name that you choose for your brand should give people an idea about your brand. Just by looking at the name one will be able to tell what your brand is about.

Helps improve brand strategy

Once your brand gets a strong name, it can create really great business opportunities for you. The name will also help to communicate the ethics and strategy that you follow to all your customers.

Attract the journalists

As you must already know, journalists like to write about appealing content which will be able to attract the attention of the public. If you choose a unique name for your brand, then the customers will show more interest.

Tips to choose the best names for your Hand sanitizer Brand

Here you will find some of the most useful tips of naming your brand which will help you to come up with a creative name.

Choose simple names

Simple but catchy names can attract more audiences. It is because your customers may find it difficult to remember complicated names and it can also create a lot of confusion.

Involve more people

It may not be possible for you to decide the name of your brand alone. So, what you can do is involve your colleagues, friends or family members. You will see that great names are popping up when more people are thinking together.

Name should be meaningful

Start brainstorming and come up with meaningful names that are related to your brand. Look for a name with deep meaning that will attract customers who will show more interest in your brand.

The right formula for creating a perfect name for your Hand sanitizer Brand

Here is a list of those formulas or points to create a new name for your brand.

Combination of words

Combining two meaningful words together can give you a new name for your hand sanitizer brand. But make sure those words can describe your brand. For example- Daily Way

Colors are great

Since the names of colors are universal, easy to spell and pronounce you can definitely use the name of color for your brand. It will be easy to remember it as well. For example- White Doctor

Numbers are fun

A certain number that is related to your brand or marks something important for your brand can become a part of your brand name. For example- 100% Germ-free

Personify the name

A person who is related to your brand or someone who is close to you like your daughter, son, etc, can become the name of your brand. For example- Jack’s Care

Emotion or feeling

Is there any emotion that fits your brand? Then why not name your brand after that? For example- Feel Positive

This & that

By adding ‘and’ to the name of your brand can make a long name sound shorter. For example- Clean & Fresh

Using Adjective

Think of a word that describes the main motive of your brand. It can become the name of your brand and also describe it better. For example- Big Wash

Misspell the word

Sometimes changing the spelling of a word intentionally can coin a new term which can become an interesting name for your brand. For example- Klein it up

Description helps

Descriptive names can help your customers to understand your brand even better. For example- The Ultimate hand cleanser

Make it long

Even long statements can also help to describe your brand better. It will also help you to decide the tagline of your hand sanitizer brand. For example- Fighting the Germs

Existing Hand sanitizer brand names

  • Purell Advanced
  • Germ-X
  • Wet Ones
  • Nice ‘N Clean
  • Everyone
  • Babyganics
  • Wet Ones Big Ones

Creative Names for Hand sanitizer Brand


Keep touch







Pour n easy 

Wet Wash

Pure Stuff


protector drop

All Purpose

Rub out

Hello Seni

Eco Rub

Well care

WetFree Hand

Easy Wipe

Aid Plus

Safe clone 


Hands off


Daily Care

Handle Care

Good as Gold


Soapy Spray

Magical Cleaner 




Sani bag

Intense Care


No Germ



Aloha Wash

Feel Fresh

Safe Clean



Quick fix

Lazy Hand

Lemon Cleaner

Sanitise Master

Daily way

Salient wash



Happy Wave 


Super Touch








Aqua Freee




Equinox Wash


Eco Essence

Easy Pour





Arctic Sanitizer 



Go Safe


Fulgent Wash



Safe sound 

Clean and care

No wonder

Sun Hand

Spray Wash



Safe Kleen

Live Enriched

Freshen Up

Hands Free

Hand cure

Squashing germ



Happy Handz

Power Mist



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by a brand?
  • A brand is something that becomes the identity of your products and services. A brand name is the one that helps to form a good impression on the minds of your potential clients.

    I have a logo but isn’t it enough for my brand?

    A logo plays very importantly definitely but it is not enough to describe your brand. So, the logo and the name both are important.

    Why is it important to name a brand?

    Naming a brand is important because it will decide your position in the marketplace. Also, people won’t know about the existence of your brand unless you have named it.

    When starting a new brand, naming it properly is a must and the name has to be unique and catchy. Only then will you be able to come out with flying colors.

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