List of 45+ Best Hamilton Brand Slogans

One of the pioneers in watchmaking, Hamilton watch company was formed in 1892 at Pennsylvania. Originally a Swiss concern, Hamilton specialized in pocket watches and wristwatches. Subsequently, after many acquisitions and mergers, Hamilton is now a part of the Swatch Group the largest watch manufacturer and marketer globally. 

Hamilton Brand Slogans

American Spirit and Swiss precision

They last so long, it hurts

The couple who were so terribly in love

America’s most wanted watch

Creator of the world’s first electric watch so accurate?

Someone you love is hoping for a Hamilton

The watch of railroad accuracy

The greatest watch value in history

Sometimes you can read characters on a wrist

Wait for Hamilton, you will be glad you did

For Christmas, it means so much more to give — or get a Hamilton

The watch jewellers recommend more often than any other

The finest watch you can give or get

Give a Hamilton for a star bright Christmas

The gift of Hamilton, the reward of love

Continous time — a symbol of the world we live in

Hamilton medallion – a watch for remembering

Bright memories are made by Hamilton

The unmistakable look of leadership

The Hamilton weatherproof – intrepid sailor

The watch worthy of diamonds

For all the hours of a lifetime

A story told without words — Hamilton

“ Weatherproof” watches that don’t look it

Fashionably thin and fashioned for men

World’s most advanced watch

Romantic wives are invited to see this picture – while their

affectionate  husbands study this one

Maybe she thinks you can’t afford one

Hamilton dateline

Precisely predictable – Hamilton electric

If you want more than time  — get a Hamilton

Who says a fine watch can’t be exciting. Get a Hamilton

The gift of a Hamilton – reward of love

The watch of the greatest mileage

Racing time on the sky

Great new invention by Hamilton 

I am giving back this  alarm clock

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