184+ Catchy Spooky Spider Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is incomplete without your home being donned with some spooky spiders. These little arachnoids add to the cute frights of this special night. And spooky little spiders on Halloween add to the excitement and fun of the celebrations.

We have put together a list of captions for this purpose. Use them with your posts on Halloween and spooky spiders to give your posts the extra edge that they deserve.

Spooky Spider Captions for Instagram

Arachnids are the anarchists of Halloween.

I never knew spiders could be so sweet – spider candies, I meant.

If you can bear so much pain, how can you be scared of a tiny little spider?

You are too cute to be a spooky spider, dearie. #cute

It’s better I have those spiders to trap those flies.

Don’t scream, and it’s only a spider. And it’s made of chocolate.

We became best friends after we found out that we love being scared of spiders.

You aren’t dreaming. That’s a huge web we made to get you entangled in. #dream

I simply don’t understand why grown-ups are so scared of spiders.

May these spiders spook you into sweetness.

I did a month’s worth of exercise after getting into that spider web.

Did you meet each other on the web? On Halloween? #web

Great artists and scientists have regraded the spider web as an impeccable work of art.

This is such a tangled web. But sweet to eat. Happy Halloween.

Do you say the spider’s smaller? Isn’t a grenade smaller too?

Thanks to Halloween, those cobwebs have become decorations. #cobwebs

Spiders are nature’s way of keeping us under control.

Guess what is creepy and crawly and climbing up your sleeves on Halloween?

When the spiders are the only friends, we have.

How can spiders be a bad thing? Don’t you like a little fright once in a year? #fright

I can overcome fear, but fear of spiders is quite another matter.

It’s incredible how you made those spider webs from sugar syrup.

Dear spider. I only hope you don’t have your entire family visiting you tonight.

See those spiders hanging down those jack-o-lanterns? Spooky but cute. #halloween

I wish I could talk to those spiders.

It’s so scary to try and smack a spider, miss it, and then feel it’s gonna remember you.

Hallo-weenies. Ready to be spooked by spiders?

These spider candies are so unique they make a squishy-squashy sound when we chew them. #candies

In this web of Halloween characters, I like the spiders the best. They are so quiet, cute, but scary too.

Spider webs. I love playing with them.

Those licorice spiders on the muffins look amazing.

Itsy-bitsy spider…. The spout needs cleaning! #spout

These spider web chocolate fudge muffins are simply too good.

And now they discovered a spider with wings!

And here I thought I would feel scared of spiders.

That spider bit me, but I just never became spiderman. #bite

After Halloween, I realize that size doesn’t matter. What matters is the effect you can have on others.

I was only scared, but my neighbors thought I was being murdered.

Fiction is like a spider web, always there, waiting to entrap the uneducated mind.

You can fight zombies but can’t face a tiny spider? #spider

I never kill a spider. I just take it and put it outside.

I sprayed that spider. It has great fluffy hair now.

A spooky spider can bring out the best in you – when you try protecting others from it.

I even heard that some females of the species eat their mates. #spooky

After tonight I will spend less time on the web.

If that spider moves, I will jump and scream like hell.

The spider web may seem like a fragile home, but it is artistic and practical.

Did the spider tell you that he is actually more scared than you are? #scared

They say, ‘face your fears.’ So I am facing a spider right now.

Tried killing the spider with my shoe but found another one in it.

Funny Spooky Spider Captions

When spiders take your peace of mind away.

Close your eyes, and you won’t see the spider, but you will still feel it in your mind.

Only the brave keep the spiders at bay.

Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be “follow the butterflies”? #butterflies

Imagine those thousands of eyes watching you.

The spider truly has a great responsibility. It is responsible for making us scared.

My spiders always make everyone scream their loudest.

Words are like spider webs. They can entangle you within them easily. #entangled

Those spiders are acting like they are paying us to rent for being there.

Thank God that spider webs don’t unite. God knows what all they could tie-up.

This spider remembers when you tried to squash it but missed.

I just burned a thousand calories after bumping into your spider web decoration. #decoration

See, you became a kung-fu master after getting caught in that spider web.

Spiders actually show you that life isn’t ordinary. That’s why even they are there.

The problem is when these spiders disappear.

Whenever I see a spider, I always think of spiderman. #spiderman

Fear and spiders go hand in hand.

See! they even made a superhero out of me.

Care for some spider candy?

Even Robert the Bruce learned something from a spider. #spider

These spider chocolates are too sweet to eat.

As we grow older, we become more educated – like we learn to be scared of spiders.

Eight legs that are furry means that you better leave in a hurry!

The spy-der loved me. #love

These spiders are too cute to spook.

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