192+ Catchy Halloween Spirit Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Ghosts, ghouls, and spirits are what give Halloween that element of fright and thrill. Posting on social media about the experience of Halloween and how you spent it is a great way to inspire others. So here is a list of great captions that we have created for you to use with your posts on spirits to give them that boost you want to give them.

Halloween Spirit Captions for Instagram

I only wish you wouldn’t guide me through after midnight tonight.

Who runs this place? Spirits.

These spirits are having a wicked good time tonight.

The more frightened you are, the more the broom will fly on its own. #frightened

Those spirits are so naughty.

You’ve been afraid, very afraid. Now have some sweets.

What a BOO-tiful fright you gave me. Do it again, please.

If you get butterflies in your stomach, it means you got spirits all over you. #fear

You are too cute to spook. 

This is one strange night I am going through.

Are those really dead people? No, they are only spirits.

Afraid of the dark? Don’t be. Let the spirits guide you. #dark

And our street is named Elm Street too.

That’s a lovely little sprite there. Waiting for a friend.

Celebrating that spirit’s birthday with spirits of all kinds.

Who runs the world now? Spirits and treats. #treats

What a boo-tiful night this is.

Did the spirits get you startled?

I wait 364 days for this one night. It’s the only time ‘they’ come to meet me.

Get in with the howl-oween spirits. #howl

Ghosts and spirits make the best friends.

Let’s haunt a lot more candy and spirits.

Whenever those creepy-crawlies come out, we know that the deathly spirit is around somewhere.

Let’s get on with the spirit and boos. #boo

That’s the sweetest spirit we have here.

What a fa-boo-lous time we have had with your spirits.

On Halloween night they made a pact. That’s why you can see them here every Halloween night.

Halloween is when we have a reunion. We are the Addams family. #addamsfamily

That’s the best howl-oween party we have had in a long time.

Be wished and get spirited away.

Spirits that are sweeter than candy.

Those spirits are coffin up a storm, I believe. #coffin

Just checking who screams the loudest.

There simply isn’t any trick in what you see. So go for the treats instead.

It’s really a boo-ful night with these spirits around.

That’s the dance of death that the spirits of the house dance to every year. #dance

Casper’s my true friend. And wendy too.

Trolls trolling and spirits rolling.

Eat, drink, and let the spirits make merry.

That spirit came here over the web. I never invited him. #web

That smoky apparition you saw always shows itself on Halloween nights.

This is so spooky it may even delete itself.

The three little genies are real good spirits.

When the spirits enter the gnomes. #gnome

There goes the spirit with his best friend, the ghost.

Come, let’s go, spirit haunting. #haunting

You can’t see me in the mirror? That’s because of tonight’s Halloween.

Celebrate the night of spirits in good spirit.

Don’t worry, and I will never spook you on purpose.

Who said that’s a costume? That’s flying for real.

These are the chocolates that spirit left for you. Care to have them?

This house is haunted with spirits and treats of all sorts. #haunted

Hallo-weenies, we are here to share our spirits with you.

That’s the ethereal squad. And they are eery.

That is a long-lost soul from the Addams family.

Even angels make friends with spirits. #angels

It is dark out there, but what you saw was something spooky anyways.

Funny Halloween Spirit Captions

We are the spirits that come to take you.

Careful what you wish for. The spirits are listening.

Now you may Rest In Peace with the spirits. #rip

Those are the sweetest spirit candies we have ever had.

Never be too scared of the others lest you make the spirits unhappy.

Black cats, bats, and spirits flying all around.

Who wished you on Halloween? We just arrived.

The full moon is when you get to see those spirits dancing around the scarecrows. #fullmoon

Hear those spirits laughing yonder.

Hear them moan and groan. That’s the spirit choir. #choir

These spirits are known as howlers.

I gave myself a good scare fixing up that spirit. #scare

The spirit of Halloween is when the spirits actually come out.

Hocus pocus spirits galore.

I am your spirit. Let’s fly through the night. #fly

Everyone deserves a good scare on Halloween night.

These spirits are simply eerie-sistible.

So much fun is eerily great.

Those spirits will take away your breath. #scary

Let’s celebrate this Halloween with spirits and toasts.

Now you see it. Now you don’t. The spirit of the future past.

That’s not me, and I am right beside you. Boo!

That jack-o-lantern talked to you? Really? Well, that’s the spirit I told you about. #halloween

There just cannot be any Halloween with spirits.

This is the most spooktacular night I have had in a long time.

Now that we’ve got you let our spirits haunt you.

If you think that’s creepy, wait for the spirit to scare you. #spirit

Either go for tricks or get to face those spirits.

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