178+ Catchy Halloween Creepy Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Creppieee…that’s the soul theme for the fun-filled season of Halloween. If you’re planning some creepy parties or fancy dressing for Halloween, you must want to post these memories on social media and make your other friends jealous. Here are some creepy captions that will suit the mood and increase the eeriness in the web space. 

Halloween Creepy Captions for Instagram

Let’s play in my garden of shadows. Don’t bother about those things lurking within the shadows.

I never celebrate Halloween because I am the Halloween that you celebrate every year.

Everyone needs a good scare on Halloween.

That’s a new face in our midst. Hello? It’s only the reflection of a face. But there’s no one here.

Remember that the next scream could be your own.

You can’t be choosy of meat when meat is hard to come by. Like here.

Fear is so beautiful. Even fear gives us an adrenaline rush.

When you feel a chill in your sleep, it means the spirits are watching enviously of the peaceful sleep.

Knowing the difference between when your imagination is playing tricks and when it isn’t can save you.

I will be a gravedigger when I grow up. That’s my sole ambition.

Sometimes the two worlds get mixed up – the one of the living and the one of the dead.

I am sure you love the nightmare that I have cooked up, especially for you. #nightmare

I can feel something wicked coming this way. You guys are also feeling it?

There are so many amusing ways to use a razor. And many interesting deeds that can be fulfilled.

Spirits possess the living to do what they did when alive. So beware of those who do anything in excess.

That smile she smiled wasn’t how my mother would smile. It was menacing and that of a predator.

When I asked him what he is looking for in the graveyard, he said in an uncanny tone, “Eyes”.

There are spirits for sure. It’s pretty chilly in here, even by the fire.

Halloween is the night when silent phantoms danv=ce all around.

I am that witch who loves your wine. Let me bite through you.

Thousand of years later, those unseen shadows rise. It is on Halloween that you hear their cries.

Isn’t today the nightmare before Christmas? No? then it must be Halloween.

That army of spiders is crawling expectantly toward us. Keep all the doors closed. And the windows too. #spiders

I am here to make your secret wishes come true. You know, the ones you’d never dare say out loud.

It is when the devil is desperate that nightmares begin to pour out of hell.

I am a lawyer, so I have to get the devil out of trouble.

The danger is only waiting for horror, fear, and terror to show up. 

Look closely into the dark. You will begin seeing what isn’t there.

Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t be. The moon will rise, and the werewolves will howl next.

It is on this night, at this hour, that the ones without a body have all the power.

I know how to make this living machine live forever.

Tell yourself that lie – it’s only a dream.

I am only here to prove you wrong when you say you don’t believe there are zombies.

Under the moonlight, I saw the sight you are seeing now, and it stopped my heart.

You need to make a bad witch drive the stick.

I’m all your nightmares put together. I’m the dream you never wanted to come alive. I’m all that you have always been afraid of. #afraid

My broomstick is kaput. May I witch a ride, please?

If you are engrossed in reading this, that means you are still unaware of that thing creeping up behind you.

Not eating these candies is watchful thinking, I must say.

Whether you like it or not, I see dead people all the time. They talk to me.

Those ‘things’ are within us. Only sometimes do they win.

Come on, let’s go in. It’s late in the evening, and the fog is rising.

If you know my secret skill, you can use tissue paper to kill.

Some homes retaliate against tenants they don’t like. Everything has life in it.

I am the ghostest with the mostest, I believe. #ghost

Tonight all the devils have come here, leaving hell an empty void.

When the dead walk the earth, it means there is no more room in hell.

A ghost is to a demon as being scared is to being threatened.

A child asks her mother, ‘How do I reply to dead people, mommy”.

Ghosts come from humans, unlike demons. That’s the difference in the way they frighten us.

Funny Halloween Creepy Captions

Can you see them smiling a fright? Wishing you a haunting night.

Whatever happens, don’t fall asleep.

All the unseen creatures galore; Something’s scratching at the door.

I think the other world is their workplace, and they come to our world on vacation.

The thrills of the story are just too tempting, even if scary.

Tonight is a great night for exorcists.

Dad, I’m hiding under the bed. The one you are talking to on the bed isn’t me.

We are dead anyway. So let them come anyway.

Don’t even try looking under my bed. #creepy

If you can’t be mad once in a while, you will finally go mad forever.

What? Her name’s Annabelle, and she wants you to go out with her?

Mommy, they are here and asking for me.

First, let’s scare. Then we can be scared.

I am only here to answer your mystical call, sweet lady. That’s a crystal ball on the table?

Demons are all around trying to recruit the gullible, both in this world and the next.

She’s just a devil woman, and she’s gonna get you from behind.

Screeches and screams. Not ordinary ones. Bloodcurdling horrific screeches and screams of pain.

The actual reason why so many people like Halloween is never said out loud.

Creatures are crawling under the moonlight, searching for something.

Something’s at work within my soul. What I cannot say, but anything good.

Are you scared? Be scared. Be more scared. Be more scared than ever. #scared

Just like bad people in our world, there are bad spirits in the other world.

A good combination of herbs and spices can help in digesting any meat at all, even the bones.

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