181+ Catchy Halloween Bat Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Bats are an integral part of Halloween. More often than not, most of us have witnessed bats and pumpkins in every depiction of the Halloween festival, and the celebration includes a lot of people bats as a part of their Halloween costume. If you are planning to do that, too, here are some captions that will compliment your bat-inspired Halloween posts on social media. 

Halloween Bat Captions for Instagram

If a vampire gives you a lift, be sure that they will drop you. #vampire

Those aren’t flies hovering above your head. They are vampire bats!

Never take a ride home with a vampire. They are sure bat drivers

Everything is so much more thrilling with a little magic – and a few bats.

I am telling you that vampire will drive you batty.

If you hear a lot of screams and a lot of laughter on an autumn evening, you know it’s Halloween. So many bats. #autumn

Let’s go in and try their lovely fish bat-ter fry.

Hello-weenies, take care of my bats for me, will you?

What is the bat-ter with you? Can’t you fly straight?

The spell has begun. It’s time to just run. Happy Halloween.

I am so proud that you are getting batter and batter each day. #batter

Bats and black cats are all you will find in this castle of frights.

I never thought that you would ever become a batty-gamous person.

You are a bat ghoul to have gone out with that bat man.

I think it is the bats who are made to take the blame, although they are innocent.

The moon made all my bats fly around. #moon

Could you kindly show me the way to the bat-room, please?

Danger. Halt. Bats crossing. Okay, you can continue flying now.

Mind excusing me? It is time for my Halloween bat now.

Welcome to the nightmare you’ve never imagined. It’s all about bats.

We kept batting with each other the whole night last night.

Have a beary scary batty Halloween. #scary

That’s a great big bat-tery of bats you have following your master.

Let’s get in and have a bite. Bats are fantastic here.

That’s the bat-tle of the bulge there. Too many candies to savor.

I am taking my pet bat to the Halloween party tonight.

Come and buy a fright or two. We also have a free bat for you. #fright

She loves going bat-watching. That’s why she vacations in the hills, not on the beaches.

Bloody blood suckers. No, not the bats. I meant the mosquitoes.

Bat dress looks really good on you. You are truly a lovely ghoul.

Help these vampires and their bats. They really need a drink.

Those are our famous bat chocolates and candies. #chocolates

Bats, Cats, and werewolves. Happy howl-oween.

I can bat you that you won’t win the competition tonight.

Are you really a good witch, or are you really a bat witch? I just cannot say.

I am waiting for the batmobile that Count was supposed to send me.

May our best witches, and their bats, be with you. #witch

I plan to wear a bat with my red cloak to the party tonight.

That’s a drunk bat that’s making us laugh to death.

Wait, let the bat land on my head. Then click a photo.

I boo-lieve in bats and ghosts. I boo. So boo you.

That’s my bat up there on the 50th floor. #bat

Boo to you all from our batty crew. May the bats be with you forever.

Too many witches spoil the bat. No wonder they are so blind in flight.

Witch bat goes with witch vampire? The ones that are listed.

Stop playing the spoiled bat. You should be better than a bat.

Witch witch are you with bat? #witch

You’ve gained too much weight. You are really bat. Really, truly, seriously.

If you let them take a coffin break, I bat you. There will be many bats in here.

She will take bat comment very seriously, you know.

Funny Halloween Bat Captions

I heard that you were batly hurt in the accident?

Those aren’t ravens. They are bats. Boo!!! #boo

Who is winning this game of bats? Those witches there.

I bat we can have a ghoul time in there. They serve great spirits too.

You really are a bat boy, man. When will you grow up?

Hey, batty, show us those fangtastic wings.

Bat for the bat, you bad bat. #bat

Those bats will give you a Hallow-scream. We can bat you that much.

You say the bat word like it is something evil.

Get bitten by a bat, and you will start seeing things.

I better go home now. We are all pretty drunk and batty.

Mummy’s little haunt-mess – little Batty Spooker. #haunt

I spent a long time in the batcave. That’s how I got my name.

You can never be a bat ghoul however much you try.

I don’t know karate, but I do know how to fly like a bat.

You are too cute to spook. Nothing batty about you.

Have you ever seen batman and me together? Keep guessing. #guess

Witching like crazy little bats after all that Boos.

I am feeling so batty tonight. Turn off the lights. They are stopping me from flying.

If the broom’s okay, fly it. Otherwise, let the bats take you home.

I am the creature of the night. Fear me not if you love this night.

Have a frightfully spooky and batty Halloween. #halloween

Flying bats and haunting ghosts can be found on a night they love most.

Never go on a strange journey with a guy who has bats as pets.

All bats scream out in fright, begging for the dark and switching out the light. #scream

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