Top 35+ Best Guitar Brands in the World

Playing guitar is a kind of healing. It helps to improve our brainpower. With so many guitar brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Here is a list of top guitar brands in the globe.

Guitar Brands in the World


Country: United States

This American factory of amplifiers and stringed instruments manufactures public address equipment, bass amplifiers, and acoustic guitars. Fender is mainly recognized for its bass guitars and solid-body electric guitars, especially the Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Telecaster, and the Stratocaster. Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender launched this instrument brand in Fullerton, California in 1946. 


Country: United States

This American factory of professional audio equipment, musical instruments, and guitars is situated in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and presently located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was previously recognized as Gibson Guitar Corporation.

C. F. Martin & Company

Country: United States

Christian Frederick Martin introduced this American brand of the guitar in 1833. C. F. Martin & Company is highly reputable for manufacturing acoustic guitars and is a prominent flat-top guitar factory. The corporation has also manufactured mandolins and many models of electric basses and electric guitars.


Country: United States

El Cajon, California-based this American corporation of the guitar is America’s one of the biggest acoustic guitar factories. Taylor works in semi-hollow electric guitars and acoustic guitars. The corporation was set up by Kurt Listug and Bob Taylor in 1974. Bob Taylor joined a guitar manufacturing store, American Dream, acquired by Sam Radding in 1972. 


Country: Japan

Hoshino Gakki acquires this Japanese brand of guitar. Nagoya, Aichi, Japan-based this company was one of the main Japanese corporations of musical instruments to attain a notable foothold in import guitar exchanges in Europe and the United States. It is also the first guitar manufacturer to mass-produce the eight-string guitar and seven-string guitar. 


Country: United States

This American corporation produces musical instruments. Friedrich Gretsch introduced this brand in Brooklyn, New York in 1883. Friedrich Gretsch produced drums, tambourines, and banjos until his expiration in 1895. His child Fred Gretsch Sr. shifted performances to a bigger capability where the brand went on to become America’s famous corporation of musical instruments. 


Country: United States

This corporation of string instruments is situated in Santa Ana, California. The corporation is known as the first electric guitar manufacturer and eventually created an expanse of bass guitars and electric guitars. The twelve-string guitars of this brand were supported by Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers, Hilton Valentine of The Animals, Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, and The Beatles. 


Country: United States

Anastasios Stathopoulos introduced this American brand of musical instruments in 1873. It is now situated in Nashville, Tennessee. Gibson purchased this brand in 1957 and relocated to Kalamazoo, Michigan from New York. Besides guitars, the company also produced banjos, double basses, and other string instruments. Resonator guitars are also made by Epiphone under the trademark Dobro.

Jackson Guitars

Country: United States

With a department in Scottsdale, Arizona, US, this corporation of electric bass guitars and electric guitars carries the name of the creator of this brand, Grover Jackson. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation acquires this brand. It has producing capabilities in China, Indonesia, Mexico, and the US.

Schecter Guitar Research

Country: United States

David Schecter introduced this US-based producing corporation in 1976. Presently, the corporation mass-manufactures its own chain of effects units, amplifiers, basses, and acoustic and electric guitars through its own trademark and four associated corporations.


Country: United States

This American corporation of guitar manufacturing was launched in the late 1970s by Dale Hyatt, George Fullerton, and Leo Fender. The company manufactures basses and electric guitars. The corporation also creates effects units. The most prominent performer of G&L is Jerry Cantrell.

ESP Guitars

Country: Japan

This Japanese corporation of guitar mainly concentrated on the creation of basses and electric guitars. Situated in Los Angeles and Tokyo, with various commodity chains for every market. ESP Corporation produces instruments under many labels, including “Grassroots”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses”, “Navigator”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”,  “ESP Custom Shop”, and “ESP Standard”.

Music Man

Country: United States

This American brand of bass guitar and guitar is a unit of the Ernie Ball company. The corporation is primarily popular for its bass and electric guitars. Committed to maintaining a status for quality, the corporation primarily manufactures high-end guitars, particularly in 1984 after being developed by Ernie Ball.


Country: United States

Wayne Charvel introduced this corporation of electric guitars in Azusa in the 1970s. The department of this corporation is situated in Glendora, both hamlets in California. Currently, Fender acquires this brand. The brand became prominent for their unification with well-known heavy metal and famous rock guitarists such as Warren DeMartini, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen), Allan Holdsworth and many more.

Takamine Guitars

Country: Japan

Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan-based this Japanese factory of the guitar is popular for making steel-string acoustic guitars. The corporation was introduced in 1962.  

Washburn Guitars

Country: United States

This American factory and distributor of mandolins, guitar, and other string instruments were first launched in Chicago, Illinois in 1883. The new Washburn is associated with US Music Corp., in turn presently acquired by JAM Industries USA.

Guild Guitar Company

Country: United States

Based in the United States this company of guitars was launched by George Mann, a retired manager with the Epiphone Guitar corporation and Alfred Dronge, a music-store owner and guitarist in 1952. The trademark now exists as a trademark under the Córdoba Music Group.

Dean Guitars

Country: United States

With departments in Tampa, Florida, this American distributor and producer of musical commodities and stringed instruments specializes in commodities including acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and solid-body electric guitars. The corporation also supplies custom guitar pickups, accessories, guitar cases, amplifiers, ukulele, mandolins, banjos, basses, and resonators. 

Kramer Guitars

Country: United States

With departments in Nashville, Tennessee, United States this American factory of electric basses and guitars manufactured aluminum-necked electric basses and guitars in the 1970s. Presently a department of Gibson Guitar Corporation this brand was introduced in 1976 by Phil Petillo, Peter LaPlaca, Gary Kramer, and Dennis Beradi.


Country: United States

This American corporation produces effect units, guitar amplifiers, electric basses, and guitars. Lake Elsinore, California-based this corporation was launched by Steve Smith and John Suhr in 1997.  


Country: United States

This factory of string instruments primarily manufactures nylon-string guitars and steel-string acoustic guitars. It became associated with Drum Workshop in 2015 after being developed by KMCMusicorp. The corporation’s Adamas and Ovation guitars are popular for their round backs, which provides them a popular shape. 


Country: Australia

Box Hill, Melbourne-based this Australian musical instruments producing corporation was launched by two brothers Reg and Bill May in 1946. Commodities presently produced by Maton include guitar and ukuleles pickups,

acoustic and electric guitars. The corporation was introduced as the “Maton Musical Instruments Corporation”.

Chapman Guitars

Country: United Kingdom

This British corporation of the guitar was launched by Rob Chapman in 2009. The corporation is considered as the introductory to manufacture its guitars “collaboratively” and the feature, and design.

Carvin Corporation

Country: United States

San Diego, California-based this household operated company of audio equipment and guitar amplifiers is popular for its first work utilizing plastics, manufacturing electric guitars in the 1940s. Lowel C Kiesel launched this brand in 1946 as the L.C. Kiesel Company, in San Diego, California. The corporation’s early self-manufactured commodities were guitar pickups.


Country: Canada

This Canadian sub-brand and corporation of Godin Guitars specialize in acoustic guitars. The corporation was initially situated in La Patrie and introduced by Robert Godin and his companions in 1982.


Country: United Kingdom

This corporation of musical equipment was launched by Thomas Walter Jennings in 1957 in Dartford, Kent, England. The corporation is largely popular for manufacturing Dire Straits, Queen, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, used by The Beatles, and the Vox AC30 guitar amplifier. The Japanese electronics firm Korg has been acquiring this brand since 1992.

B.C. Rich

Country: United States

This American trademark of bass guitars and electric and acoustic guitars was introduced in 1969 by Bernardo Chavez Rico. They began to manufacture electric guitars that were remarkable for their odd body forms in the 1970s.  

Hamer Guitars

Country: United States

This American electric guitar brand was introduced by Jol Dantzig and vintage guitar shop holder Paul Hamer in Wilmette, Illinois in 1973. 

Duesenberg Guitars

Country: Germany

Hannover, Germany-based this electric string instrument company was created in 1986. It is unified with Göldo Music GmbH and is greatly popular for its distinctive and classic Art Deco designs. As of 2004, a new branch was opened by the corporation in Fullerton, California. In addition to its basses and electric guitars, they also manufacture effects pedals and amplifiers.


Country: United States

Bakersfield, California-based this American guitar producing corporation was introduced by Semie Moseley. Their guitars were recognized for extremely hot pickups, narrow and low-fretted necks, high-quality engineering, and innovative design. A particular number of acoustic guitars are also produced by Mosrite. 

First Act

Country: United States

This factory of musical learning toys and musical instruments has manufactured amplifiers, percussion instruments, drum sets, bass, and guitar accessories, bass guitars, and guitars. First Act was introduced by Mark Izen in 1995. It is considered as the first corporation to create a chain of quality musical instruments.

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