50+ Famous Green Logos: Created By Popular Brands

Green is a secondary color formed by the mixing of the two primary colors blue and yellow. The color is mainly used to symbolize eco-friendliness, saving the environment, or any enterprise, service, or product related to herbal remedies like Ayurveda, agriculture, forest products, reprocessing, etc.

Green in any logo connotes nature, wealth, and health and, at the same time, denotes growth and relaxation.

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Green Logos of Famous Brands

Green is also the color of vegetation and wildlife and, at the same time, in some cases, denotes wealth and money.  Green is also a color for sharing out positive energy. 

British Petroleum:

The logo of British Petroleum, more popularly known as BP, was initially black in color and just with these two letters inside the quotation mark. Since then, the logo has been changed six times up to 2000, when the current logo was designed.

Up till now, the logo design was placed inside a shield outline with green ground. The new logo is in the shape of a flower with a combination of green and yellow hues. The two hues represent a joyful, youthful, and environment-friendly personification of the logo. 

There is a lighter shade of a third color in the logo with a lighter dash of green, which comes from the combination of two shades – green and yellow.

Holiday Inn:

One of the most trusted and reputed names in the hotel industry, the company started operations in 1952, and interestingly green has always been the major color all these years.  The company used a modified logo with a different hue of green around 12 years back. 

Green denotes freshness, fun, frolic, safety, relaxation, and harmony and it has been the principal color of the logo since 1983. The shade of the green used in the logo since 2007 is a different Pantone shade, rather a sunny and vivid hue of green compared to the slightly darker green used pre-2007.  


Hess, based in New York, is another major organization, whose logo has a beautiful and lively green color. Being a long-standing organization, it knows why using a green logo is a major move. Green in the logo means eco-friendliness as well as renewable energy, nature, and power generation. 


Owned by the Italian FMCG group Ferraro, Tic-tac is a hard type of mint now available in almost 100 countries of the globe. Green signifies freshness and that is why the logo which is a food item as well as a mouth freshener is green portraying freshness.

The brand is depicted in white on green in bold font making the same very readable on the shelves of the retailers even from a distance.  


Owned by Microsoft, Xbox is a video gaming console incorporated in 2001 with headquarters in Washington. Being one of the most successful projects of Microsoft, the Xbox logo characterizes a chromosome implying the multiplication process. The logo also marks a spot on the treasure maps. The artist who created the logo says green was the only color marker left when he was creating the design so he had no other option but to make the same green. 


One of the most popular messenger and voice-over IP services the world over and is owned by Facebook now. The WhatsApp logo was designed by the two entrepreneurs who had formulated the app and is green right from its inception.

There have no changes in the logo since the birth of WhatsApp. Green has been associated with financial aspects and betterment of oneself as well as the progress of one’s own self. 

The tail on the left indicates that any message that has been sent has been received by the receiver. The tail is at the bottom of the icon also known as the text bubble while in the case of the sent messages the tailor arrow is on the right top corner of the text bubble. 


The Walt Disney Production and Comcast-owned Hulu is an online digital medium subscription video and online streaming group. The company provides streaming video serials and movies. 

The logo since its inception has been green throughout. Initially, the logo was of two gradients of green hue giving the effect of a vignette. From 2014 to 2017 the color of the logo was bright green. With the launch date of its live TV in 2017, the color of the logo was changed to cyan-based turquoise green.  


Wrigley’s one of the largest chewing gum manufacturers in the world is the owner of the brand which was launched in 1914. The Double mint chewing gum is peppermint flavored. 

Green denotes freshness and something related to food. Since this chewing gum is a food item the green logo all the more strengthens the stand. Moreover, mint and mint leaves connote green adding more significance to the Double mint logo. 


Land Rover is a British automobile brand manufacturing premium and SUVs which was erstwhile owned by Jaguar and is now owned by Tata Motors. The original logo when the company started in 1948 was a dark grey oval-shaped one with a silver border and text also. The two words Warwickshire and England appeared on two sides of the logo.  

The current logo is shaped in an oval also with the background in emerald green or forest green. The brand name and the two borders, one thick and one thin are white. With the background in green, the brand in white lettering is much more visible and readable from a distance. 


Tropicana the brand name means a type of fruit juice especially citrus fruits. The brand is owned by PepsiCo. The current logo in green was last redesigned and changed in 2004. Green denotes nature and freshness as well as a food item. 

The logo was designed by the famous designer Anthony Rossi. Rossi’s perception is that green is nature or Mother Earth with the gradient and the typestyle and font. The dot of I in lower case is the symbol or icon of the leaf again referring to nature. 


The Danish beer group with headquarters in Copenhagen is one of the biggest manufacturers and markets of beer and soft drinks in the world. Both the tagline and the logo were created by the founder’s son.

The green logo of the group has virtually remained the same since its inception with very small and minute changes at the same time keeping the essence of the logo the same. The new type style is sleeker and more modern, especially the C and r both of which have been trimmed. The placement of the leaf on top of r has been repositioned so that the logo looks much better. 


The original logo of the coffee and the cold drinks major depicts a siren from a 16th-century Nordic woodcut. The green in the Starbucks logo represents the growth of Starbucks as an organization coupled with a feeling of relaxation and stress-free environment. Green is also associated with nature, health and financial prospects. The color also signifies youth, ambition, prosperity, life, and nature. 

The green hue in the logo finds its place in the Pantone color shade with the code and name Starbucks green. Indeed a rare honor for the company. 


The Netherlands-based beer major started in 1884 and the logo was created well before 1883. A couple of changes were done in the latter part of the nineteenth century each time the company won an international prize. The names of the prize were incorporated in the logos. 

In the mid-twentieth century, the company started using the typical green color in the logo, It has already come to be known as Heineken green. Green reminds one of the colors of the bottle. The red star beside the bright green brand adds to more visibility of the brand. The typestyle and the font of the logo are now more sleek and modern


Founded by the former French tennis star Rene Lacoste in 1933, the company markets apparel, sportswear, footwear, leather items, perfumes, towels, and watches. Lacoste was nicknamed crocodile because of his persistence in the game. The crocodile emblem and the Lacoste brand name are synonymous with each other.

The green crocodile came in much later as in 1933 the logo was an alligator in halftone. This was because of a bet won by the tennis superstar over his coach and the prize was a crocodile-skinned suitcase. 

The current logo if one sees is a green crocodile with the white mouth. If one reverses the color the logo becomes a white alligator on white background


The green logo of Fiverr, an international freelance service for logo designing, content writing, wordpress and social media denotes youth, progress, financial prosperity along with stress-free environment and progress. Fiverr green has found a specific code and mentioned in the Pantone shade code of colours with CMYK combination. 


Founded in 2012, Grab Holding Inc, or simply known as Grab is a transnational organization into transportation like ride hailing, food delivery and digital payment services through an app. 

The green logo of the service reflects its perseverance and dominance in the market.  Green also represent growth, eco-friendliness and financial prosperity. The double lines in the font and type style represents a never ending roads and roadways of prosperity and possibility. It also signifies that Grab is soaring to new heights of progress along with its clients, society, drivers and its employees.    


Based at Taipei Taiwan, Acer is a household name of the multinational hardware and electronics major globally. The logo is one of the most recognizable logos of the world. Since the inception of the logo in 1987 till 2000 the logo was purple in colour with A in capital. 

The new logo in lighter green was incorporated in 2004 making it much more stylish, sleek, smooth and contemporary with a modern youthful look. The type face and font along with the green colour symbolize youth, growth, freshness, environment-friendly active and with full of vigor. 

The new type face also characterizes customer friendliness and acceptance


The mobile operating system used in smart phones and tablets using touch screen technology, Android is now a necessity item amongst the all global citizen. The logo was designed by Ms Irina Blok of Google and is basically a symbol of the robot called Mike or Bugdroid. 

The green colour in the logo shows prosperity, growth, freshness and youthfulness of the Android logo. The specific colour of the green logo portrays the Android operating system.  


An internationally famous video streaming service, the earlier logo of Spotify was a fun loving happy go lucky one. With the current logo the company focuses itself to be more serious in its way of thinking. The original green was chosen by the founder but since it did not yield any fruitful result the new shade of green which signifies freshness and modern outlook has been conceptualized. This was done at the time when Spotify wants to widen its base.  


The Connecticut based MNC restaurant chain specialising in sandwiches and salads, Subway has around 42000 outlets globally and is one of the best known food outlet brands in the world. The Subway logo was created by one of its co-founders Fred DeLuca. The logo colour scheme has remained more or less same with green being an integral part of it since the beginning.

The first logo developed in 1965 was an orange logo with arrows coming out of S and Y. In 1968 the green element was introduced for the first time. The current logo was created in 2016 where green denotes freshness and Subway being an acclaimed food and salad joint green remains very important to its brand. 


The national carrier of Italy, Alitalia was formed in 1947 after several private air carriers merged at that point of time. The first logo was black with winged arrows being the most prominent part of the design denoting speed. In 1969 the new logo was designed where green was the principle colour. The Capital A was stylized with the Italian national colours but the other typestyles were straight. The same colour scheme is being followed till date.  

In 2005 the logo was redesigned with all italics typestyle and keeping the green colour same. The brand recognition was almost instant and the logo was meant to depict dynamism and contemporary outlook. 

Ahold Delhaize:

Formed in 2016, the company is one of the leading Dutch Belgian retail business groups with headquarters in Holland. The erstwhile logo of Ahold, a Dutch group was in blue whilst the Delhaize, the Belgian group was the symbol of a lion in black. Green colour envisages freshness, effervescence and vibrancy with a bag full of new innovative original ideas. Green is also related to nature.  

The new corporate logo of the combined group is in a very vibrant shade of green along with the Lion outline or silhouette facing front and the Dutch crown on the lion’s head. It truly reflects the coming together of the two big retail giants


The company is currently owned by the Japanese firm Recruit Holdings. Glassdoor logo has undergone a radical change where the main message is a promise from the brand itself —- to find a job that fits the personality of an individual.

The green is a more vibrant colour promising a new vivacious and challenging job. The design shows a motif of a glass door in a modern office as if it is opening and encouraging fresh talent , fresh ideas etc, to come in. The logo of the opening door frame along with the vibrant green is one of the most recognisable logos. 

John Deere:

The Illinois based John Deere, is a reputed manufacture of forestry machinery, lawn cutters, agricultural machines, diesel engines, constructions etc. The green in the John Deere logo is specifically called John Deere Green and has a Pantone shade code along with CMYK and RGB percentages and their colour specifications.

The company says that since Irish potato farmers use the tractors the logo has got green colour. Another connotation is that green colour is very much connected to agriculture and forestry. 


The US Multinational company based at Santa Clara, California Nvidia is famous for the graphic processing units or GPU.  The original root word for Nvidia is a Latin word Videre meaning to see or to understand and perceive. If one looks at the logo closely, it looks like an e, a stylized spiral eye. It is perceived that the E or eye looks like two eyes, a subtle reference to the Egyptian Sun God Horus who used to rule with two eyes. 

The green colour in the logo signifies growth, distinctiveness and uniqueness whilst the white in the logo denotes charm, sophistication and flawlessness. 


The first logo of Skoda was an arrow with wings in blue colour. The arrow and wings resembled the headgear of a Red Indian warrior. 

In 1994 the new green and black logo was designed which was further redesigned in 2011. The black border denotes the century plus age of the organization. The branding of the car name  is on the black round surface. The winged arrow colour has been changed into green denoting freshness, youth, growth and stability and at the same time environmental protection. The current design is more simplistic and conveys a sleeker identity of the company. 

Whole Foods Market:

One of the United States’ best known groceries and health food stores, Whole foods stores is a Texas based MNC supermarket chain. The logo of Whole Foods is round and green with the company name branding in white lettering making the brand name visible from a distance.

The O is designed in such a way that if one looks closely it will look like a motif of a pineapple or an apple. The green is a special green that has been used called – Bangladesh Green. The font is very roundish and very consumer appealing type.  


Green has been the principle colour of the Sprite logo since inception. During the period of 1972 – 1988 the logo was changed for the first time the font was changed and the text was green. Since then the logo has changed quite a number of times.

Finally, in 2009 the logo was designed by a New York agency whose brief was to convey to the customers the freshness and the originality of the product and at the same time the brand should achieve more OTS on the shelves of the retailers which the current logo has successfully done.

Dolce Stevia:

Dolce Stevia is known for the green logo that it has. Green denotes herbal and nature based and stevia plant is one of the most reputed natural based sweeteners. The leaves are mainly used and their efficacy has been proved clinically.

Also green signifies vegan product for consumption. Green further signifies health, and this is why the brand has kept the logo colour green. It complies with their brand objectives and also the products that they are offering to their customers. 

Green Lantern:

Green Lantern is the name of certain larger than life superheroes or fighters appearing in the comic strips published by  DC Comics in the USA. The Green lanterns are the group that protect the galaxy from outside evil forces.

If one looks closely at the rings one can see there are 9 lantern rings out of which green implies the most important characteristics of the superheroes — strong will power.  Because of the fact that green signifies strength, the brand has rightly chosen this colour to meet with the objectives of the brand. 


Roots better known as Roots Canada is Toronto based and into retail and apparel industry. The company is dealing in apparels, leather goods, home furnishing, athletic wear and accessories. The green logo was designed in 1970s by two of Canada’s leading designers featuring the typical Canadian animal — beaver.

This iconic Canadian animal plays a very positive role in balancing the Canadian ecosystem and community building. Moreover green symbolises nature which is adored by the company owners and nature also plays a major role with most Canadians minds. 

Monster Energy:

The US based energy drink was launched in 2002 from Hansen Natural Company, now rechristened as Monster Beverage Corporation. The flagship of the group is Monster Energy Line. The logo design was created by one of the leading California based brand consultancy firms.

The logo is an M in a green vibrant colour composed on a black back ground so that M very clearly stands out from a distance. The design is done in such a way as if the claws of the Monster has ripped through the edges of the can, which in another way signifies toughness. 


Manufactured by Dr. Pepper and bottled by PepsiCo 7up is a Lemon-lime flavored non-caffeinated soft drink marketed worldwide. It is said that the brand name came from its pH level which was above seven. Another version says that the name came from a card game 7Up. The positioning strategy of 7Up was that it is an Uncola.

The first logo was a black and white halftone and thereafter it was red till 1967. In 1980 the green band was introduced for the first time behind the red box containing the 7up logo. Thereafter green has been the primary color with red circle tagged with the number 7. Since 2014 the number 7 is in white with thick green borders having a3D effect.   

Animal Planet:

Owned by Discovery Inc. and commissioned since 1996, Animal planet channel contents are entirely on wildlife and domestic pets. The initial green logo was a darker hue of green with M in a lighter hue and tilted horizontally so that it looks like 3.

Thereafter the design was the same keeping the lighter hue of green throughout. Just previously the logo was black and green with the M looking like 3 in green and all other letters black. Lately, the channel has rebranded itself with a small blue elephant logo and positioned itself as more fun-loving.  


Based out of California, Evernote is an app for note-taking, archiving, planning, organizing, and task management. The logo is an elephant’s icon in green which was decided by the creative team after many permutations and combinations.

The trunk of the iron is spiral signaling progress and the forehead and face sloping in such an angle signaling thereby that the elephant is moving forward. The eyes are designed giving it more confidence and accessibility. The Evernote branding is in black.  


The Boston based financial services corporation is one of the biggest asset management groups worldwide. The logo is in the foreground with a green box in the background. Fidelity is in all capital bold lettering in italics font with investments written below that.

An icon of a lighthouse or a beacon light is placed next to the branding possibly to show the investors better opportunities for investments. Since Fidelity is in white the branding is very strong and clear. 


A globally famous NGO with headquarters in Amsterdam, Greenpeace operates from over 55 countries regarding issues of environmental pollution and peace.

The logo is a signature handwritten font with letterings in white and the background is a lush vibrant green. The green background denotes vigor and devotion with white lettering signifying spirituality health and kindness.         

Mr. Green:

Based at Malta and founded in 2007, Mr. Green is an online gambling company offering online casinos, sportsbooks, live casino and bingo. The logo is all green in lower cases with a silhouette of a man with a hat standing with an umbrella in his hand. The logo depicting movement reproduction, growth and response are half tilted on the left. 


The universal recycling logo is in the public domain and not registered. The logo is in the shape of a triangle with three thick green colored arrows with black casings. Each of the three arrows represents a step towards recycling.

The first step is the collection of materials to be recycled to the third step that is buying the recycled materials and its actual practical usages. 

Specs saver:

As the name suggests, Specsavers is a UK based optical retail chain organization with the primary markets in Great Britain, Ireland and Scandinavian countries. The company offers eyesight testing, sunglasses, glasses and contact lens.

The logo consists of two overlapping oval-shaped green colored circles with Specsavers written across the two circles in white and in upper and lower cases. The logo thus is very clear and strong


TAFE or Tractors and Farm pieces of equipment Limited is a Chennai based organization dealing in very reputed tractor brands like Eicher, Massey Ferguson, IMT, its own brand of TAFE tractors and other agriculture-based pieces of equipment. The TAFE branding is in all capital cases and in bold red lettering with the TAFE logo motif beside it.

TAFE is written in green with stylized lettering and placed in such a way so that the green logo resembles a tree. Since the company deals with everything agriculture the logo is a very appropriate one.   

Uber Eats:

The San Francisco based Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery organization under the Uber umbrella. The logo is a two-color scheme option – simple black and solid green. Uber is in black while Eats is in green.

The logo has two varieties one horizontal and the other one is vertical. Both the logos have been chosen to suit the relevant spaces as and when required. The shorter horizontal logo is used in shorter space and composition whereas the longer one in vertical space and a bigger area.

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