178+ Catchy Gravestone Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Graves are often associated with death. But the festival of Halloween is totally incomplete without the theme of scariness. Here are some handpicked and well-thought captions that will inspire you for your gravestone-related Halloween posts on social media. 

Halloween Gravestone Captions for Instagram

Someone thought ahead and put a cage over this one. #cage

She spreads laughter wherever she goes.

This guy lived, he laughed, he loved, and he left. All hail and hearty.

I was not consulted before coming here. I was also made to leave without my consent.

I know you won’t do anything about the stink down here, but still letting you know.

Come back in the morning. I am usually sleeping otherwise. #sleeping

This guy sent a tweet to his wife that was meant for his mistress. Now, no more stress.

I was hoping for a pyramid, but I guess they couldn’t afford one for me.

This is the grave of the second-fastest draw in texas.

If you can read this, it means you are standing on my breasts. That’s how strong they were in life too.

This poor fellow’s life was full till he tried to milk a bull. #bull

Don’t meddle with my stuff. I am only reincarnating.

Here lies my brother Dave who chased a bear into a cave.

Don’t be too happy. Your time is coming. #happy

My wife, Samantha. One hell of a woman.

‘Here lies Stupid.’ And the other one says, ‘I’m with Stupid.’

In memory of the girl who was killed by a train.

It’s dark down here, but I can see it all. It’s peaceful and beautiful.

Here lies one of the unfortunate ones. Happy Halloween. #halloween

This one is of an atheist. And still, they buried me.

I could see them all pouring the mud on me, but I just couldn’t move.

I always knew that this would happen one day. See, I wasn’t wrong. It did happen.

First life sucks. Then we die. #die

You spelled ‘passed’ as ‘past’ to save a few dollars? #savings

Now I know something that you don’t.

If priests and politicians go to heaven, I will stop and take a detour to someplace else.

Mel Blanc takes the cake – ‘That’s All Folks.’

Are you happy now? No one to stop you from making the wrong decisions.

This one says ‘Game Over’ on a fallen Mario brother. #ganer

He past away? Or passed away? I don’t know.

This Mr and Mrs are dead and together forevermore.

He was struck thrice by lightning when he was alive. His gravestone was also struck by lightning.

Whoever is reading this, please deactivate my Facebook. The password is ‘loverboy123’.

I only asked whether she’d gained some weight. #weight

I may not BRB after you read this message.

Welcome to a gentleman gunfighter’s grave.

This guy had many a whiskey and many a wife, and he really did enjoy his eventful life.

This ranger never killed a man that did not need killing.

The shell’s here. But the nut who lit it is gone. #nut

I will be waiting, but for only those who have made it thus far.

Here lies a factory reject.

Follow me. Of course, do that at your own risk.

You will have a long time to think within the box. Think out of it for as long as you live.

Death kidnapped me, knowing I was bringing radical changes to the world. #radical

This one is of one called Santa Claus.

Death took me without any warning at all.

Jesus called. So I answered.

I was absolutely okay at night and died in the morning. #dead

Funny Halloween Gravestone Captions

I know that I won’t have to ever see the wife I loved so much, the one who poisoned me to death. #wife

Here lies a good man, a good husband, a good son, a good father, but a pathetic electrician.

This guy overdosed on Viagra, and his wife took it very hard.

This is one way. So don’t even think of entering here.

Kicked the bucket, slipped, and kicked the bucket.

This is one Mr. Blake. He stepped more on the gas than on the brake. #speed

Finally, I managed to kick the habit for good.

Some deals were good, and some were bad. But this one took me straight to the hole.

At least now I know where he is at night.

I was sleeping happily. Did you have to think of digging me up?

Lying here for having fooled with the marshal’s wife. #fooled

It took four slugs to make this one.

Here lies an unknown guy who died eating library paste.

This one forgot to look both ways before crossing the road.

He lived every day as if it were his last – even this last one.

This is the grave of the world’s greatest electrician. Even the bulb-shaped gravestone lights up. #electrician

I always knew I would have to die. But it’s so uncomfortable in here.

Here we lie, husband and wife. We are out on a long vacation.

I always said something was killing me, but no one believed me.

This lady was great in everything – as a friend, as a lover, as a wife, even as a psycho.

Well, of course, this sucks. It’s too good here. #sucks

Please excuse me if I don’t rise to greet you.

Thanks for having that drumset gravestone installed on my grave.

This isn’t really bad, of course, you need to get used to it first.

At least go away now and let me be. I am dead, after all. #goaway

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