204+ Catchy Gold Captions For All Social Media

Gold is a color that is usually associated with Christmas. It happens to be the color of the light and the sun, which are extremely important during the dark winter months. Gold is also the color of fire that helps to keep us warm. Here is a list of interesting gold captions for you.

Gold Captions for Instagram

Happiness resides in the soul and not in gold. #happiness

I strike gold every time I enter the bookstore. #strikegold

Winning gold is something I want to cherish forever. #cherishforever

Your new friends are silver and old ones are gold. #friends

This business is like a gold mine to me. #goldmine

I like sewing gold into my garments. #sewgold

A US dollar isn’t backed by gold. #backed

You need to become the champion to win the gold medal. #goldmedal

Gold can be considered to be a treasure. #treasure 

I don’t know how to express my feelings after winning gold. #expressfeelings

Bitcoin is considered to be better than gold. #bitcoingold

I want to give everything in green and gold. #greenandgold

Gold is now worshiped by everybody. #worship

Winning gold implies that you are the best. #thebest

Sitting with some blank paper is like gold to me. #blankpaper

You should appreciate my gold medal. #appreciate

This gold chain is auspicious to me. #auspicious

In case you like gold, you should also like Bitcoin. #bitcoin

The sun was shining through the trees just like gold. #sungold

My gold medal was from participating in the Olympic Games. #participate

Everything touched by me is turning to gold. #touchgold

I didn’t want to win gold but an NBA championship. #nbachampionship

You will get gold medals not for beating somebody but for everybody. #goldbeat

Winning the gold medal was a milestone in my career. #milestone

Never boo any person who has won an Olympic gold medal. #neverboo

I love gold since it is an insurance policy. #insurance

These awards have made me a gold star right now. #goldstar

Beauty happens to be a currency system similar to the gold standard. #currencygold 

I went back to the golden period of Indian history. #goldenperiod

I like to turn my dreams into gold and silver. #silver

The thirst for gold is not a good sign. #thirstgold

We all know that old is gold. #oldgold

I was quite elated at the thought of winning gold. #elated

Winning gold makes me a happy person. #happy

Love happens to be the only gold. #onlygold

Lithium continues to be the gold standard even today. #lithium

Winning gold makes me the best on the planet. #wingold

A man treasuring his friends is solid gold himself. #solidgold

I would have carried gold if it was not so heavy. #carrygold

Gold is intended for the pharaohs and kings. #pharaohsandkings

I love my gold pocket watch more than anything else. #pocketgold

Being a woman, I love gold ornaments. #lovegold

All women love gold and precious gems. #preciousgems

Tragedy can dissolve everything except the very gold of truth. #goldtruth

I never dreamt of winning two gold medals. #2medals

These gold medals are the perfect gift for me. #goldmedals

The possession of gold results in jealousy and envy. #possession

I like to put on gold necklaces instead of diamond ones. #goldnecklaces

Gold medals are actually made of perspiration. #goldmedals

I don’t believe in gold but in the dirt. #believegold

Possessing too much gold has robbed me of my sleep. #possessgold

Gold is something perfect and polished. #polished

There isn’t adequate gold for redeeming all currency in circulation. #redeemcurrency

Awkwardness happens to be a gold mine for comedy. #goldmine

Silver and gold are global commodities. #commodities

Every child has a heart of gold. #heartgold

This gold medal is a special award for me. #specialaward

Gold appears better on my skin. #myskin

We are all concerned about the threat of gold. #threat

The chance of winning a gold medal does not come too often. #winning

I have an affinity for rose gold. #rosegold

I like to play for gold and purple. #goldpurple

I had been dreaming of winning an Olympic gold medal for quite some time. #dreaming

The man with the maximum gold will make the rules. #maximum

People who are brave and loving are better than gold. #bettergold

Only gold can cure the sickness of my heart. #sicknessgold

Funny Gold Captions

This gold medal is something I was craving. #crave

I dream of winning gold at the Olympics. #wingold

I never differentiate between silver and gold. #silvergold

Bitcoin should not be thought of as a replacement for gold. #replacement

We can exchange gold for a large number of other items. #exchange

All these champions will win gold one day. #champions

I have won gold after many years of perseverance. #wingold

My favorite color happens to be gold. #favoritecolor

I want to live on the Gold Coast forever. #liveforever

Winning gold for my country is my ultimate dream. #winninggold

The words of the man were just like gold. #words

The market price of gold is quite high right now. #marketprice

A man with gold is going to make the rules. #rulegold

One can compare bitcoins with gold bars having wings. #bitcoinwing

Gold helps to expand great souls. #expandsouls

People optimistic about gold are known as “gold bugs.” #goldbugs 

We must set the gold standard in terms of compliance. #compliance 

Social media companies happen to be in a gold rush right now. #goldrush

I love my gold hoop earrings. #goldearrings

Fire happens to be the test of gold. #firegold

Gold and silver are both sparkly things. #sparkly

I happened to be in a gold rush. #goldrush

One with gold is going to rule. #rulegold

Gold, unlike the dollar, has intrinsic value. #intrinsic

The true desire for gold is for the means of benefit and freedom. #desiregold

Being wise is better than owning silver or gold. #silver

Gold has an intrinsic value similar to other commodities. #commodities

Our health is wealth and not gold. #health

All deformities are hidden by a mask of gold. #deformities

Praise, similar to gold, is valuable because of its scarcity. #scarcity

Although I am punk, I have an affinity for gold. #punkgold

I am never immune to gold medals. #immune

It is always great to win a gold medal. #winmedal

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