251+ Glue Slogans and Taglines

Various brands are promoting their glue products. To create a mark of your brand, you need to have some attractive marketing slogans that will connect the consumers with your brand forever. Here is a list of marketing slogans that will do the job.

Glue Slogans

Bond that never breaks. 

Thank God it’s our glue. 

Our glue is your answer. 

Glue that sticks instantly. 

Our glue never disappoints. 

Our glue is the real deal. 

Our glue creates a permanent bond. 

Our glue – the best adhesive.

Our glue joins anything and everything.

Our glue fixes all the cracks. 

Fix everything with our glue. 

Want to fix it-use our glue. 

Come choose the best.

Glue for every tile. 

Bond that can’t be broken even underwater. 

Waterproof glue. 

Glue that everyone loves. 

The glue of this generation. 

Broken furnitures need our glue. 

Glue that you carry everywhere. 

Stick it forever. 

The only trusted brand.

Glue that makes a Difference.

Stick it. Heal it.

Our glue heals the broken.

Glue that will never leave you alone.

Glue the millennials love.

Our glue creates attachment.

Sticks like things were never broken.

Glue that favours your pocket.

Glue that bonds instantly.

Cracks are in love with our glue.

The only trustworthy adhesive-our glue.

Because every crack counts.

You will get glued to our glue.

Our glue leaves no clue.

When in stress, use our glue.

Get glued forever.

Fix all your furnitures with our glue.

The only customer friendly packaging glue.

Our glue makes it normal again. 

Glue that is irreplaceable.

If you use our glue once, you will use it forever.

Glue for the people.

Our glue defines quality.

Only for the best quality glue lovers.

You will get hooked to our glue.

The best in the market.

The Glue that cares for you.

Be carefree with our glue.

Strength in each drop.

Ready for the best?

Glue that will leave you speechless.

Get it glued.

Glue for a stronger foundation.

The only multipurpose glue in the market.

Do not risk it just fix it with our glue.

Gluing it since years.

Cheers to the strong bond.

You will need nothing more to stick it.

Brings it back like nothing ever happened.

The highest quality formula now for your use.

Gluing is amusing. 

Name anything-our Glue fixes everything.

Our glue is ever lasting.

Glue that never makes you sad.

Our glue will drive you crazy.

Our glue is everything that you need.

Get gluing.

You are lucky if you have our glue.

Our glue is the new normal.

Our glue has got talent.

For Glue that knows what you need.

Gluing your smile since ages.

Glue that makes your project glow.

For glue that will never leave you hanging.

For Glue that never falls off.

Going out? Carry our glue.

For Glue that fits all the cracks and misses.

Take a chill pill-use our glue. 

Our glue ranks first. 

The strongest out there. 

Decorate with our glue. 

Glue that drives you crazy. 

The best smelling glue. 

Gluing is our game. 

Stick it. 

Glue that brings everything close. 

Ace it with our glue. 

Glue you will never regret using. 

For glue that has the highest cohesive strength.

Glue that you will fall for.

Keep the bong stronger than ever.

Your saviour – Our glue.

The ultimate saviour.

Gluing is just our cup of tea.

Fix it don’t risk it.

Glue that sticks to you.

Glue that never leaves your side.

Paste it.

Glue that saves you from any situation.

Glue Taglines

Mishaps happen. Use our glue.

We fix the broken.

Renovate with our glue.

Just the way you want.

Ruling the gluing game.

An eternal bond.

Glue that fixes from within.

Glue that never plays with your emotions.

The strength of everyone’s desire.

Glue that everyone adores.

You will not find anything better.

Glue that satisfies you in every way.

The miraculous bond.

Our bonds are rocking.

The next level glue.

We are the people’s choice.

You are our priority.

The real glue. The best glue.

Do not panic. Just paste.

Why fear when our glue is here.

The best glue company.

The permanent solution.

We keep our commitment.

Your need. Our priority.

Be the best by choosing the best.

Glue for future.

Bring the difference in your life.

We pull you closer.

Close and firm.

Our aim is your happiness.

The clear cut winner.

We stick people. We stick love.

No you are not dreaming, our glue is real.

A drop of glue saves it. 

Your life saver. 

Innovation and our glue.

Gluing your thoughts. 

Apply it. Stick it. 

A drop of glue saves nine. 

Glue you will stick for. 

The fastest.

The Instant healer-our glue.

Reconnect, renovate.

Resettling glue. 

When in hurry just don’t worry use our glue.

Glue with no clue. 

We fix broken hearts. 

Leave the glue to us. 

Attention! Our glue is here. 

All is glue. 

Choose fixing instead of risking. 

Our glue needs no introduction. 

The glue of the nation. 

The best adhesive award goes to our glue. 

Our glue means endless possibilities.

Our Glue or nothing.

Glue that lights up your world.

Glue with a purpose.

Be the change. Use our glue.

Formulas with a difference.

Made to work like a machine.

Superior quality from the very outset.

Good, better, our glue.

The ultimate glue.

Glue for 24/7

Nail it with our glue.

I love glue. You love glue.

The power glue. 

We know you love our glue. 

My glue is your glue.

Stick that sticks.

Our glue is not judgemental. 

Upset? Use our glue. 

No clue about what to do? Use our glue. 

For a magical connection. 

Connecting people. Connecting lives. 

Let it glue.

Glue and shine. 

Just glue it. 

The reason behind your smile. 

Forever and ever.

Yes it’s real. 

Foundation for life. 

Got our glue? 

The glue that keeps it sticking.

Sticky glues that get it all right.

Glue’s got all

The mark of respect.

A brand that’s trusted by all.

We create legacy.

Art n craft just got more fun.

Available with a variety of strength for a variety of work.

Just art it like new.

Glued on forever. 

We are a family. 

A glue story.

Glue for your soul. 

The glue game. 

Strong and hard. 

The unstoppable. 

Get glued to our glue. 

You and our glue has got Chemistry. 

The flexible king. 

Flexibly yours. 

An unbreakable bond in your fingertips.

No error is big enough.

Handling everything you’ve been careless about.

Stick on with love.

The brand that’s been making a name for itself.

Bringing the world together.

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