List of 21+ Best Givenchy Brand Slogans

The Paris based organization manufacturing and marketing luxury items, perfumery, cosmetics, and niche designer items was established in 1952. Currently, it is a subsidiary of the famous luxury conglomerate LVMH. Audrey Hepburn, the celebrated Hollywood actress has been its brand ambassador earlier. Currently, Mayyjew Williams is the lead designer. 

Givenchy Brand Slogans

Givenchy gentleman

Very Irresistible   Givenchy

Gentlemen only

Hot couture

Lipsticks to die for

Slip into luxury

The new feminine fragrance

Sometimes seen at the Ritz but always seen in Givenchy

Dance with Givenchy

Eyeshadow prism

Appearing nightly

Givenchy’s most celebrated floral design

Let Givenchy sign your legs

Absolutely irresistible

Discover more

For Audrey with love

10 years of seduction

The perfume for the thousand women in one

Givenchy’s greatest creation for women Gentlemen

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