179+ Catchy Ghoul Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

While there are many folklores introducing ghouls, it has been an essential and absolute favorite for the season of Halloween. Ghouls are traditionally demon-like beings and have an Islamic inference. While we wouldn’t want to debate on that, we definitely would like to inspire you with some spooky yet fun captions that will absolutely help your social media posts to gain attention.

Ghoul Captions for Instagram

What a fa-boo-lous party we ghouls had last night. No guys either.

We ghouls are having a sleepover after Halloween night.

This ghoul can scream. What a howl-oween this is. #scream

Ghouls are so soft at the heart. They are true to the bone.

And that’s the best ghoul of the Halloween match.

Grow up. How much longer will you be your daddy’s little ghoul?

Ready, steady, ghoul! What a race we will have now.

The ghouls will dance only when the moon is full. #halloween

That ghoul really loves howl-oween, doesn’t she?

That’s my ghoul gang. We love partying. What a great scream time we have had.

I am the ghoulest with the foulest. Does it matter that I am the smallest?

When ghouls have a mad time, they become mean ghouls. #mad

Are you having a bloody good time? All the other ghouls are.

Hallo-weenie all-ghoul party tonight. So go enjoy.

Now even ghouls have voting rights. What advancement.

When ghouls pretend to be humans, pretending to be ghouls. There we have chaos. #chaos

Who runs the world? Ghouls, of course. Whether at home or at work, you will find them everywhere.

My little angel is such a sweet ghoul. Her smile makes me weak in the knees.

Die-mounds are a ghoul’s best friends. And they are so possessive about them.

What a frightened little ghoul you are. Don’t worry. Daddy’s here. #frightened

Hot ghouls and Halloween are what I enjoy most. They keep everything so warm and heated.

Hey ghoul, shake your BOO-ty. Then lay your bones bare.

That ghoul’s had a fantastic makeover. The dark makeup is just purr-fect.

Halt! Who are ghouls there? Oh, it’s only another ghoul. #ghoul

What a fang-tastic night Halloween is. So many juicy treats.

Danger! Ghouls are crossing. Never cross their paths.

What a boo-ful little ghoul you have there. The costume is becoming of her.

May I go to the ghouls’ room? I need to make up some more. #makeup

Don’t blame me for stolen candy. After all, I do have a sweets fang-tastic.

That is one truly mischievous little ghoul. I always thought ghouls were nice.

Happy Halloween ghouls. Enjoy! Have a blast. And sink your teeth and nails in all the goodies.

Ghouls and spice, and everything nice. And then there will be screams galore. #screams

You are simply too cute to spook – even as a ghoul. That’s why we love you so much.

Let’s keep s-caring on like nice ghouls. After all, that’s our job.

Care to caption those ghoulish pics of mine? They are so bewitchingly boo-tiful.

Ghosts are a ghoul’s best friends. They never let go of each other. #bestfriends

Those handsome little devils and sweet ghouls are having so much fun.

What’s Halloween without ghouls? You will love the way they dress up tonight.

Fang-cy having fun with us ghouls? Sink your teeth in those juicy treats.

I am the creature on feature tonight. I am the ghoul of the future past. #creature

I am in ghoul company. We love spending some ghoul-time. It’s all the lovely ghouly-talk among us.

I simply cannot live without you, ghoul. I rather die in your hands.

Getting the right ghoul will change your life forever. They make partners so long as you don’t hurt them.

You are such a boo-tiful ghoul. I simply cannot take my eyes off you. #beautiful

Of course, I am sweet. I am a little ghoul. And I never leave a bone unturned when I am at work.

Let the foul be double, and let’s put the ghouls in trouble. The ghoulish way of making double trouble.

I am daddy’s little ghoul. So I will give him a fang-tastic treat.

Want to be spooky? Let’s be ghouls. And let’s get all the wildest screams we can get. #spooky

It’s nice to have a little ghoul at home. They keep you engaged for hours in the end.

That ghoulish costume did bring out the original me. That’s who I truly am.

Funny Ghoul Captions

See that ghoul? Now watch her bag of BOOty.

Want to spend some ghoul time? Ok. Fine by me. We will have a hell of a time. #hell

Don’t fall asleep among ghouls. They just won’t let you be. So stay awake.

What a ghoulishly spooktacular time we are having. It’s great watchful thinking.

Look into that ghoul’s eyes and see how deep her love is.

I love to hear the ghouly talk they have. There are so many treats there. #treats

Ghouls are such scream queens. Even the guys are – when they are made to be scared.

You are such a ghoul. Grow up to be a woman. And become a haunt-ress.

Would you want a ghoulish trick or a ghoulish treat?

I know which ghoul there stole the candies. That’s the trick of the treat. #steal

Hehehehe! We are coming to get you. So be ready. We love to hear those screams.

What a fang-tastic ghoul you are. What’s all that red stuff on your dress?

Ghosts and ghouls may take my soul, but nothing can ever scare me.

Do you love my long nails? Just wait till you see my fangs. #fangs

Let the ghouls make a scene this Halloween.

Ghouls just wanna have fun! Yes, they do. So have some fun with us now.

This is an all-ghoul band. So expect some real screams from us.

We are the Spice ghouls. So you can have meat. #ghoul

We love the boos party when our ghoulfriends are together.

I never thought ghouls can be so romantic. No bones about it.

I am just hanging out with my ghoul friends this Halloween.

Creeping up behind you – with treats galore! #creeping

Even as a ghoul, you are so sweet. You just aren’t scary at all.

Ever heard of our squad? The Ghoul Squad? Well, we are a haunt-mess.

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