100+ Catchy Geranium Oil Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Geranium oils have been known to mankind since centuries, and science has also proven that it is beneficial. If you haven’t used any, we would highly recommend you use it. However, here are some geranium essential oil captions that are essential for your social media post.

Geranium Oil Captions for Facebook 

Geranium oil comes with a lot of health benefits! #lots

What is life without some geranium oils? #void

At night when the whole world sleeps, I put on my geranium oils and play some jazz to dance to it with some wine. #singlelifeisthebest 

Single life is the best, but I need some essential oils on the side. #need

Essential oils are a need, and chocolates are a necessity. #getit

All hail the queen! Geranium is here. #hailthequeen 

Do you have some geranium oil with you? #yesplease

For centuries, geranium is treating all your health problems! #treatsall 

Available since the ancient times, but a stupid got to know about it now. #availablealltimes

With essential oils, you can be as close as you can be to nature! #closest

Where do you get geranium oils from? #where

Antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties with Geranium oils! #allofthem

Good riddance with geranium oils! #goodriddance 

Pain management with geranium oils! #painrelief

Purify your soul with geranium oils. #purify 

Heal your soul, body and mind with essential oils! #healall

With essential oils, clear up your mind and be better! #clearup

Clear up and cheer up with geranium oils. #csquare 

Have a good appetite for geranium oils. #behungry 

Waking up to the flavor of geranium oils is bliss. #bliss

Be always hungry with geranium oils. #alwayshungry 

Geranium oils and me, until death, do us apart. #untildeath 

Geranium oils and me, always and forever. #alwaysandforever 

With geranium oils, be closer to nature. #closer

Stop chewing on chemicals and start using essential oils. #stopchewing

Be naturally healthy with essential oils. #beahealthy

Aromatherapy with geranium oils is a blessing in disguise. #indiguise 

Sleep tight and dream sweet only with geranium essential oils. #tightandsweet 

Sleep better with essential oils. #sleepbetter 

Geranium Oil Captions for Instagram 

Snore more and rest well only with geranium essential oils. #snoremore 

Psychology says that geranium oils are better than any other essential oil. #psychic 

How do you like your essential oil? #toreliefpain 

Consult a dermatologist before you start using any essential oils. #consultone 

Geranium oils are the king of the world. #kingoftheworld 

I’ll do absolutely anything to get my geranium oil. #absolutelyanything 

We thank geranium oils for its value. #valuefull 

Geranium can be pricy, but it is worth every penny! #worthy 

Use geranium oils to know it better. #knowthembetter 

We all know it better. #better 

Do not be a hypocrite to shy away from essential oils. #donotshyaway 

Nobody puts geranium oils in the corner. #nobody 

Seize the day with geranium oils! #seizetheday 

With geranium oils, make your life ready! #makeyourlifeready 

I feel the need! The need for having an essential oil by your side every time. #feeltheneed 

With geranium oils, everything seems to be full. #fullest 

I used to go home to an empty house, but now I have my essential oil waiting for me. #waitforme 

Make your lives extraordinary with geranium oils. #beextraordinary 

Once you use geranium oils, you can be extraordinary. #yesplease

Life is a banquet, and essential oils are the food for the soul. #foodforthesoul 

Feed your soul with some essential oils. #feedyoursoul 

Feed yourself well and feed your skin with some essential oil. #feedyourself 

If you do not use essential oils, you may die to dry skin. #getthejoke

Nobody’s perfect, but with geranium oils, you can be! #beperfect 

I run to my essential oil whenever I hear there’s a problem. #therethere 

At first, I was skeptical, too, but it grew on me. # skeptical 

The more you use it, the more it reveals itself to you. I am talking about essential oils here, essentially. #essentials 

Essentially, essential oils are not essentials but necessities. #tonguetwist

Shake well before use! #shakewell 

We’ll always have geranium oils even if we do not have anybody. #alwayshave 

We rob essential oils. #robbed

I once robbed my sister’s essential oils, and it didn’t go down well. #robbedherblack 

Geranium Oil Captions for Twitter 

Make your mood right with essential oils. #makeyourmoodright 

You never know how you are gonna get it, but you gotta at least try. #tryatleast 

Money can buy happiness! #moneycan 

Money has brought me immense happiness in the name of essential oils. #immensehappiness 

I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the planet. #luckiestman 

I have essential oils for all of my different moods and each suiting its purpose. #suitsitspurpose 

The key to my heart is to buy me essential oils at certain intervals. #keytomyheart 

I’ll be right back with my geranium oil. #brb 

Please keep my oil safe. #besafe 

Oiling is different from butter. I oil to live, and your butter to go higher. Its not the same. #itsdifferent. 

You’re gonna need a bigger bottle of essential oil. #need 

I love the essential oil bottles. #lovethem 

Don’t judge an essential oil by its cover. #dontjudge 

I’ll buy whatever she is getting. #geraniumplease 

Can you leave me alone with my essential oil? #leavemealone 

Can you leave me alone with my thoughts? #leavemealone 

Keep me in my thoughts and geranium oil in your dreams. #inyourdreams 

A big bath with geranium oils is ready for you. #bigbath 

Would you like to have a bubble bath with a few drops of essential oil in it? #bubblebath 

Choose quick – gin or geranium oils? #choosequick 

What do you want for your birthday? #geraniumoils 

Its never just another essential oil. Each of them is unique and special. #uniqueandspecial 

Me at my daily oil shop. ‘The usual please.’ #byhabit 

When you cannot handle the truth, put on some essential oil. #brainhack 

Whatever it is that you are going through, trust me, the essential oil will make it better! #makeitbetter 

You can’t be serious! New flavors are about to be launched! #newflavours

Why so serious? Use an essential oil. #useit

Joker should have used essential oil. #joker 

As time goes by, I fall for my geranium oil all over again. #alloveragain 

I have become a bit dependent on my essential oils. #dependent 

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