List of 25+ Best General Electric Brand Slogans

Ranked amongst the Fortune 500 companies only last year and amongst Fortune 20 companies in 2011, General Electric, known amongst its peers as GE, was incorporated 128 years ago at New York. Currently, GE’s head office is based in Boston. GE is a pioneer in the power sector. 


General Electric Brand Slogans

  • We bring good things to life 


  • Imagination at work


  • The Aircraft never stops thinking just like the engineers

General Electric Brand Slogans

  • Nature can teach us many things


  • Helping you sleep better


  • 75 years of engineering progress


  • I see a future of savings and convenience for you


  • You can put your confidence in General Electric


  • Progress is our most important product


  • GE Motors – From the mightiest to the tiniest


  • Hands that shape modern living

General Electric Brand Slogans

  • Easiest way ever to buy light bulbs


  • Brighten your summer 


  • Stay brighter longer


  • Happiness is a warm tube

General Electric Brand Slogans

  • Keeping the monsters away since 1890


  • So trouble proof


  • Big set performance at a low price


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