101+ Funny Anniversary Captions For Instagram to Make Your Own

Anniversary refers to a date on which a particular event occurred and has been celebrated. For example, a marriage anniversary, a birthday, etc. Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure a lot of pictures will be clicked on occasion, and what better place to go when looking for captions than the article below?

Funny Anniversary Captions For Instagram

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. #happyanniversary

It’s your day today, have a blast. #anniversary

Been waiting for this day for exactly a year. #anniversarypics

Just one of many more to come. #maritalbliss

An anniversary for the lifetime. #togetherness

What’s an anniversary without your friends? #loveyou

Each day is an anniversary if you look at it that way. #beautifullife

Special Day, Happy times, smiling faces. #happyfaces

All of us have something to celebrate an anniversary about. #love

You are allowed to forget your name but not your Wedding Anniversary. #marriageanniversary

My Anniversary, my Rules. #iloveyou

The cake and drinks are on me. #happyanniversary

Some Dates hold a really special place in your heart.

An anniversary forgotten is a death wish coming true. #anniversary

An anniversary is an annual reminder of a stupid decision that turned out amazing. #togetherness

Every anniversary just keeps adding to the photo album.

Where’s the party at? #anniversarypics

As long as there is food, it’s all fine. #anniversary

Just a bucket full of memories. #happyanniversary

Time to take a long trip down memory lane. #loveyou

An anniversary worth celebrating. #maritalbliss

Keep the party poopers out, and bring out the party poppers. #anniversary

It was on this very day a few years ago, I was in tears, of joy. #anniversarypics

I am glad everything worked out in the end and now we’re here celebrating the anniversary.

An anniversary to embrace. #anniversary

It was all his\her plan. #maritalbliss

Keep the fighting to a minimum and the fun to a maximum. #togetherness

Keep the bash going. #happyanniversary

Find new reasons to celebrate an anniversary. #anniversary

Who said we can celebrate an anniversary just once a year? #loveyou

Got my friends, my family, and all that I need right here with me.

Family makes the anniversary. #anniversarypics

To be honest, when I got married, I didn’t think we’d reach this far.

This celebration is a classic case of everything works out in the end.

Bring out the snacks, turn on the music system, and switch on the party lights.

It is never too late to celebrate an anniversary.

Nothing feels more special than a surprise anniversary. #anniversary

Anniversary pics are always a treat for the eyes. #maritalbliss

Living life, one anniversary at a time. #anniversarypics

Reached this far, only forward from here. #happyanniversary

Keep the relations cozy and the anniversary crazy.

Don’t pop the balloons. #togetherness

Anniversaries are not meant to be forgotten. #maritalbliss 

Celebrate the anniversary or sleep on the couch. #loveyou

Just a little reminder of happy I really am. #anniversarypics

We celebrate, we rejoice, we remember. #anniversary

Some memories never fade away, anniversaries take care of the rest. #happyfaces

Happy to celebrate the anniversary each year with you. #togetherness

Happiest Anniversary Ever means a lot.

Catchy anniversary captions

An anniversary to remember for the lifetime. #maritalbliss

Bring out your best outfits. #anniversary

Been three-sixty-five days since I started waiting for this day. #loveyou

A year down, a lifetime to go. #happyanniversary

I feel like the luckiest human being on Earth right now. #anniversarypics

You know what? The marriage wasn’t half as bad a decision. #happyfaces

There is nobody else in the entire world that I like to have around except you.

I grow fonder of you with each passing day. #togetherness

Here’s to another year of wasting time on lost arguments with you. #happyfaces

A little bit of survival, a tiny bit of happy married life, Happy Anniversary love.

Cheers to another year of togetherness. #maritalbliss

Well, who would have imagined… so far so good.

Life without you would be so calm but also boring, thank for standing by me for another year.

In a world where I could be anywhere, I would always choose to be next to you.

You are my favorite kind of addiction, one I can’t get over with.

We have been together for so long I think even our heartbeats have synced. #anniversarypics

We never realize how important some things have become for us until they actually do.

The only regret that I have about this anniversary is not finding you soon enough to celebrate more.

Forever might just seem like a fraction of a moment is spent with you. #happyfaces

You make everything good about me better. #anniversary

So many of these anniversaries just begin and end with you. #loveyou

I feel like myself when I am with you. #maritalbliss

Change is good, change is constant, but changing together with is simply great.

Life looks more beautiful than ever with you by my side. #togetherness

As of this anniversary, I can’t imagine my life without you. #happyanniversary

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