205+ Catchy Fruitcake Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Well, who doesn’t love a fruitcake? Almost everyone worldwide loves to have a fruit cake during Christmas and the season of Thanksgiving. And that is why if you plan to load your friends and family on social media with your fruitcake posts, we have cooked up and baked some captions for you to do that more efficiently.

Fruitcake Captions for Instagram

Almost everyone loves a fruitcake!

I’d like to have a slice of that fruit cake. #fruitcake

You want it; you have it!

Christmas is the season of love, and love means fruit cake.

Well, if you really wanted to have that last slice of cake, you must be good this year. 

Fruit cakes are gifts from heaven! #heaven

It is the season of fruit cakes!

Would you like to have that piece of heaven?

Fruit cakes come in all shapes and sizes!

You ought to be extremely health conscious if you can resist that fruitcake.

A fruitcake is the perfect amalgamation of love and skill. #love

Ask me to bake, and I’ll bake you a cake!

This might just be Jesus’ most favorite fruit cake!

Let’s cook some fruit cakes, shall we?

Does this fruitcake even need a caption? #wow

You must love fruit cakes, and so do I.

Bring a fruit cake, and I’m yours!

Steal my heart with a fruitcake.

Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy! #yummy

Shall I really exclaim what I’m feeling right now?

Whoever made this fruitcake is definitely going to heaven!

This fruitcake must be really special! 

Not all fruit cakes are made equal!

We are all like fruit cakes!

Some cakes are naughty while others are fruity!

Should it be called a fruitcake or a nut cake? #nutty

A fruitcake is extremely important for Christmas!

This is the only kind of alcohol that is good for health!

There’s nothing called too much fruit cake!

If you come to my house this Christmas, definitely get some fruit cake!

Why is this so damn fruity? #fruity

When life gives you fruitcakes, just eat them!

Love fruit cakes?

Did I already make you jealous of my fruitcake? #jealous 

Bring me a fruit cake, and you will already be in my good books!

I wish there was only one fruitcake, and I had it!

Such a pretty-looking fruitcake this is!

Whoever made fruit cake is a real Angel!

All my friends love fruitcakes! #friends

Christmas is the season of fruit cakes! 

Who doesn’t love slices of fruit cake during Christmas?

Talk about change, and there’s one thing I wouldn’t want to change – fruitcakes!

Please let me indulge in some fruit cakes! #indulge

There are good things, there are better things, and there are fruit cakes!

Please don’t feel jealous you can just come home!

If you want to find love, you can find it in a freshly made fruitcake!

I so love Christmas, and I love fruit cakes more! #christmas

I love a good picture of a fruitcake, but I even like it more when I eat it!

Hey hey hey ho ho ho fruitcake is here! 

Hey, let’s share this last slice of fruitcake!

Friends love me, but I love fruitcakes! #fruitcakes

Such a good fruit cake this was!

I wish we could have these good fruit cakes every day! #amazing

Whether I’m thankful for anything or not, I am definitely thankful for this fruit cake!

I guess Santa brought me this fruitcake!

I wouldn’t even share this fruitcake with God! #nosharing

I think I just gained a little more calories after eating this fruit cake!

How can someone just have a piece?

Hey, come on, that’s not the only way to eat a fruit cake!

I might not be able to bake a cake, but I can definitely eat one!

My grandmother makes the best fruit cakes! #best

My mother makes the best fruit cakes!

I hate my father’s slice of fruitcake!

My siblings hate me for eating that last slice of fruit cake!

The reality is that everyone likes a fruitcake! #wowsome

No one knows what I like, but you should know that I like fruitcakes!

These are the best fruit cakes in the world! 

Every kid will like fruits after having this beautiful slice of fruit cake!

I’m glad I didn’t have these fruit cakes a lot!

Lover fruitcake? #lovee

I’m sorry I’m giving you such temptations!

This slice of fruitcake is too tempting, to be honest! #honest

Funny Fruitcake Captions

Pictures like these don’t even need captions!

Ask me who I am, and dad’s a fruitcake man?

Everyone likes to have the last slice of fruitcake! #lastslice

No anniversary cakes are this special anyways!

I love fruitcakes, and so should you! #christmas

If you do not like fruit cakes, you should stop liking me too!

Be careful if you say anything bad about this fruitcake!

I think I’m extremely possessive about this fruitcake!

I’m so obsessed with fruitcakes!

When talking about joy and happiness, you should also include the word fruitcake!

The smell of freshly baked fruit cakes is so amazing! #fresh

Don’t just bring me a fruit cake, bring me some love too!

No fruitcake is ever enough for me! 

No matter who bakes it, everyone likes a fruitcake!

Bring me a fruit cake, and I will show you how it’s supposed to be eaten! #eatcake

While everyone’s happy dancing to various songs, I am eating fruit cake here!

It is extremely difficult to give up on fruit cakes!

There are cakes, then there are beautiful cakes, and then there are fruit cakes!

These fruitcake pictures are way too tempting! #tempting

I just had a slice of fruitcake. 

Wow, these are some amazing fruitcakes. 

Bring me a fruitcake, ill show you how you should eat it! #food

Do I sound too excited when I’m posting about this fruitcake! 

Believe me; these are the best fruit cakes in the world!

I love fruit cakes. #gobble

Santa brought me this last slice of fruitcake!

If you hate fruit cakes, you are a very, very bad person!

Let this be the last slice of fruitcake this year! #happynewyear

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