List of 51+ Best Frito Lays Brand Slogans

Frito Lays founded in 1961 is a Texas-based wholly-owned subsidiary of the internationally famous beverage and soft drinks manufacturer PepsiCo.

The company manufactures and sells potato chips, corn chips and other snack foods. Lays, Fritos, Cheetos and Ruffles are some of its most renowned brands.


Frito Lays Brand Slogans

The more you eat the more you want, — Doritos Tortilla Chip

For the bold. Hostess potato chips.

Bole mere lips , I love Uncle Chipps

Ruffles have RRRidges. Uncle Chipps.

Betcha can’t eat just one. Ruffles

Cause when you have got the munchies nothing else will do. Hostess potato chips

Cheetos – Cheese that goes crunch

Hail – Chee Sar!

The cheese that goes crunch

It aint easy been cheesy

The more you eat the more you want – Cracker Jack 

For the bold – Doritos

Lays – Flavoured air

Frito Lay – good fun

Happiness is simple – Lays

No one can eat just one

You can’t eat just one — lagi bet

Lays ka mazaa lo

Lays want some 

Lays get your smile on

Food for the fun of it

Lays – little Dillogical

Frito Lay – the company which acts globally but thinks locally

Thank you for keeping America moving

Let’s get your smile on

Frito Lay – food for the fun of it

Lays – get your smile on

Dangerously cheesy – Cheetos

Munch a bunch of Fritos

It’s tastes better with Fritos

Dangerously cheesy

Tastes delight – Fritos

Beat the heat – Lays

I can’t keep calm — work for Frito Lays

My flavour is kacchhi ambi – give us yours

Best buddies season 2014 

Frito Lay – get your own bag

Pal banaye magical – lays

GF KO Lays khilao pure match ke liye  shaanti pao so what’s your idea

Who wants this weekend to go on

More chips more fun

Love to love it –lays

You can’t hide your mission

Lay it on me Baby

One taste and classis – you are in love

Make life flavourful

The real flavours of life

We are just friends

Smile with Lays

“Et one Brute?” Lays

Real flavours of life

Living with the magic of now

Lays khaa aur life ka real mazaa uthaa

Smile deke dekho

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