100+ Catchy Fried Rice Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Looking for good fried rice captions for your social media post? Social media captions are of supreme importance as they help to boost engagement for your social media posts, irrespective of what you are posting. 

We have a specially curated list of captions for you. Scroll through to find some interesting captions for your amazing fried rice! 

Fried Rice Captions for Instagram

Rice that is fried and tastes yum! #yum

Fried rice for the soul! #forthesoul

Gobble your fried rice with some home-made chicken-chili! #gobble

Be my guest and please make me some fried rice! #bemyguest

When bored, always have fried rice. #always

Fried rice makes your boiled rice taste better! #friedoverboiled

Have nothing to eat? Taste our juicy fried rice to fill your soul! #fillsyoursoul

Our amazing fried rice is ready to burst in your mouth! #readytoburst

Burst into flames with our new fried rice combo! #burstintoflames

Keep calm and have fried rice! #keepcalm

Fried food for every mood! #friedfood

Fried food is the best! #thebest

Fried rice isn’t fried? #what

When in doubt make some fried rice! #whenindoubt

Fried rice is rice that is fried. #changemymind

Nothing beats fried rice and chili-chicken. #friedrice&chilichicken

Fried rice & chili-chicken is a better love story than Bonny & Clyde. #changemymind

I have loved fried rice since 1863. #since1863

Fried rice is a better man than Damon. #changemymind

Fried rice helps me through depressions! #seriously

Fried rice is a better way to eat vegetables! #chewon

Pulao is not veg fried rice! #totallynot

You cannot compare fried rice and pulao! #nevercompare

Munching on vegetables since 1999! #munching

The Chinese are not all about fried rice. #changemymind

Fried rice is more of an Indian dish than Chinese. #indiandish

My dad and I hog on fried rice whenever we get bored of each other! #hog

My mom and I always cook fried chickens on Sundays with chili-chicken! #specialsundays

I miss fried rice while living in the States. #missmycountryfood

I am full of fried rice! #full

A head full of dreams and a bowl full of fried rice. #bowl

A bowl full of fried rice is nature’s way of saying ‘I love you.’ #bowlfullofriedrice

When I stopped eating vegetables, my mom started to make fried rice. #brainhack

Making yummy fried rice isn’t fooling us. I still don’t eat vegetables. #sorrynotsorry

Here, is your fried rice, sir. Shall I get you anything else? #mayi

Fried rice beats boiled rice or any other kind of rice! #beats

Fried rice with ketchup was my favorite kind of dish in college! # favorite

We daily ate fried rice with fried chickens for lunch from our college canteen. #friedrice&chicken

Fried rice party. #youareinvited

Feed a man with some fried rice and then he’ll do anything for you. #doityourselfandsee

Does Donna Rice eat fried rice? #donnarice

Don’t make racist jokes! I love fried rice! #ilove

Fried rice is my one true love. #truelove

Fried rice made crunchy! #crunchy

Fried rice keeps your stomach full for hours! #itsuredoes

Head full of dreams and stomach full of fried rice! #always

I love the smell of fried rice! #smell

You simply don’t eat fried rice. You gulp it down! #gulpitdown

I am not drooling, you are! #drool

Drool over my home-made spicy fried rice! #spicyfriedrice

Freshly made fried rice served hot right from my kitchen! #yummy

Fried rice – made with love. #madewithlove

Made a healthy diet and consists of fried food all day! #fuckdiet

Who wants to be hot when you can hog on fried carbs every day? #dontbestupid

Live, eat, sleep and repeat. #liveeatsleep

To work well, you need to have some good food first! #havesomegoodfood

To work well, you need to have your stomach filled! #fillyourstomach

But first, fill your stomach. #fillyourstomachfirst

Fuck diet, I love fried rice & carbohydrates! #lovethem

Caption your food post with my fried rice! #bitch

Keep eating, until you feel your stomach burst! #keepeating

Keep calm and keep eating! #keepcalm

All I want for New Years’ is a bowl full of fried rice and chicken wings! #nywish

May Santa gift me all the fried food I had mailed him! #maysanta

Funny Fried Rice Captions

Look, Santa gave me a big box of fried food! #bigbox

People who love to eat are the best kind of people! #changemymind

Stay hydrated, stay full. #alwayseat

For the brain to function well, I first need a big plate of fried rice with chili-chicken! #first

My to-do list includes making all the fried food on a Sunday! #todolist

Eat fried rice and then exercise. #eatfriedricefirst

Fix your priority by eating first. #fixyourpriority

Get a bowl full of fried food and chill. #chill

Fried food with friends on a Friday is the best kind of hanging out. #hangout

We should pack some fried rice before we leave our trip. #packsomefriedrice

Worry not! I packed us a whole picnic filled with fried food! #priorityset

Good food and good people make it a good day. #best

The best birthday gift ever! #abowlfulloffriedfood

How do people manage to stay hot? Have they tasted fried food? #haveyou

I am hot when I eat fried rice. #iamhot

I am hot when I eat fried food and before while cooking them. #cookingsweat

Life is full of regret when you eat bad food. #regrets

Eat fried rice and make life happen! #makelifehappen

My limited edition of fried rice is here! #stopdrooling

A man who cooks you a bowl full of fried rice is your soulmate. #yoursoulmate

Cook and chill. #cookandchill

Nothing suffices a big bowl of fried rice before you start to shoot! #eatfull

When in doubt, gobble down fried rice! #gobbledown

After a tiresome day, order some fried rice! #makeyourmoodgogaga

Make your mood go gaga by ordering some delicious fried rice and chili-chicken combo! #combo

I can’t stop once I start eating. #cantstop

My superpower is not to stop eating. #neverstopeating

Never stop eating. #alawyseat

I do not share my fried rice. Get your own. #getyourown

Joey doesn’t share food, so why should I? #whyshouldi

Life is a better place with fried food in it. #fryeverything

Money cannot buy happiness, but it can surely buy fried rice! #moneycan

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