List of 33+ Best Forever Mark Brand Slogans

Founded in 2008, Forever Mark is a part of the pioneer diamond jewelry group De Beers. At the moment Forever Mark outlets are primarily in the USA, India, Hong Kong, China, and Japan with almost 2400 outlets in 32 cities of the globe. 


Forever Mark Brand Slogans

A Diamond is Forever

It’s a long journey to become the one

Together we shine twice as bright

It is a long journey to become one

Art of jewellery

Non stop fun

Marry me sounds so much better than Merry Christmas

I am the eternal. Say I am one of one

Ready to sparkle

I take you until Forever

Keep calm and love Mark Forever

Keep calm and I will love you Forever

The Forever Mark promise

The present for the future

For all that you are

A little modern, a little traditional, a lot like you

No ideas? Here’s a bright one.

The Diamond, The promise

True love will always find a way

What do you call diamonds that are genuine

The Fiore Collection

If it is love it has to be Mazzucchelli’s

For all that you are

3,000,000,000 years old

Why does a diamond last Forever

Forever is just beginning

Introducing the Forever Mark Black Label collection

187 Years of trust. Complemented by Forever Mark

Ever us

# For beautiful tomorrows

Today they step out so tomorrow we can

’Tis’ the season

Regrets are also Forever

12 days of Christmas

Bridal designer specialists

Rare and resplendent

Only a few diamonds in the world can be called truly beautiful and fewer diamonds can be called Truly Forever

Because the better half in you deserves to shine

For all questions in diamonds there is only one answer

The Forever mark circle of trust

# Stronger together

We select less than 1% of the world’s diamond

It would’nt be Christmas without the ornaments

Engagement ring

May every step you take have a beautiful ring to it

# 1 carat plus

Happy holidays from Forever Mark

Our inscription is yours 

Twice the suction of any other vacuum

Know where your diamond is from

The diamond   the promise. Forever Mark

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