208+ Catchy Firework captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Fireworks are a symbol of joy and happiness. Whenever there is some joyous festival around you, you tend to celebrate it by using fireworks. It is a release from all the deep-rooted fears and the pressure which has been deep inside you all the time. Here are a few captions on fireworks for the New Year, do not forget to check them out and to use them!

Firework captions for Instagram

Light up your life like all the fireworks. #lifelikefirework

Go wild with those fireworks, baby! #wildwithfireworks

Are we allowed to dress up like a bomb this New Year? #dresslikebomb

Lit up your room like the fireworks lit up your sky. #litupyoursky

Let all the fears and stress go away like the fireworks bursting.  #fireworksbursting

Loving yourself is like leading each day like a firecracker! #leadeachdaylikefirecracker

Glow most on the darkest days! #glowindark

Can I just wish to launch at the sky like a firework? #wishtolaunch

Who else gets excited like a 5-year-old child when they see fireworks? #excitedforfireworks

The fireworks on New Year’s Eve were spectacular! #spectacularfireworks

Live life like a firework and enjoy the last bit until it is over! #enjoyuntilitsover

If you are my friend, I will just pull you out of your house just for the midnight fireworks on the New Year! #fireworksonNewYear

Nowadays, it is better to burn fireworks than finding a partner as they can at least stay for a longer time! #stayforlongtime

Imagining myself making a grand entry amidst the fireworks on the New Year! #grandentry

Do not waste your fireworks on people who do not value your worth. #peoplewhodonotvalueyourworth

Ignite that fire that has been dormant for a long time! #ignitethefire

You will view people as fireworks when you dive deep into the soul of the people around you! #peopleasfireworks

Leave the light for the ones who helped you and the burn for the ones that hurt you.#leavetgelight

Make yourself the sole light of your life! #solelightoflife

You will shine brighter when you are able to understand your self-worth. #shinebrighterbaby

Delve into the soul where the actual fireworks are! #soularefireworks

Sparkle away in the times when you doubt yourself the most. #sparkleaway

Let’s go to watch midnight fireworks on New Year’s Eve holding hands. #fireworksholdinghands

Know when to ignite the fire within you. #ignitethefire

Use the fire inside you to paint your life with happiness. #paintyourlifewithhappiness

Take me to the city of fireworks! #cityoffireworks

Shine brighter when the times are the hardest of all. #shinebrighter

Burst out those flames who put you down, baby. #burstthoseflames

You can never be too old for fireworks! #toooldforfireworks

Carry that sparkle wherever you go. #carrytgesparkle

Whoever asks to stop shining is just a toxic person in your life! #toxicperson

What matters is how you carry on to shine! #carrytoshine

Live life and shine brighter every day! #shinebrighter

This New Year, pledge to be a glower version of yourself! #glowyversion

The light shines the most when it is dark. #shinemost

Take me to the stars to see them shine! #takemetostars

Oh, what a wonderful sight to see a thousand fireworks in the sky last night! #thousandfireworks

New Year without fireworks is life without colors! #lifewithoutcolours

Let’s talk about the fireworks that burst inside me when I see you. #burstingfireworks

Lit the fireworks inside you and see the happiness around you. #litthefirrworks

Burn the grudges inside you this Year so that you can start afresh. #burbthegrudges

Let’s go to the river and watch a thousand stars pass by. #watchthestarspassby

Take me out to the place where I would sparkle like a diamond. #sparklelikeadiamond

Party like the fireworks, shining bright till you last. #partylikefireworks

Love the way you light my life with fireworks. #lovetgewayyoulight

What an amazing night it was with the food, fireworks, and best person! #amazingnight

Dressed up like a bomb. #dressingup

Can we just call this the season of glow-ups? #seasonofglowup

Love that everyone is beaming with joy and happiness during this time. #joyandhappiness

How can a New Year’s party be lit if I am not invited? Duh! #nolitnoparty

 Come to me for the tips of sparkling this season! #tipsofsparkling

Let the love and spark prevail. #loveandspark

What is a better time to celebrate surviving these tough years? #bettertimetocelebrate

Fireworks all around you, baby! #fireworksaroundyou

Let this Year be filled with fireworks of joy, happiness, and health. #fireworksofjoyhappiness

Lit up your life by enjoying the most you can. #enjoyingthemost

Fireworks are contagious, just like happiness spreads around. #spreadsaround

Did you watch the fireworks that lit up the night sky last night? #lastnight

Bring me some crackers, which will help me to light up my life. #bringsomecrackers

The New Year’s Party was lit all because of my sparkling soul, thanks to me! #sparklingsoul

It is the time to switch on the badass and the sparkle of my soul. #badasssparkle

Fireworks light up your soul just like optimism surrounds you. #optimism

Let the sparkle and glitter prevail all through the Year, not only in the New Year! #sparkleandglitter

It was such a beautiful sight to witness the amazing fireworks display last night. #beautifulsight

Funny Firework Captions

Is it mandatory to burn like that when you can dress up like a firecracker? #dresslikecracker

Let’s begin to sparkle and glow from the beginning of the Year. #sparklefrombeginning

Let’s slay the days from the start and bring out your real glow. #bringtheglow

Know when to ignite the fire of your soul. #fireofsoul

Seek the fire when you need warmth the most! #needofwarmtg

Love the way light, glimmer, and sparkle follow me always. #sparkleandfollowme

Let the shine of yours blind the ones who did wrong to you.  #shineblind

Glow, baby, the most during the times when you need the most. #glowbaby

Learn to shine through the most difficult times. #shinethroughdifficult

Sparkle away all your worries and anxiety from your life. #sparkleallyourworries

Check the things that spark a light inside you, and you will be able to find the right thing to do. #sparksalight

It would have been amazing if you could just stop stalking my account. #stopstalking

Glitter, shine, and joy all around you. #gliitersineandjoy

Learn the art of sparkling from the darkest of times. #artofsparkling

Who said that you are too old to sparkle? #nottoooldtosparkle

Fireworks- It either lights up your soul, it creates a rift with another person. #lightupyoursoul

Use the firework to your benefit, make it a happy reason, and not look back. #happyreason

Champions know how to ignite the fire. #ignitethefire

Can I just be on the couch and enjoy my New Year this time? #beoncouch

Childhood in your life is like the fireworks! #childhood

Light the fire sometimes and let it burn. #lightandburn

See the ones who burn when you are lit up! #alllitup

Search for the people who match the spark of your soul! #matchthespark

The real sparklies in the way to learn how you deal with it. #dealwithit

Burn the ones who are jealous of you. #jealousofyou

You will shine the prettiest when you are in the dark. #shinetheprettiest

Fly the sparks all around yourself and see them flourish. #flourishyoursparks

Ask them to see you glow while they regret their decisions. #glowwhile

It is the time to be red, white, and sparkly. #redwhiteandsparkly

Love the glow that you have because of the happiness in your life. #happinessinyourlife

Bring the shine and light to your life. #shineandlight

The ones who glow up after a storm are the bravest. #glowthroughstorm

Against the blue sky, the colorful flowers create a picturesque sight.


Waiting for the good days when I will shine on with the new opportunities. #newopportunities

You all are fireworks who have just hibernated, not being used for a long time. #fireworksintohibernation

You just need to ignite that little spark and wait for it to shine. #waitforittoshine

Aim to be the spark of someone’s life and light up their life. #sparkofsomeone’slife

Spark throughout your life and make every bit of it worth it! #sparkworth

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