197+ Catchy Fiancée Captions for For Instagram to Make Your Own

Having a companion who is your lover and your best friend is beautiful. If you’ve already made the proposal and your partner has become your fiancée, you must be the luckiest person in the world. Here are some captions to make them feel special in your social media posts this Valentine’s Day. 

Fiancée Captions for Instagram

You can’t call yourself a single lady anymore. fiancee

First a crush, then a ring, and marriage now. What’s next?

Ever since I gave you a ring, you have shone brighter than ever.

We are ready to travel the journey called life together.

Those magic words enter her heart directly.

I love you 1000 times over. #love

It takes at least two logs to keep the fire burning longer.

She is no longer available.

Your name sounds lovelier with his last name added to it.

I just knew we were to be the moment I saw you.

After the engagement, there is still so much we have to do together.

A kiss here, a ring there, and there is love just everywhere.

I only wish to make all my life’s memories with you.

I love to stay awake thinking of you and love to sleep dreaming of you.

It is you alone who actually brings life into me. #valentine

Ours will be a chemical reaction, permanent and transformed.

My heart and soul are only yours, so keep them safe.

I never knew I could propose marriage to you. I was so nervous.

My heart skipped a beat. I mean, I was proposing to you.

You are my present and my future as well.

Love is what I realized through you alone.

Two people fall in love and get committed to each other, just like that.

We share the same soul in two bodies.

My one true love is you, and only you. #love

No one hears the song that you sing, except my heart.

You have taught me what love is.

The most powerful thing in my life is your love, my darling.

I’ve loved you always and always will.

I must be lucky to be able to spend my entire life with you, forever.

Forever will I love you. Forever you’ll stay my one true love.

Love is not just the world. It is the journey as well.

I’d love to relive our love millions of times. #fiancee

When I saw you, I fell in love. When I heard you, I loved you more than ever.

My darling, are you ready to live this whole movie together?

I began with you, and I will end with you too.

Sushi makes sure the ring fits tight, real tight.

Just speak out those three words, and let’s belong to each other.

I knew dreams come true the day I found you.

Do you love you unconditionally is my only motive now.

I definitely want to marry you if you wear this ring. #marry

This would be one note that’ll type both of us together forever.

I just want to love you and be loved in return.

Are you ready to enter the next stage of your life?

There is no barrier when you are in love.

Somehow or the other, love finally reaches the destination of hope.

The best thing that I’ve ever had is you.

You stole my heart and gave yours in return.

I just want our lives to start together as soon as possible.

It’s after we exchange the rings that our lives will become sparkling forever.

You complete me by loving me. #valentine

I want you to be my only Valentine, my Valentine forever.

You are all that I could ever ask for.

We are definitely mature enough to go long-term now.

Your love is the only happily ever after for me.

This is where the journey together begins for us.

Here on, we are both officially out of the market.

When I know I love you so much; you always give me another reason.

We are now officially together forever.

‘Engaged’ sounds really nice, right? #engaged

See that shiny little rounding around my finger? That’s official.

I found the one that my soul has always dreamed of.

Come into my arms and let me shelter you and your heart.

Funny Fiancée Captions

I guess you’re officially stuck with me forever.

Love is truly kind because it shows a lot of patience.

You are getting a hobby now, and it’ll be permanent.

You and I are stuck together like a star is stuck with the night sky.

Today onward, I’ll be the one to walk with you. #love

Thank God that we are entering the next page of our love story.

Yes, we have decided to be together forever.

I’m in on you a lot, but I’ll love you even more. That’s forever.

Is it OK with you if I want to live my life with you?

We are one heart. Only two different souls.

Time to change my last name. Let’s drink to that.

Holding onto each other is the best thing that has happened to us.

The romance ends with the engagement. Then on is the actual love story.

You can expect me to be with you in every hurdle that you face.

You are my Prince Charming, and I’m yours forever. #fiancee

This engagement is only the beginning.

With you on board, I want the rest of our lives to begin now.

I’m taking his last name because he took my heart.

Here is where forever begins.

You’re the one who took my heart and gave me yours instead.

Having you by my side, it’s the only happiness I want.

You are my soulmate; that’s why I gave you my heart.

There won’t be enough time with you, so let’s begin with forever.

Our happily ever after begins with this ring.

Getting married has taken away my calm. #calm

I only dream how growing old together with you.

Diamonds are truly forever.

Take your time. Be calm. Take a deep breath. Then say, “I do.”

Wow! We’re going to be Mrs from Miss.

That’s the one time in my life that was easiest for me to say “Yes.”

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