List of 15+ Best FedEx Brand Slogans

If one has to think of courier service, express delivery, or logistics management, one cannot overlook but has to contemplate over the name of Fed Ex. Based at Memphis Tennessee, Federal Express is almost an iconic multinational courier and delivery services organization founded in 1971. It is also one of the largest advertisement spenders globally.

Being a pioneer in the service industry, the company knows very well that its advertising slogans and tag lines have to hit the bull’s eye, i.e. it must immediately convince the clients and the customers of its service and capabilities. 


FedEx Brand Slogans

When it absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight

It is not just a package, it is your business

Our most important package is yours

Absolutely, positively, anytime

The way the world works

Be absolutely sure

The World on time – it is FedEx

Fast Talker

If it is important, send it Federal Express

What we deliver by delivering

Don’t worry, there is a FedEx for that

Relax, it is FedEx

We understand 

We live to deliver

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