76+ Catchy Fast Food Captions For Instagram to Make Your Own

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Fast Food Captions For Instagram

 A  quick and tasty snack that no one can say no to. #FastFood

This pack of french fries perfects not just for your French friends. #FrenchFriesAreFriendFries

Pizza and Beer is the ultimate game night plan #PizzaGameNights

Pizza treat for your child’s exam preparation. #PizzaTreats

When in doubt order a pasta #CheesyPastaTime

Delicious chicken clear soup- your ultimate comfort food #ClearlyTheBest

When having a bad day have an ice-cream sundae #SundaeSavesTheDay

Noodles to help you overcome the hurdles of your life #TastyNoodles

Burgers to calm your hunger #ChickenBurgers

Be soda to the lemons life throws at you #LemonSoda

Beat the heat with your popsicle #icepops

Chocolate Cake is everyone’s best friend #ChocolateCake

Chocolates are the perfect (last minute) anniversary gifts. #MeltHimWithChocolate

(Order a) Pizza and Netflix day #PizzaAndNetflix

Cookies that will make you her favorite #cookiesForTeaParty

Be Chocolate chips to someone’s Cookies #ChocolateChipCookies

When in hurry have a sandwich #GrabASandwich

A chicken wrap to wrap up your day #ChickenWrap

Hot chocolate before bed keeps you warm #HotChocolateCravings

A brownie a day keeps the worries at bay #BrowniePoints

Fish and chips is the perfect mix #FishAndChips

Have a waffle and avoid scuffles #wafflelove

Pineapple pastry for the apple of your eyes #PineappleAreTheBest

Lemon tarts are the best tarts #LemonTarts

Strawberry pastry is the perfect delicacy #StrawberryThePinkBerry

Cold coffee with ice cream is  perfect for your first date #ColdCoffeeDates

Chocolate cake is the perfect treat for your perfect spouse #PerfectCake

Popcorn is the best kinda corn #PopcornPlans

Douse the flames of your hunger with a sizzling sizzler #SizzlingSizzlers

Sizzlers for your gorgeous date #SizzlerDates

Resort to a chicken risotto to quell your hunger #RisottoAtTheResort

Nothing like a brownie with hot chocolate to kiss those Monday blues away! #FastFoodLove

Fast food is the armor we need to survive this cruel world! #FastFood

Your life might not be perfect, but your meals can be. #EatGoodFood

Never compromise on the taste! #FastFoods

Quick solution to hunger pangs! #FastFood

An easy solution to no-cook Sundays! #FastFood

At least food will always make you feel loved! #FoodLove

Love the food that you eat! #EatTasty

Just heat it and eat it! #FastFood

Funny Fast Food Captions

Convenience and great taste! #FastFood

What do you do when exams are around the corner? You binge on fast food! #BingeEat

Eat like Hulk! #FastFood

Burgers are the best fast food ever invented! #BurgerBae

Eat what your heart wants! #TastyTreats

Don’t count calories, count the happy moments! #EatWhatYouEant

Food is the ultimate love! #FastFood

Eat what makes your heart sing with joy! #EatYourHeartOut

We all love a good thin crust pizza! #PizzaIsTheBestFastFood

Always keep a packet of chips handy! #Chips

Fries are the best fast food! #Fries

We love our food tasty and fried! #FastFood

Fry them in your love! #FriedFastFoods

Everything tastes better with a side of fries! #FriedFastFoods

Girls want to just eat fast foods! #FastFood

Wish for a huge packet of fries! #Fries

Fries before guys! #Fries

Say yes to junk food. #FastFoodLove

Say yes to fast food, say yes to happiness! #Happiness

A packet of potato chips is what happiness looks like! #potatoChips

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