List of 71+ Best Fanta Brand Slogans

Fanta from Coca Cola was launched during 1940s in Germany. During World War II no products could be sent to Germany as both of them were at direct confrontation.

The then head of the Coca Cola decided to launch the beverage in Germany by using raw materials found there only. 


Fanta Brand Slogans

Drink Fanta stay Bamboocha

Wanna Fanta, don’t you wanta ?

Fanta, Fanta because it is great fun and tastes

Wanna Fanta, Fanta fever

The refreshing drink

Be more than one flavour

More Fanta less serious

I want you to want me

Bring play everywhere

Your Fanta billboard slogan here

A funset with Fanta

The Fantanas

Cool down with Fanta

When is the last time you had one

Fanta, now in lichi flavour

Something twisted is coming

 No tricks just treats

Just zest, new Fanta

Keep calm and be Fanta

Are you afraid of the dark — new Fanta

 Fanta – the beach offer

Wanta Fanta

Chase the taste to Fanta

Play games courtesy of Fanta

Your choice Fanta TMD

Fanta fruit twist

Haverok bull Fanta

Shake the can, wake the wobble

100 things to fo before you are eighteen

Your choice Fanta TMD

Bold choice bold taste

Snack pack – Fanta

Snack time Fanta time

The real fruit – Fanta

Grab a taste of Friday sales

Fanta – official sponsor of Fantasy

 The Halloween treat

Taste the fun

Bring play everywhere

Be more than one flavour

Fanta on Bahana gone – no bahana Holi

Fanta crew – battle strikers

Mix it name it share it

Chase the taste to Fanta

The world’s first taste able print ad

Masti ka apna taste

Bold Orange fun

Anything is possible

Bajao masti ki ghanti

Freshness means Fanta

Fanta now with Orange fruit juice

New Fanta – refreshing taste in a fresh look

 Jyada taste jyada Fanta jyada masti

Fanta – go bite

Play it better – Fanta

Fanta – Fruit slam 2

Gigi esy

Orange is the new Orange

Do we have to say more – Fanta

IT’s fruit in disguise

Play it better

Enjoy the taste of natural Orange juice

Juicy orange inside – twisty fun outside

Orange is the new twist

The fun can’t start without you

Keep calm drink Fanta

Try Fanta Citrus

The spirit of strawberry

Fanta Banta

Orange you looking for a Fantabulous job

They should just call it Funta

You can’t escape the great taste

Play now

Tasty’s looking good

Cauldron challenge

Get thirsty and drink Fanta

Shizzie my fizzie

Keep calm and hate Fanta

Bottoms up

Zyada Fanta zyada masti.

Are you game?

Keep calm and be Fanta

Welcome to the World

Fanta squad – special delivery

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