184+ Catchy Falling in Love Captions For All Social Media

One of the most overwhelming feelings in the world is the feeling of falling in love with someone very special to you. If you are in the beginning stages of love, these captions will help you spread the love on social media and give your posts the love they deserve. 

Falling in love Captions for Instagram

Falling in love can actually be a one-way ticket to paradise. #paradise

Why do you think falling in love will always have to lead to heartbreak?

Falling in love is beautiful. Stopping is what hurts the most.

I never knew that I had actually fallen in love with you.

Falling in Love Is All about you. Just you.

Falling in love with you has been my habit ever since I remember.

The strangest sensation is when we fall in love. #strange

Jumping off a Cliff is somewhat like falling in love.

It’s only after I fell in love with you that I realized how much it had lifted me up.

How much ever you run away, love will make you fall into it.

Never give up the opportunity to fall in love. It’s a beautiful feeling.

Don’t fear falling in love.

Be scared only of falling out of love, not in it.

Your eyes are what made me fall in love.

Why fear being heartbroken when falling in love is more important.

Falling in love is really worth it. #worth

Excitement and fulfillment are what matters when you are in love.

We fall in love only because our heart believes that we can actually soar and glide.

If fools fall in love, then I’m the greatest fool of all.

It actually takes guts to commit your love for another.

The only simple thing in love is not to fall in it.

Everything is workable when you fall in love.

Just fall in love. Someone’s there to catch you.

Love is the only place where you fall and don’t get hurt.

Love is one intoxication that’s also an elixir. #elixir

You only realize you’re in love much later.

Some people fall out of love quicker than when they fall in love.

It’s better to fall in love and be hurt than never fall in love at all.

Whenever you fall in love, make sure your eyes are shot.

When you can touch the stars without reaching, you’ve fallen in love.

Anything that falls must break. Inside never fall in love.

When can’t eat or sleep or think correctly, you’ve definitely fallen in love.

‘I love you!’ these are the three words you’ll say when you fall in love.

Once you’ve fallen in love, logic hardly plays any role at all. #logic

My heart went out of control when I fell in love with you.

Once you’re falling in love, make sure you cherish your love the most.

They say falling in love will make a slave out of you. I disagree!

The one time you love falling is when you fall in love.

You are the one who made me realize that I had fallen in love.

I don’t want to lose that feeling of falling in love.

One of the greatest feelings that man enjoys is falling in love.

When you fall in love, you actually know that there is someone there for you.

Falling in love is truly very, very easy. #easy

How can you expect me to move on when I’ve fallen in love with you?

When you fall in love, do you actually notice the person you are in love with?

When your falling feels like floating, you’re falling in love, actually.

Falling in love will make you go weak in the knees.

You’ll never worry at the moment you are falling in love.

You just cannot help falling in love with a person you will actually love.

When you fall in love, there is only one person who can help you. Your love.

Falling in love can feel like floating in spiraling high up or down, down.

Just so long as falling in love doesn’t hurt. #love

Funny Falling in Love Captions

Falling in love can actually make you desperate.

When you fall in love, everything that you are is your loved one.

You will always give yourself up when you fall in love.

Just try abstaining from falling in love.

You have to be truly brave to actually fall in love.

Why do we fall in love? Why don’t we rise in love?

If ever we fall in love, I would have achieved paradise.

The most terrifying yet wonderful sensation is when you fall in love. #sensation

Falling in love is actually trusting your love interest never to hurt you.

If we can fall in love, can we not fall in lust?

When you fall in love, whatever happens, is beautiful.

You’ll never know when you actually fall in love.

Falling in love is something that just happens. We can’t control it.

You may fall in love with all your heart, but you can’t make it fall in.

When you fall in love, you begin missing your loved one often.

Falling in love is as good for some as it is back for others.

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling. #beautiful

Desiring someone and falling in love with them are two totally different things.

Falling in love has nothing incestuous about it.

You never know, but falling in love may actually be worth every bit of it.

You actually fall in love with your idea of love, not the person themselves.

There is no love at first sight until the right person comes along.

The greatest and the most wonderful feeling is the feeling of falling in love.

A real man is one who allows himself to fall in love with a woman.

The most joyful moment could be the moment that you actually fall in love.

Two people who have fallen in love will only try to build a perfect world around them.

I just can’t get enough of falling in love and believing in love. #fallinglove

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