100+ Catchy Fajitas Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Social media is the best way to get all the attention your posts and pics deserve. And to boost that a little more, you need to add some killer captions.

Fajitas are the stuffing you would love to showcase across social media. So here are some captions to go with your posts and pics of fajitas across social media and get all the followers and likes.

Fajitas Captions for Instagram

Those chunky meat portions are what keep me going for more. #chunkymeat

Trying out that famous carne asada.

Grilled food couldn’t get more satisfying than these.

Sour cream topping with fajitas is simply mind-blowing. #sourcream

This Mexican diner will spoil you for choice.

Flank steaks make these fajitas real fajitas.

So creamy. So delicious. So full of softness in these offerings. #fajitas

I am simply loving it. Why not accompany me the next time. #lovingit

If you come here, try the chili lime fajitas for sure. #limeandchili

Try stopping yourself after the first fajita.

The fajita sauce here is just too good. And it is homemade.

Enchiladas are a massive choice when accompanied by fajitas. #enchilada

Still on the heat even after eating these. The heat remains.

The meat on these skillets is just so inviting. #fajitas

Have one and feel traditional Mexico come alive.

What aroma this fajita has. It makes the fajita look tastier.

Never repent. Have these fajitas. Enjoy life. #enjoyfajitas

If it doesn’t sizzle, it is not a fajita surely.

Music, dance, and fajitas make it so Latin American.

These can go as great stuffing for your burritos as well. #burritos

If you don’t try these, you are missing something.

Meant for the discerning eaters only. Believe me.

No wonder there is always a queue here. That’s because the inside is small. ☺

Why look for anything better when the best is here already? #betterthanthebest

I am a foodie, but I just cannot seem to try any other joint for my fajitas.

I love my fajitas with a little salsa dip. And some regular ketchup.

The taste of the fajitas and tortillas here is simply stupendous. #tortilla

Love yourself. Treat yourself to one of the various fajitas found here.

You won’t believe it till you try it. When you try it, it remains unbelievable.

Whether tacos or tortillas, these fish chunks are the best.

Just loving those lovely pork pieces in my tacos. Well grilled and rarely done.

These skirt steak fajitas are the best of all. No comparison there for sure. #steak

Having these fajitas with a little lemon juice and avocados is a fabulous feeling.

Shredded cheese and salads to go with the fajitas and grilled vegetables. 

No number of words can express the beautiful feeling of eating these lovelies here.

This is simply home away from home. Especially with the fajitas, they make here.

Skirt steaks make my fajita cravings far more. Can’t keep still till I’ve had one. #skirtsteak

The happiest meals are found here always. #happymeal

These fajitas are worth the binge. And I lose control over my diet.

They have the best ambiance to compliment what they offer.

I never knew that fajitas in tortillas could come as 12 inches also. #12inch

Soft and smooth, it feels so good; just put plainly, it is lovely food.

I love these fajitas because of the smoked tofu in them. #tofu

Ground coriander makes the taste and flavor even better. #coriander

The pico de gallo here is simply awesome.

Can you ask for anything more than the love they put into making these?

Just the fajitas for me, please. The tortillas and tacos can be left out. #fajitasand tortillas

The aroma is so alluring you will land up eating one.

Be it mutton, beef, pork, or turkey, fajitas make all meats taste unique.

It tastes just like how my mother makes them. #motherscooking

Super soft tortillas with these grills are simply amazing. #amazing

So juicy. So spicy. So satisfying. So tender.

Food that will keep you happy for a long time.

These guys use only lean meat. And I love staying lean. #leanmeat

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I discovered this new offering.

Cilantro makes these fajitas so much more flavorful. #cilantro

The welcome taste of fajitas after such a long sabbatical from food. #sabbatical

I love it whenever someone treats me to these. #treat

One of the sexiest dishes of all time.

Meat chunks for the meaty people. Cherished for all time.

Funny Fajitas Captions

Practically the best Latino snack of all. And great as a meal as well.

You just won’t get bored of fajitas and grilled veggies ever. #grilledfajita

Friends and family deserve a treat at my favorite Mexican eatery.

The fajitas in these wraps are just too good to stay away from.

Jalapenos on my fish fajitas make my day beautiful. #jalapeno

I always come here for that special taste and flavor.

Sizzling hot fajitas are so sensuous.

Fajitas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s who I am. #fajitasalways

When you have such a beautiful taste, how can anyone not love you? #beautifullove

After these fajitas, I won’t go anywhere else.

It will feel good to indulge yourself in this lovably soft grilled food. #indulge

Grilled bell peppers, guacamole, and meat make these fajitas unique.

If you love me you will have to be a lover of fajitas. #lover

I love my fajitas sautéed rather than grilled.

Minced garlic in olive oil is the best marinade for fajitas. #marinade

Any half-moon is better anytime than any quesadilla. I am having one right now.

Any salad or savory filling is good with these fajitas.

The softer and juicier, the lovelier a fajita is. #fajitas

Believe a foodie like me. Try these fajitas.

So colorful. So inviting. So tasty. So flavorful.

If you love trying all types of fajitas, we can become friends.

The best and minimalist food ever. #minimalist

Care to share? We dare you to.

The hottest one in town is the coolest of all.

An electrifying affair – a fajita and I.

So much to choose from, so much to eat. #choosefood

The funkiest Mexican joint in town is where you will find me.

The flavor itself is so captivating.

Those lovely cubes of fish are so lovely and juicy.

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