100+ Catchy Face Palette Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Captions are of utmost importance as they help in increasing the reach of the posts on social media. Always make sure to write a caption and post ahead. We have a list of specially curated ‘face palette’ captions below. Scroll and tell us your pick in the comments below! 

Face Palette Captions for Facebook 

Thank God for face palettes! #thankGod

Beauty begins with you yourself! #firstyou

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. #beauty

Who needs God when you have Mac! #mac

Mac for life! #macforlife

If a woman wants to wear makeup, help her wear it! And if a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, then let her be. #letherbe

Mac is my favorite! What’s yours? #macmacmac

I came. I saw. I contoured! #contoured

Make your cheeks look slimmer with a pair of bronzers and concealers. #slimmer

Face palettes are my first love! #firstlove

You may go without any outfit but never go without some makeup on! #neverdo

Wear some makeup and slay men! #wearmakeup

Wear some crazy-ass do-overs and post it up! #slay

Slaying men since 1999. #slaying

Who said, money can’t buy you happiness?! Money can buy you lots of cosmetics! #moneycan

Money is the secret to all of the face palettes! #secret

You better be beautiful inside because you can’t eat makeup right! #sorrynotsorry

You only regret the makeup you didn’t wear! #beenthere

Contour your face with some colors from our face palette! #contourfirst

But first, contour! #contour

Never ask a well-made woman, why she is late! #obviously

A well-contoured face is always late! #dontputdown

Well, I am late because I was busy contouring. #timewellspent

Contour and rule the world! #rule

High heels, some contour, and some kohl will do. #highheelsmust

I only contour. #only

Beneath every well-made woman is a girl, who just wishes for the world! #me

Take care of the world but first, put on some makeup. #butfirst

With great makeup, comes great responsibilities! #powerinyourhands

Makeup gives me the exact confidence, I require! #exact

Express yourself and slim your face with some contour! #express

Face Palette Captions for Instagram 

Use a face palette today! #use

Express, but first slim it! #firstly

If you do not own a face palette, its high time, you own one! #hightime

Make your style! Live your style! #liveit

Makeup is an extension of your personality. #extension

Make your every moment count! #everymoment

Men aren’t worth anything! #menarentworthy

Men aren’t worth your makeup time! #neverworthit

Never wear makeup for men! #neverwear

Even men can wear makeup too! #evenmencan

Time spent doing makeup, is time well-spent! #timewellspent

Wear it to show the difference! #wearit

Dress to entertain yourself and wear some makeup to entertain people! #dress&wear

People will stare at you! All you can do is make their time worth it. #worthit

Makeup isn’t fashion and fashion isn’t makeup. They are all an extension of your personality. #personality

A smile is the best makeup! #bestmakeup

If not for face palettes, my face would have forever been fat! #foreverisalongtime

Do not body shame. #shame

Be you. Unapologetically you! #beyou

Never bully someone because she isn’t wearing makeup! #neverbully

Whenever in doubt, put some color on your face! #whenindoubt

Get that confidence and do whatever it takes! #whateverittakes

Has your girlfriend ever put makeup on you? #yes

Personality takes time to reveal but style is the first impression! #firsstimpression

A mandatory selfie after every makeup session! #mandatory

This lockdown, give yourself a makeover! #thislockdown

Love this do-over! #doover

Some kohl, some blush, and some contour, are all I need to start my mornings! Oh! And some coffee too. #kohlblushcontour

Fall in love with a soul, not with a made-up face! #soulful

How much contour is too much contour? #idcare

Face Palette Captions for Twitter

There’s nothing as such called ‘perfect makeup!’ #whatis

Nothing is perfect. But my makeup can be. #brainhack101

Always get up early! Makeup alone takes 1 hour! #always

Wing it! Win it! #wingwin

Happy day because my makeup is on point! #makeuponpoint

Cosmetics are expensive. That is why I wear very less makeup. #expensive

Makeup is an essential part of your life, if you work in the fashion industry! #esentials

Makeup is like an art. Practice makes it better! #art

If you can’t see my makeup, then I am not wearing it enough! #wearitenough

Slay with some pride and makeup! #pride&makeup

The last touch should be your contour! #lasttouch

Contour your finishing touch! #contourit

Put on some simple makeup and make life easy! #simple

Glow girl! #glow

Always awake for glowing skin! #alwaysawake

Those big sacks under my eyes are Chanel. #chanel

Who are you wearing today? #dior

Getting to know you is the best highlight of my life! #highlight

Has your girlfriend ever tried to contour your face? #ofcourse

Without some makeup, I would have been a geeky old seamstress! #geekyoldseamtress

First contour, then highlight. But both need to be done. #doboth

My makeup is more perfect than my life! #morethanperfect

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