89+ Catchy Face Mask Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

A right social media caption is capable of creating magic as it draws followers to the post, even if it is for a face mask. A face mask is generally used to bleach, purify, and preserve the complexion of the skin. A facial mask is a cream with a thin layer that sticks to your skin. Generally applied on the face and the neck, it helps you to stay fresh and keep fair skin. 

Face Mask Captions for Instagram

Put on a face mask, once a week! #onceaweek

Face masks are a must. #must

Keep your face skin clean by using a face mask. #useafacemask

Always keep your skin clean by using a face mask. #facialmasks

Face masks are the secret to glowing skin. #glowingskin

Make your skin glow with a face mask! #glow

Put on a glow with a face mask. #putonaglow

Put on a face mask and chill. #chillingwithafacemask

Face masks can fix your broken face. #fix

Fix your face by using a facial mask. #fixbymask

Let your facial masks fix your skin. #fixyourskin

Use a face mask once a week and be party-ready always! #partyready

Be ready with a face mask! #beready

What is your Friday night plan? We are putting on face masks and chilling! #chilling

My Friday night plan includes chilling with a face mask. #chillwithafacialskin

Keep calm and put on a face mask. #keepcalm

Put on a face mask to see the difference yourself. #seethedifference

Face masks can do wonders to your face. #facewonder

Try out a face mask to relive your old skin! #relive

You require patience to use a face mask. #bepatient

Do not laugh out loud while wearing a face mask! #donot

Use a face mask today to see the effect tomorrow. #usetoday

Use today to get better skin tomorrow! #betterskintomorrow

Pamper your skin with face masks. #pamper

Your skin needs pampering too. Use a face mask. #skinneedspampering

Remain young forever by putting on a face mask! #remainyoungforever

Replenish and rejuvenate your skin with a face mask. #replenishandrejuvenate

Self-care starts with putting a facial mask. #selfcare

Face masks on Friday with friends. What are you up to? #fridaynightplans

Let your face do all the talking! Put on a face mask. #facialtalks

Peel off your face mask like a pro! #peeloff

Detoxing by using a face mask is the best. #detoxingbyusingafacemask

Detox today with a face mask. #detox

Do not overdo your usage of a facial mask. #donotoverdo

The secret to glowing skin – face masks! #secret

Facial masks are no more a secret to your beautiful skin. #nomoreasecret

Your answer to how to get beautiful skin – use a face mask. #useafacemasktoday

Be confident with a beautiful face! #becoonfident

Get a beautiful face by applying a face mask. #bemorebeautiful

Home is where the face mask is! #home

After traveling through dust and dirt, rest with a face mask on. #rest

Like water is for your body, a face mask is for your face. #facemaskforyourface

Who said men can’t use a face mask? #mencantoo

Men can groom themselves too. #groomingmen

Men should put on face masks too. #menshouldtoo

Men who take care of their skin live long. #menlivelong

Grooming is not just for women. Men should groom too. #groomingisforall

Grooming is for all. #grooming

Groom yourself up. And do not miss face masks. #donotmiss

Bring the salon to your home! Buy a face mask and use it all by yourself! #bringsalonhome

Got no time to visit the parlor? A facial mask has got you covered. #facialmaskgotyoucovered

Rest in peace with a face mask on. #restinpeace

People work hard to get beautiful skin. #workhard

Funny Face Mask Captions

Some people are just blessed with good skin. I am not one of them. #blessme

Do not feel bad about your bad skin. Work for it and put on a facial mask. #workforit

Colorful facial mask for colorful people! #colorfulmasks

Be your own kind of beautiful with a face mask. #beyourownkind

You are beautiful just the way you are. #beautiful

Grooming is an essential part of your lifestyle. #groomingisessential

Face masks are the greatest inventions of the 19th century! #gretinventions

Facial masks are better at magic than magicians themselves. #betteratmagic

Face masks are the real magicians. #realmagicians

Put on a face mask to feel the magic. #feelthemagic

Check out real magic by using a face mask! #realmagic

Face masks are a remarkable discovery! #remarkable

Hail the man who invented facial masks. #hailtheking

Try out different masks to understand your face requirements. #tryout

God has given you a face to keep it safe. #keepitsafe

Do not take your skin for granted. Use a face mask. #nothingisgranted

Put on a mask and put on a selfie! #selfiewithmasks

Why put on a face mask when you won’t take a selfie? #takeaselfie

Here are me and my friends and we are partying with face masks on! #partyingwithfacemasks

What is your idea of a night out if not wearing masks? #wearmasks

Facial masks are my skin’s best bud! #skinsbestbud

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