140+ Catchy Eyelash Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Captions are very important when you post anything on the internet or any social media site. A caption helps your audience gain a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of a post.

Thereafter, always remember to put a caption always before posting anything. Here is a specially curated list of ‘false eyelashes’; scroll through and tell us your pick in the comments below! 

Eyelash Captions for Instagram

Thank God for eyelashes! And thank God for false eyelashes! #thanktheLord

I would have been a socially awkward geek, if not for false eyelashes! #geek

Who needs God, when you Mac! #mac

Mac for life! #macforlife

All you need in life is an eyelash extension. #eyelashextension

Life is so much better with an eyelash extension. #lifeisbetter

Wear some eyelashes and wear some mascara and slay all day. #wearsome

Slaying lashes since 1999. #slaying

Slay lashes. Slay blushes. Slay men. #slayslayslay

Men aren’t worth anything. Stop wearing makeup for them! #menarentworthy

Men aren’t worthy of your time. #towearmakeup

How difficult can makeup be? Eyelash curlers are needed only. #eyelashcurlers

I need some help with my lashes. #needsomehelp

I need some eyelashes. #need

Eyelash and an eyelash extension are better friends than Thelma & Louise. #thelma&Louise

Lashes make everything better! #yes

All is dreamy with an eyelash extension and a curler. #dreamy

What would have been life without some lash extensions! #boring

Life would definitely be dull without these lash extensions! #dulllife

Wear lash extensions. Do not be embarrassed about it. #beyou

My lash extensions have finally arrived! Yay! #yaaaaay

Where art thou my lash extensions? #where

How art thou my lash extensions?! #how

An eyelash extension paired with a wink can give any man a heart attack! #wink

False Eyelashes Captions for Instagram 

After wearing lash extensions, I cannot stay home! #whostays

A selfie needs to be taken after I wear some lash extensions! #selfieneeded

Be party-ready with lash extensions! #beaprtyready

What are lash extensions for, if not for winking? #hehe

Lashes make the perfect curtains for your eyes. #perfectcurtains

Protect your eyes. And protect your eyelashes more. #protect

Keep calm and keep wearing makeup! #keepcalm

Keep calm and keep wearing lash extensions! #becalm

Keep calm and start wearing an eyelash extension! #startwearing

Get your lash extensions today! #today

If you do not own a pair of lash extensions, then it’s high time, you buy one! #hightime

Who called it false eyelashes and not lash extensions? #lashextensions

Keep calm and let me do your eyelashes! #letme

I only do lashes. #only

My specialty would be lashes! #specialty

I have had a bachelor’s degree in doing lashes! #degreeineyelash

I have got 99 problems and my eyelashes aren’t one. #noproblem

If the eyelashes are fine, then there’s no problem at all. #noproblematall

Major lash extension! #major

Major lash explosion! #explosion

Inner beauty is alright but let us see some eyelashes! #showsome

If a woman wants to wear makeup, help her in the process. And if a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, then let her be. #letherbe

Beauty begins with you yourself! And later some lash extensions. #later

Don’t stress too much. Portray your own personality. #portrayoriginality

Makeup is an extension of your personality! #extension

Put on some false eyelashes and rule your way through! #rulealltheway

Funny False Eyelashes Captions

Some false eyelashes wouldn’t do any harm. #whatharm

Until death does us apart! Lash extensions for life! #untildeath

What are friends for, if not helping us wear makeup? #friendsforlife

Be a friend and put on these lash extensions! #beafriend

Dressed my bestie up today! All I brought was some lash extensions. #bestbride

Do you have any names for your lashes? #weird

Put on some eyelash extensions and see the magic, feel the magic and live the magic! #magic

Eyelash extensions are a form of magic! #formof

Everything can fail only to protect your eyelashes! #protect

You can wrong absolutely everything but not your lashes! #wrong

Wrong something else, not your lash extensions. #wrongsomethingelse

Where are your lashes? #onme

The best makeup is some eyelash extensions! #bestmakeup

Need some false lashes in life. #needs

Heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race but first, put on some eyelash extensions! #butfirst

My lashes are more perfect than my life. #moreperfect

Nothing is perfect if your lashes aren’t. #nothingis

Before and after wearing eyelash extensions. #beforeandafter

That moment when your makeup artist makes you wear some lash extensions! #thatmoment

Eyelash extensions are a woman’s best kept secret. #shhh

Womanhood is fulfilled only after you start wearing some lash extensions! #womanhood

Fulfill your womanhood by wearing on some eyelash extensions! #fulfill

Fulfill all of your wishes by wearing on some lash extensions! #fullfilall

Lashes always make everything around seem nicer! #nicer

Lashes have always felt good! #goodygoody

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