100+ Catchy Eyebrow Captions For All Social Media

Captions help your audience relate to your behind-the-scenes and get a sneak peek. This helps you in gaining more audience as well. Are you searching for ‘eyebrow enhancer’ captions? Then, you are at the right place!

Scroll through our fresh new list of the said captions and pick the best one for your post!

Eyebrow Captions for Instagram 

  • 🤨 Furrowing my brows in deep thought 🤔
  • 🤓 Nerd alert 🤓
  • 😎 Raising my eyebrows at this new development 😎
  • 😏 Smirking with my eyebrows 😏
  • 😒 Frustrated eyebrows 😒
  • 😔 Pouting eyebrows 😔
  • 😌 Relaxed eyebrows 😌
  • 😍 Heart eyes and raised eyebrows 😍
  • 🤯 Surprised eyebrows 🤯
  • 😜 Winking eyebrows 😜

Enhance your eyebrows! #enhance

Make your brow your crown! #browcrown

Need to make good eyebrow contact today. #goodeyebrowcontact

Your brows are the crown of your eyes. #crowns

Browse only. #browsonly

Brow connect before the eyes. #browconnect

Brows should be the most highlighted part of your face! #highlighted

Brows before hoes. #browsbeforehoes

Brows before bros. #browsbeforebros

Betty’s bro’s brows bruised. #ttonguetwister

My brow lady. #myfairlady

Life has gifted me a very significant thing – an eyebrow enhancer! #significant

Eyebrow enhancer is my only ‘significant other.’ #onlysignificaantother

Brows structured rightly! #structuredrightly

I would have no brows without eyebrow enhancers! #nobrows

Thank God for eyebrow enhancers! #thankyoulord

Eyebrow enhancers are the best! #best

If not for eyebrow enhancers, I would have been socially odd. #introverted

Eyebrow enhancer is the only thing that my face needs. #facedemands

Your brows always demand an enhancer. #demand

Let your brow do all the talking! #letitbe

How much of an eyebrow enhancer is too much enhancer? #howmuch

Eyebrows know all the magic. #magic

Eyebrow enhancers are real magicians! #realmagicians

All the magic is in the eyebrows! #allofit

Sexy eyebrows! #sexy

Keep your bros close and your brows higher. #yes

Who said money couldn’t buy you happiness? Money can buy you eyebrow enhancers! #moneycan

All you need in life is someone like an eyebrow enhancer. #someonelike

Eyebrow enhancers have saved my life, my face, and my all! #myall

Build your personality the way you build your brow. #truethat

But first, brows. #butfirst

Never fail to do your brows! #neverfail

If you do not use an eyebrow enhancer, you do not wear proper makeup! #propermakeup

A woman who has done her eyes and her brows is a woman who has a lot of time! #loads

Give yourself a makeover during this lockdown! #makeover

Don’t say that you wear makeup if you do not wear an eyebrow enhancer! #fake

Whether you are a male or a female, you need to enhance your brows. #allgendersacross

Eyebrow enhancer for life! #forlife

Eyebrow enhancers are not only your best friend but also your life partner! #lifepartner

Eyebrows and eyebrow enhancers share a better love story than Thelma & Louise. #thelma&louise

Trust so thick, doesn’t raise my brows. #trust

Look younger with an eyebrow enhancer. #lookyounger

Shape your brows with an eyebrow enhancer and make it right! #shapeit

I am in love with the shape of my brows! #shapeofyou

If your eyebrows are not right, your life can’t be either. #truth

Make it right, and start with your brows first. #makeitright

Thicken that eyebrow with an enhancer! #thicken

Thick is the new thin. #new

Use an eyebrow enhancer to feel younger! #feelyoung

Feel young, be young. Use an eyebrow enhancer. #useaneyebrowenhancer

If you do not own an eyebrow enhancer, then it’s high time you should own one. #ownone

Buy an eyebrow enhancer today! #today

Worry about your own eyebrows, not mine. #yesplease

Which eyebrow enhancer do you use? #mac

Eyebrow enhancer powders are the best! #powders

Who needs God when you have MAC by your side? #mac

Mac for life! #macforlife

Can’t believe a world without cosmetics. #cosmetics

Will the run ever run out of cosmetics? #femalerationeedstoincrease

If you can apply eyeshadow, you might as well apply some brow powder. #browpowder

Funny Eyebrow Captions

Do your eyes last but do them well. #perfect

There’s nothing like perfectly done eyes and eyebrows! #perfectlydone

Brow powder to the best! #browpowder

Your dress might go wrong, but your eyes can’t. #becareful

Be bossy with that thick eyebrow! #bebossy

Complete your look with some eyebrow enhancers. #complete

The finishing touch should be with your eyebrow enhancer. #finishingtouch

Eyebrow enhancers are a woman’s best-kept secret. #bestkeptsecret

Slay men with that eyebrow enhancer. #slaymen

Slaying men with eyebrow enhancers since 1999! #slayingmen

A little kohl, a little blush, and some nice eyebrow enhancers. #kohlblushenhance

My brows are more structured than my life. #betterstructured

Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance. It requires an effort of 3 hours. #notbychance

Perfect eyebrows cease to exist. #seizetoexist

With perfect eyes and eyebrows, I demand a selfie. #selfieindemand

Men aren’t worth your makeup time. #stayhome

Eyebrows are the only thing that doesn’t require any exercise to stay in shape! #stayinshape

Wear more makeup than clothes! #yay

More makeup is required. #workinprogres

Let your eyes and brows introduce you before you even speak. #sass

Brows speak louder than words! #louder

If your brows are in good shape, your life is too. #proportional

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