List of 65+ Best Everready Brand Slogans

This Indian industry has been the name of every household for a very long time. On Television commercials, Newspapers, Magazines, this name is everywhere.

Their branding has become very famous and still manages to catch the attention of all the folks. Here are some good old and even new slogans that made it.


Everready Brand Slogans

Change your batteries, get a Nickel

Give me red 

EVER- READY for everyone every day 

To be ever ready 

Compact power plant

Always ready – Eveready for life

Let us reload your flashlight

Give me the next level of power

Bright ideas for a better life

Fresh power – Brighter light, longer life

Let there be light

Lighter moments with fresh Eveready batteries

Brighter light – longer life 

Eveready batteries – they last longer

9 lives – bounces back for extra life, recovers power between uses

Eveready products – more than a name

We help you enjoy your world

Life runs on Eveready

A festival of sparkling offers

Hot showers cool savings

Join us @the next level of power

The battery with more lives than a cat

Eveready for life

Eveready radio batteries – a battery for every purpose

The tunes of Royalty 

I am no bunny when it comes to lighting up the dark –everyone in my family has an Eveready flashlight

They last longer

Let Eveready keep you powered

The chosen one

Double dose of power

“I am the chosen one for clearer reception”

“ Let there be light”

Always trusted always ready

Weekend warriors , powered by Eveready

Fresh batteries last longer – look for the deadline

Sensational new Eveready hearing aid “A” battery

Brighten a life this Christmas – present a gleaming Eveready Flashlight

New battery lasts 93% longer

Areal huntsman’s flashlight

Take home the blessings of a better life

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