196+ Catchy Evergreen Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Green is a color of sustenance, and more often than not, green is associated with success and positivity. That is exactly where the word evergreen comes from. This Christmas, no matter how old you are, to make sure that you are evergreen, here are some captions to spice up your social media life!

Evergreen Captions for Instagram

Evergreen hits are usually classics. #classic

Leave your footprints in the sands of time.

So many ways to remain evergreen.

Whenever I am knocked down, I just take a nap first and then get up again.

Anyone who wishes to remain evergreen cannot be fake in any way at all.

Love to love some, avoid some, and punch some. But love at all times.

To be evergreen, one needs to remain versatile.

Sitting doesn’t let you leave your footprints behind.

Stories that are evergreen have a universal charm.

You have the opportunity to do beautiful things. Just do them. #opportunity

Fascinated by all things that are evergreen.

Isn’t the Lord’s teachings and preaching evergreen truth?

It is still so intriguing about anything that’s evergreen.

When you are great, you just will welcome everyone with open arms.

Go north for the evergreen regions. Become like them.

Jealousy and envy are for those who don’t hold an evergreen belief.

Coniferous forests are the ones that make a region evergreen.

Make loss a source of motivating you toward determination. Always.

I wish I could be evergreen like the stars who never seem to lose their charm.

Keep that evergreen smile on your lips. #evergreen

Monopoly is for the evergreen alone.

Never give up. Always strive.

Just like the evergreen forests of the north, we must also remain evergreen.

What you want is what you will get.

Just like the sun and moon, we need our work to be evergreen.

Never let regret grow on you.

To be evergreen, it needs to be fresh and lively.

Failure isn’t what you think. It is only another way that won’t work out.

There is but one option to being permanent – being evergreen.

Think positive always. It will help you become an evergreen source of happiness. #positive

May our love remain evergreen through the ages to come.

Being evergreen will mean that you are always in sync with the surroundings.

The simplest things in life have always been the most enjoyable of all.

Only survivors are evergreen and vice versa.

Not everyone is gifted with evergreen blessings.

What is outdated is cast aside. So decide what you wish to be.

Never cut off those who need you. Be an evergreen savior.

The nature of anything that is evergreen is to stay up-to-date.

Don’t make stress a permanent companion. #companion

Unless you are evergreen, you cannot be accepted by all.

Be with the ones that bring out the best in you at all times.

Only what is evergreen can expect to be permanent as well.

Stand your ground with a smiling face, and you will always be remembered.

Anything evergreen always has relevance to the current situation.

Fight everything that may pull you down. Live in permanent happiness.

Isn’t the word of God evergreen?

Keep your soul evergreen. Never let anyone hurt it.

Anything evergreen can be resurrected easily.

Your life truly begins the moment you want it to be an evergreen journey. #journey

 To remain evergreen, small little evolutions are necessary.

Be responsible about your own life, and make it an evergreen example for all.

Always keep your thoughts evergreen and unchanged.

How sophisticated is an evergreen thought!

Life is an evergreen gift that we need to cherish.

Handling the leaves of knowledge can put us into an evergreen desire for fruit.

Describe your experience such that they remain embedded as evergreen experiences.

A library is like an evergreen source of knowledge.

Life is an amazing journey that needs to be chronicled in evergreen words.

Direction and purpose are what can make you evergreen. #evergreen

Decide your life is your own, and it will remain an evergreen belief.

Be suave, be smart, and be regarded as evergreen.

Funny Evergreen Captions

Evergreen doesn’t mean you are boring.

If you accept the evergreen word of God, you will be supported always.

Can you not just try remaining evergreen?

Determination, if consistent, can be an evergreen force toward outgrowing yourself.

The sound of silence is evergreen for sure.

Mistakes can be the best teachers to create evergreen knowledge and experience.

Stay fresh. Stay new. Stay evergreen. #fresh

To be is evergreen, not the thought of it.

The sounds of nature are evergreen, never do they become boring.

Peace of mind is what makes serenity evergreen.

Eternal happiness is something that is evergreen.

My heart has always led me to you.

If you wish to look as happy as me, you must keep an evergreen mind.

God’s love is evergreen irrespective of how many times we fail him each day.

Till kingdom comes, I will love you.

Find that evergreen factor within and spread it all around.

Our love will remain evergreen forever. #love

Do something new every day. That’s the way to remain evergreen.

Why look into the sorrow and tension? Be evergreen in joy and peace.

What you do today is what will matter most.

There is so much more to being evergreen than just being young in the mind.

To be your last, everything will make me evergreen.

Evergreen doesn’t mean that you aren’t experienced.

Shaded dark green is what reminds one of evergreen.

In Tibet, they advise to eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love infinite.

Be in an evergreen state so that all and sundry revere you. #evergreen

Negative people will always gray out your evergreen positivity.

Be like the pine tree – evergreen, firmly rooted, and strong.

Talk about joys. They are evergreen.

Your soul will be evergreen only if you believe it to be. #soul

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