198+ Catchy Epiphany Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Epiphany is a Christmas feast day that is celebrated to recognize the revelations and realizations made during the baptism of Christ. Here are some captions that will bring out the spirituality and warmth on the august occasion. 

Epiphany Captions for Instagram

Epiphany or not, I just try to do what I believe in.

Realization is a smile that knows you don’t need anyone.

Realization takes away all our fallacies and fills the void with facts.

You won’t fear the storm if your roots are deep enough.

The smallest things can trigger an epiphany that truly brings change.

Your past was only a lesson. Don’t make it your prison.

When you realize the way things look actually, it changes everything.

Be good to yourself and others. Life is beautiful then.

Epiphany shows us what life is all about.

Until you love yourself, you cannot truly love another.

All it takes to change the world is the way we see it.

Don’t try to be perfect. Be whole.

It takes only a moment for an epiphany to change everything, every perspective.

If you get too comfortable, it is time to move on.

What is called ‘knowing’ is actual realization.

Normal may be comfortable but doesn’t grow anything. #normal

Self-realization is a game-changer in anyone’s life.

Worrying will only take away the peace from today.

Life has so much to offer. How much you enjoy it depends on your realization.

Remain positive, grateful, and humble.

Remorse is okay for a while, but you need to come out and realize that there is more.

Just tell yourself that it just doesn’t matter.

I realized how minuscule we are on our own. That changed everything.

Just like roses have thorns, thorns also have roses.

Epiphany doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end. It is the beginning.

Always keep yourself motivated and inspired.

Epiphany is realization coupled with understanding and a whole lot more.

Manifest your desires with a definite purpose and direction.

Detachment brings us closer to an understanding that every soul seeks.

Be strong mentally, and you will make your body and soul strong too.

Epiphany doesn’t create indifference. Instead, it creates a lot more.

Becoming one with the Oneness is what can make us stronger and more loving.

Why mess up your life when you can rather organize it?

Every human must strive to achieve an epiphany that creates harmony among us all.

There are just too many life lessons to learn from. At least begin with one.

The epiphany is what can change the world for the better.

Never let your energy be drained by negatives.

When a huge storm hits you and refreshes you, all within a moment or two.

There is nothing like bouncing back.

What had happened to Moses on Mount Sinai is exactly what we all need.

Whatever you aren’t is immaterial. Whatever you are is what matters.

Epiphany sheds all our weaknesses, flaws, and inexperience.

Only through great chaos can any great change happen.

Rediscovering yourself and feeling new is what realization can do to you.

Achievement can come only from purpose, direction, and action.

Epiphany is what will transfigure a man into what he truly is.

Be great, and you can expect great things. #great

Christmas is about realizing the teaching of Jesus within us.

Never can you achieve anything by letting it remain in your mind.

Christmas is not just celebrating the birth of Christ. It is far more.

Never hate your experiences if you wish to love yourself.

We celebrate Christmas, but have we realized the spirit of it within ourselves?

Start over. You are now starting from experience.

Every religion has talked of love, but have we understood at all?

Only when there is a thirst will there be any reprieve in the form of epiphany.

The present is where you need to live and thrive for now.

What you are is what you attract.

The future is for you to create, not to keep dreaming about.

Whatever you want can come only if you are that itself.

Remember the past but don’t live in it.

Always do it for you. They will always be there.

The more we turn away from trying to realize, the worse the world becomes.

Funny Epiphany Captions

When you can understand the philosophy of life, you will achieve realization.

Self-confidence comes from doing what you fear doing.

Once you realize it, nothing will seem the same again.

Failure doesn’t kill as many dreams as insecurity does.

We changed the world, and lo; it is different now.

There are so many ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

Ever since something hot my heart and mind, everything has changed.

An awakening comes only when you have the urge to wake up.

Just imagine for a moment that you have suddenly realized it all!

If you have to wake up, you must wake up now.

Once an epiphany hits you, you will perceive the world in its actual manifestation.

Jealousy is only a kind of insecurity.

It is that one moment of perfect understanding, which fleets away the next moment.

Think from various angles before you decide you aren’t good enough.

Just realizing something for what it is, not what it seems, seems like an epiphany.

When compare and diminish your self-worth?

I guess epiphanies are too strong to handle at first. #epiphany

Backup all your plans with immediate action.

Wanting that little thing, and when you get it, it hits you like a jackhammer of realization.

How long it takes will always depend on yourself.

When it is sudden, realization can be a true epiphany.

To make your dreams become a reality, be inspired and act.

When you find that missing part about you, you actually will be amused.

Change your life. Begin by changing your mindset.

If you feel lonely, you will be alone. The realization will show you otherwise.

Sometimes revelations come in the most unexpected of ways.

Rational thinking may not be enough to discover yourself.

I have got it – it is exactly what happens after an epiphany.

Some dreams you never even had become a reality. 

The revelation is what makes us see things most clearly.

At the point when I can defeat them, I love them more.

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