185+ Catchy Envelope Captions For All Social Media

Letters are always special, but an envelope encases all the love that is in it, and it is one of the best feelings to receive a letter in a lovely envelope. These captions will help you envelop your love and showcase it, especially on social media. 

Envelope Captions for Instagram

Pushing the envelope is OK so long as you accept others pushing their envelopes too.

Why do you freak out whenever I push the envelope? #envelope

I think I’ve actually broken the ice by pushing this envelope of mine.

I’d rather push my envelope of love to you.

I never knew you would send me a love letter in that beautiful envelope.

No gold, no money, nothing compares to the letter you send in an envelope.

My soul is living in the envelope of my body, waiting for you. #soul

I want to envelop your entire being with my soul in love.

You never know the value of the contents till you open the envelope itself.

My humor can actually push the envelope to make you smile as well.

I was just waiting for you to ask for the envelope that I have held for you.

Why not you push the envelope or little, and I push it too?

I am your Manila envelope that protects your heart.

The envelope itself contains the shortest and quickest way to push for your love.

Without the stamp, you can’t expect your love envelope to reach me.

This envelope contains all that I feel for you. #love

If you love me, you will open that envelope to know my feelings for you.

Proper love letters always need proper envelopes.

Hopelessness is like an empty envelope, all sealed and stamped.

My envelope was never meant to contain that which would hurt you.

This envelope has changed many hands before it reached you.

The moment I put the letter in the envelope it became yours.

What do you understand from the contents is what will decide our lives.

However you style your envelope, it’s the content that actually matters.

The envelope itself explains what to expect from its contents. #valentine

I’ve packaged your expectation in a letter within the envelope.

My envelope contains all that you need to know to be with me.

Why would you stop an envelope from reaching someone else?

You look like an envelope without an address on it.

Pushing the envelope takes a lot of guts.

An empty, sealed envelope has to contain a secret.

Don’t be indelicate when you put your letter in the envelope.

You have to be fastidious to ensure that your love letter reaches you.

Across society, the young should push their envelope. #envelope

Push the envelope list you lose your focus.

The only thing I’m concerned about is pushing the envelope.

Be the architect when will option idea in his creation.

Peace and love concepts need to be pushed like the envelope.

Advocate love and push the envelope of it across all souls.

Your body is an envelope of your spirit. I love them both equally.

I rather push the envelope of love rather than sit idly waiting.

The plastic envelope contains milk and sugar that bring color and taste.

Be happy with yourself. No need to go about opening the envelopes. #happy

I’d rather ship all my creations to an editor than keep them lying in the envelope.

In hand is the envelope that will create the beholder’s delight.

It is high time that I pushed the envelope for the one I love to realize it.

Why should I play it safe when I can give you the envelope that contains my love for you?

If my envelope of love has offended you, please rebuild me but don’t hate me.

Your life is an adventure that I want to live in, an envelope of love and joy.

Go ahead and push the envelope; challenge yourself and others.

I only pushed the envelope to understand how much love you can take.

The envelope I’m sending you has all my love, kisses, and hugs. #valentine

Funny Envelope Captions

Let my envelope of love go deep into your heart and fill it.

A red envelope can also be a Valentine’s Day proposal.

I just cannot afford to push the envelope on you who’s up

There is just so much we can do together in the envelope of life.

Your skin is the envelope that allows the outer world and inner self to mingle.

I never understood why they call the chicken Patty an envelope.

I only want you to open the envelope and read my love letter.

My missive has all your answers. Just accept the envelope, please.

The envelope contains our pictures together. #envelope

It is this envelope that contains our whole future.

Don’t be apprehensive when you’re opening those envelopes.

Fear only what lies within the envelope.

The envelope itself is the source for all information.

I wasted many sheets but used only one envelope.

It is the envelope of nature that protects us from many things.

Is our life truly contained in the envelope of destiny?

If only you realized the feelings enveloped within my heart.

My love for you is what has enveloped my life. #life

Shrouded by an envelope of mist stopped you from seeing my love.

If you do love me, envelop my heart with it.

An envelope is truly a mystery till you open it.

What lies within the envelope can change everything.

Don’t envelope your heart with a hatred for me.

You cannot imagine how why envelope my tears within my laughter.

A man keeps his worries in the envelope of deeds.

The envelope is truly one of the best inventions of man.

What lies hidden within an envelope is worth remaining hidden.

Your love is truly too great to be held by any envelope at all. #love

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