100+ Cute Engagement Captions for Instagram: Your Future Spouse

A ring doesn’t signify your love; it’s like a seal. To make your love more permanent. And that’s why they exchange rings during the engagement. Getting engaged to the man/woman of your dreams is a dream. To love a person and to be loved is what we all crave in the end. So here are a few Engagement captions for you.

Funny Engagement Captions

No diamond is more beautiful or stronger than you, my love. Happy engagement to us.❀️#weddingsonpoint

I could buy you a ring every day if that’s how you want me to show you how much I love you, but this ring for sure makes it special. Happy engagement for us, my love.😍#stayhomei

No diamonds or platinum rings could explain the love I have for you, but I could seal us with one.πŸ’˜#shunafine

A ring is put on your finger so that you never forget that there’s a person who has endless love for you.πŸ’—#love

No one could ever imagine the love I have for you and you too.❀️#engagement

I’m happy that I’m a better man/woman for you who makes sure that you don’t fall short anywhere.πŸ’ž#love

I’m ready to take care of you and love you till whenever I breathe. ⚘️#shunagol

What could I hope for more? Getting engaged to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is one of the best things that will ever happen to me.❀️‍πŸ”₯#love #idothat 

No valuable stones could help you know how much love I have for you, but I will for sure love you in every aspect of your life.❀️#saltandpepperdiamonds #ethicallysourced

To be the one who reminds you that you’re loved at all times is what I live for and will continue to do so.πŸ’—#customjewelry #customring 

A diamond ring is not enough for me to show how much love I have for you.❣️#blackdiamomdring

If given the chance, I could buy you a diamond ring every day.❀️#diamondring

 A diamond ring will never be enough to show how much I love you.πŸ’ž#uniqueengagementring

Nothing in this world could ever come close to you, I love you way too much to care about anything else on this earth.⭐️#alternativeengagementring

I hope to get those butterflies whenever you look at me and feel my breath stuck somewhere between my lungs for this life.πŸ’ž 

I promise to love you till my death, and I always keep up my word! Happy engagement to us, my love!πŸ’ž#dreamring 

I am so glad you are part of my life, partner!🌟#Happyengagement 

I feel so blessed every time I wake up to you beside me❀️‍πŸ”₯.#rings

 Your love is the warmth that I always crave. Happy engagement to us, my love!πŸ’˜#weddingring

I can never be thankful and grateful enough for being engaged to someone as amazing as you, baby!⚘️#love

 You make my life easier by just being in it and being there for me in all the tough situations life throws at me!❀️#engagementring 

 Love you so much that I could travel a hundred miles for you and with you! Wish us a lovely engagement, my love!🌟#solitairering 

I loved you the moment I ever laid my eyes on you. πŸ’•#engaged

We are engaged, and I can’t believe I will finally wake up to you.πŸ’–#modernbride 

I could spend my entire life with you and also my next life with you. πŸ’˜#wife

I love you till death! Wish us the happiest engagement, my love!❀️ #arbride

So excited to create a beautiful and adventurous life with you, my darling! πŸ’•#husband

Your love is for me for which I’m so grateful! Wish us a happy engagement, my dear!πŸ’–#arvow#arengagement

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that I would find someone as incredible as you to spend my life with. ⚘️#lover

I can’t ask for anything more than what you have already given me! I wish us a wonderful engagement, my amazing fiance!❀️#cutdownsetkeeping #oneofakind

Wish you a wonderful engagement, my dear fiance! πŸ’—#engagement 

Let’s celebrate our special day with some nice wine and dining and some more laughter!!⚘️#peachsapphire

Spending time with you has been my favorite part of my life until now, and now we can spend each minute of it being beside each other! πŸ’Œ#married

Hope you now know that I would love you till my last breath!❀️‍πŸ”₯#pinksapphire 

I can’t articulate how much you mean to me, my darling!!! I wish us a very happy engagement, my love!❀️#yellowsapphire

Wish you would know today, the day we get engaged, is the happiest day of my life! I wish us a very happy engagement, my love!😍#lilacsapphire 

I wish you a very happy engagement day, my darling!! Not a day goes without me thinking of us spending time and having fun with each other.❣️#almost married

I look forward to spending each and every minute of my life with you.πŸ’•#springpastels 

I wish you a very happy engagement, baby! Today will forever remain my most special day as today we vow to each other to love no matter any circumstances.πŸ’ž#sapphirering #pastels

We might not have made it if we didn’t fight for ourselves and for our love! Wish you a very happy engagement, baby!!!!❣️#weddingring #weddingrings

To the diamond and apple of my eye, I love you so much it’s difficult to articulate. Happy engagement to us, my dear!πŸ’ž#dreamring #diamondring 

Not everyone would have been so lucky or blessed as me to find someone like you to spend my life with you for this life and even the next if there’s one!πŸ’ž#ringgoals 

I cannot imagine living a day without you and without seeing you for long! I’m so blessed to be spending my entire life with you. Wish you a very happy engagement, my love!!⭐️#proposalring #rosegoldring

Today is the day my life changed for something even more beautiful and colorful! I wish you a wonderful engagement, my love!❣️#pearshapediamond #goldring

Not every day is so beautiful, but also amazing and adventurous with you, darling! I wish us a very happy and amazing engagement, baby!πŸ’Œ#moissanite

If there was another life, I would die again and again to spend it with you.πŸ’•#inlove

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