260+ Catchy Elephant Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Save the Elephant Day is celebrated on April 16 of every year. Save the Elephants Day is created to make people aware about the dangers elephant’s face and various difficulties they have to overcome to live. The two main problems to elephants which are habitat loss and ivory trade are due to humans.

elephant captions for instagram

-Save the elephant day is directed towards the purpose of awareness of drastic population reduction of elephant and importance. #savetheelephants

-16th April is celebrated to spread love for the innocent elephants & protect them from ivory poachers, traffickers, habitat loss. #spreadlove

-Elephants are the most innocent giant of the world – these giants are friendly with human beings & they don’t harm anybody. #innocentgiant

-Elephants are like teacher of life – they walk but don’t ponder over the silly things that happen beside them – save them. #savetheelephant

-On the occasion of save elephant day take promise of protect elephants – we don’t want to see them vanished from the world – they are love. 

-The elephant population are reducing for some of inhuman acts towards them – make sure to treat them well – they deserve it. #savetheelephant

-Elephants are not harmful – they can be reason of your happiness – show love & care for them – wishing a happy save the elephant day.

-On the occasion of saving elephant’s day people should be aware of their present numbers exist in the world.

-People should gift elephant undisturbed habitat for increasing their numbers.

-The trunk and ivory are the ornaments of elephant – don’t snatch it from them – learn to protect elephants. #savetheelephant

-From today start to understand the importance of elephants – they are most precious wild life animal – be savior to them. #savior

-Let elephants carry their pride – the money made from selling their trunk & ivory is illegal – stay away from illegal job & protect them. #protectthem

-Elephants though are of giant size but they are calm to nature unlike humans who are tiny with selfish act. #savetheelephant

-The greed of humans leading to extinction of numerous animals is now became the reason of elephant population reduction – be aware and save them now.

-As elephants are too children of nature we have no rights to hurt them – let us come together to protect them – they are like property. #savetheelephants

-Save forest now only then we can save our wild elephants – they all are treasure of nature. #treasureofnature

-Save the elephants for future generation to witness these sweet giants – their population destruction is really a matter of worry – think about it now.

-Stop buying ivory – it is absolutely their beauty – love this animal not the profit got from them. #savetheelephants

-There is lesson to learn from elephants – live large, keep balancing stay humble & harm none.

 –Save elephants to learn some great life lessons from them. #savetheelephant

-Our elephant friends in jungle need our help – stop inhumanity &help them to restore their population again in this world. #savetheelephants

-It is the duty of a human to save an animal – it is our duty to save elephants.

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