100+ Catchy Eclair Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Social media can be the platform for you to become famous. And your posts will get a boost if you add captions to them. Use the following list of captions we made for you to use with your posts on Satay.

Eclair Captions for Instagram

You should appreciate me from afar, lest I become irresistible to you. #irresistible

If a chocolate éclair appears out of thin air, it means your partner loves you.

Just one won’t do. Give me more.

Lick it. Suck it. Eat it. Feel the juice. Salivate all over it. Now you know how to have an éclair.

Eclairs help express true love. #express

It is all about the twists and turns in your mouth. #twsistsandturns

This is not just an éclair, it is a nuclear bomb. #nuclearbomb

It is a sweetheart for my sweetheart.

If that’s your first love then what about eclairs?

An éclair will create magic in your hearts. #magic

The sweetest bomb on the planet is an éclair. #sweetestbomb

The moment it touches your tongue, it will take you to a different plane altogether.

Gift your love an éclair and see them love you even more.

The symbol of love and passion is an éclair. #passion

An éclair is just an éclair. Once you try it you know that it is much more than just an éclair.

You just won’t believe it till you have tried it. And then it is an unbelievable experience.

So many eclairs. So little time. #time

No one can eat just one. #eatone

That’s me and my other love – chocolate éclair.

I don’t mind eating it so long as it is an éclair.

This is the best home in town. You will always find an éclair waiting for you here.

The loveliest way to enjoy chocolate is as a chocolate éclair. #chocolateeclair

You may take one. The rest are all mine, mind you.

A true lover of éclair will always take pride in ordering one by name. #truelover

It is the most velvety smooth éclair in the world.

 I can even beg, fight, steal and murder for you babe. You are a real cool éclair darling.

Whenever you think sweet, think éclair. #thinkeclair

Leave those eclairs alone if you don’t wish me to stab you repeatedly.

An éclair is simply beyond compare. #beyondcompare

Pure chocolate is what makes an éclair a real éclair.

I just love you darling. You make my mouth water for you.

An éclair comes to you without your asking for it. You are the luckiest.

If you love me you will treat me to an éclair any time. #loveme

The sexiest and lustiest beauty around is the éclair.

If you love me treat me like an éclair.

Give me a mouthful and see me eat it. #mouthful

Share an éclair and patch up again. #patchup

The flavor and taste make it so sinful a desire. #flavorandtaste

Never settle for just one.

Valentine’s Day’s special gift is the special eclairs we get here.

Can you imagine that some people haven’t even tasted an éclair in their whole life?

For the elite and the common alike. #elite

There’s nothing selfish in not sharing your éclair with anyone.

Giving and an éclair is the best way to say that you love someone.

Dip yourself in that fountain of chocolate and come out all loving and caring.

Have an éclair now and see it take you away from this world. #eclair

I have fallen in for chocolate éclair. How can I ever fall in love again?

I am loving it. You will too. Just try it.

It is the sexiest beauty in the room. #sexiest

Let us all eat eclairs.

We welcome everyone into our home by offering them an éclair.

It is an addiction beyond compare – the love for eclairs. #addiction

Mmmmm! So sexy. So soft. So juicy. So éclair.

Can you do without giving in to something so wildly attractive? #attractive

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow. An éclair is always so beautiful – even to just look at.

At least one éclair each. That is being benevolent enough. The rest is all for me. That’s justice.

The oval that will make you go round and round in circles around it.

An éclair is your, mine, our thing. #eclair

For the love of chocolate éclair. #chocolateeclair

Funny Eclair Captions

You are the oval in my office. You are the precedence over everything else.

If I have shared my éclair with you it means that I love you most. #loveyou

I know that an éclair will keep her quiet. So I always get her one when I am unsure.

An éclair says a million words silently.

Eclairs galore for us on this trip. #galore

The sinful desire most of us have. #sinful

And éclair a day to keep our love going a long way.

Have an éclair and then see the love in you two erupt like a volcano.

When passion rules the game, have an éclair. #passion

The magical effect that eclairs create on us.

It’s like a solid entering you and your heart becoming a fountain of love and ecstasy.

Royal treatment couldn’t get better than this. #royal

Care for an éclair? (Please say no. Please say no.) #care

Asking me to share my éclair feels like asking me to die. #share

Indulge yourself in a sinful treat called an éclair.

It is you, isn’t it? My éclair.

The fountain of chocolate is the éclair. #chocolate

An éclair will achieve so much more than what talking would have achieved.

A chocolate éclair is always the best solution to any problem. 

Put it in your mouth baby and smudge my face with that juicy chocolate.

Keep calm and eat an éclair.

Give me an éclair and make my day. #eclair

This is so much simpler than anything else. Eclairs.

Welcome to the house of eclairs.

It’s light and yet so filling. #filling

Get your teeth into one of these juicy beauties and feel the chocolate oozing out from all sides.

Mesmerize yourself with these eclairs.

Oh my God! That’s no ordinary food. That’s my favorite eclair.

Surprise me with your éclair baby. #surprise

Chocolate éclair is the best therapy. #therapy

An éclair is a divine blessing.

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