186+ Catchy Ebenezer Scrooge Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Ebenezer Scrooge is one of the most popular characters relating to the occasion of Christmas as he is the main character or the lead in the famous Christmas play named the Christmas Carol. Here are some captions that just won’t stop at ‘Humbug’ but will perfectly be Christmassy enough!

Ebenezer Scrooge Captions for Instagram

Let us all try living in the past, present, and future of Christmas.

Honoring Christmas from within your heart actually will bless you all through.

Why should we ever want anyone to die when we should rather pray for their healthy lives?

Never allow yourself. Just read away from your focus and direction.

Everyone, wishing you a very Merry Christmas. God bless your soul.

You cannot ever make any feature odious at all.

Let us all celebrate Christmas by singing carols in praise of the Messiah. #carols

Please let the mighty and the tiny live the same – happy.

It’s all humbug. Why should we believe it at all?

If the change comes, it’ll come only because we departed from our direction.

I decided not to believe it, but in the end, I had to believe in the spirit of Christmas.

It is not my business. It is everyone’s business. Zach makes it my business.

I haven’t been merry at Christmas. I would rather make everyone else merry during this time.

My answer, gentlemen, is that I believe in Christmases and carols.

I understand my business, but I am involved in yours too.

Happiest in Angel, light is a feather, and Mary as a schoolboy, that’s Christmas for you.

I’m giddy as a drunk, with the spirit of Christmas in me. #giddy

Merry Christmas, everybody. And happy new year to all.

I would love to know who you were, Zen?

As mortals, we are prone to falling.

When there’s nothing to do, pray.

It is on Christmas morning that I really do come to my senses.

Can we sit down? Of course, we can. It is a holiday after all.

I can promise that Christmas is a blessing in disguise.

Just pray when you have no resources or refuge.

Are you talking about prisons on Christmas day?

Happiness belongs to the spirit of Christmas. So do i. #happiness

You are missing the best things of li….’re not with your family on Christmas.

Nothing should stop you from your useful course.

Pray for the departed soul, especially if he’s your friend and family.

This old sinner like Scrooge can change.

Don’t let the squeezing, wrenching, grasping, and clutching ways of life spoil Christmas.

Laughter and good humor can be the best medicine.

Christmas is the time we all spend together.

Let us not shy away from the fun and frolic of Christmas.

Christmas is a contagious and irresistibly beautiful festival. #contagious

While I do a lot for others, I also do a lot for my family.

Just because you’re badly off doesn’t mean that you have to spend Christmas elsewhere.

Let us print Christmas link by link and yard by yard.

Whether you’re rich or poor is an immaterial Christmas. Just be happy.

Wish everyone Merry Christmas and eat pudding and cake.

I rather profit from this spirit of Christmas and his teachings.

Every item on Christmas is so different from other times.

Why pick a man’s pocket when you can pick his heart?

Give happiness to everyone in such a way that it becomes a fortune for them.

Believe in Christmas and in god, and you will be happy. #christmas

There is no humbug; there is no nothing; there’s only Christmas.

Any honest man of business will be honest about his feelings and love for Christmas.

More cake, more pudding, more Christmas turkey, more fun, more joy, more laughter.

I guess it’s Christmas. That’s why you are being so nice to me now.

Experience doesn’t come by aging. It comes from feeling and doing.

I may be pushing. I don’t know you, but I still wish you a merry Christmas.

When a mother dies giving birth to her child, she leaves her love with him forever.

Do not lament at all. It is the time of Christmas. All will be well surely.

Express your sympathy and love for one and all, and always pray for them.

Stand arisen in love, respect, and all things nice. #nice

Surprise everyone with something lovely on Christmas.

Funny Ebenezer Scrooge Captions

Opportunities may not happen many times, but you will get more scope.

I am sorry for all the wrongs that I’ve done. Hoping Santa really takes care of me now.

He who has ill whims will always suffer.

Never misuse the opportunities given to you.

When you realize you must alter your ways.

I wonder if there would be a spirit of Christmas to interact with me.

Innocent enjoyment can never hamper or hurt anyone at all.

Alter your life for the better, and you’ll never repent. #repent

There are many lessons to learn from the spirit of Christmas.

What may be will be. Just be yourself right now.

Never fear the world too much unless you fear yourself as well.

Many will laugh at how you have altered yourself for the better.

Just enjoy your new self and the new things that you have learned.

There are many smells during Christmas but none more intoxicating than happiness.

Poverty can be of many types. Poverty or feeling is the worst of all.

Meant to be the gravy than the grave.

You don’t need to pickpockets when you can pick at hearts instead.

Never postpone expressing yourself and your love for others. #express

Do I deserve to be as happy as I am?

I can’t help it. I just have to look into my heart every Christmas and bring out the love for you people.

It’s a good practice to wish for yourself when you wish others on Christmas.

I realize now, but I really don’t know anything at all.

Every possible good happens on Christmas.

What is my business here? I just wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas. #business

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