120+ Easter Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Easter is a festival celebrated on the 4th of July to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after three days of his crucifixion. Also named the resurrection day, if you are looking for captions to go with your Easter Pics, we have a list ready just for you.

Easter Instagram Captions

Nothing marks the arrival of spring as well as Easter. #easter

Gather all the Easter eggs as possible, movies don’t count. #eastereggs

Hip Hop all the way. #festivals

Bunnies and Eggs all around. #celebrations

Don’t let your Easter Basket be empty, keep the eggs coming. #happytimes

Easter bunny might be the cutest animation ever made. #loveeaster

Is Bugs Bunny the real Easter Bunny? #easterishere

Make a wish. #bestwishes

Easter is one heck of an Egg-cellent day. #eggcellent

Have fun with the bunnies. #funtimes

Some wishes do come true, just wait for Easter. #festivals

Don’t be a chicken on Easter at least, at least be a rabbit. #celebrations

East or West, Easter is the best, not a big fan of Wester anyway.

Let’s go bunny hopping. #eastereggs

Easter is finally Hare. #happytimes

An Easter with your family is the best Easter ever. #loveeaster

Rejoice! It’s Easter. #easter

The only thing that can make Easter better than it already is, is chocolate.

Self-Proclaimed Professional Egg Designer. #festivals

The only day a bunny cosplay would steal the show. #bestwishes

Bring out the bunny teeth. #celebrations

 Merry wishes and bunny kisses, that’s Easter for me. #eastereggs

Easter is easily the best day of spring. #easterishere

Easter is one more reason to smile and be happy. #easter

Carrots are always my favorite. #eastereggs

Where is bugs bunny when you need him? #festivals

You are the happiest especially if you find a nice chick. #loveeaster

Don’t ever cut down on eggs. #celebrations

Always been egg-cited for Easter. #happytimes

This Easter is going to be quite a crack. #bestwishes

All that a bunny needs are a funny friend. #easter

The egg hunt is on. #eastereggs

Get the Indiana Jones in you out for the egg hunt. #festivals

Never will the words Egg and Hunt come together unless it’s Easter. #easterishere

Easter teaches us to have faith.

If you believe in it, it will come true. #celebrations

You can even try to bury the faith but even from there, it will rise.

The sun always rises no matter how dark the night.

It is all a part of the plan, and He is always watching.

The light always returns to us. #happytimes

Easter makes me happy and hoppy at the same time. #loveeaster

Take good care of your eggs. #bestwishes

You can never have egg-stra love. #eastereggs

The only thing cuter than an Easter egg is a Cute Chick. #festivals

I carrot keep calm today, it’s Easter after all. #easter

Having a total blast on Easter is no yolk.

Egg puns will never go out of the pan. #happytimes

They say don’t put too many eggs in a basket unless it’s Easter. #celebrations

It’s really bunny how Easter is all about eggs. #easterishere

Easter will be over before you can even hop. #eastereggs

Funny Easter Captions

An egg hunt is no less than a treasure hunt. #festivals

Spring is my favor-egg season of the year. #easter

It’s Easter time finally. #eastereggs

Easily the best festival ever. #celebrations

The only time you don’t go egg shopping but go egg hunting. #loveeaster

An Easter egg a day keeps bad wishes away. #eastereggs

Let’s be real, the only reason to watch Marvel Movies are the Easter eggs. #easterishere

Bunny hugs, Easter eggs, and a whole lot of fun. #easter

I am so glad Jesus came back, wouldn’t have got Easter Sunday otherwise. #bestwishes

Could Sunday get any better? Only if it’s Easter. #festivals

The only Sunday to not feel lazy but feel festive.

Eggs on Sundae, not a bad idea. #happytimes

The Savior has returned, as promised. #celebrations

Jesus is always watching over us, take the Egg Hunt seriously.

Hoppy to go egg hunting. #eastereggs

There are no limits when it comes to Easter eggs. #easterishere

Get some color into the eggs. #loveeaster

Please don’t have a crack at it. #festivals

Handle the Eggs with egg-stra care. #easter 

Easter marks the day when our Lord finally returned to us.

The father, the sun, and the Holy Spirit, all are happy because it’s their favorite time of the year.

A day of spring never came so sweet, like Easter. #eastereggs 

Feel happy, collect eggs, have chocolate, enjoy Easter. #happytimes

It is never too easy to bid goodbye to the Easter bunny, it takes too long to return. #bestwishes

I carrot believe that I have to wait an entire year to enjoy Easter again. #celebrations

All the bunny or carrot lovers in the house, give me a cheer. #festivals

Happy Easter! #happyeaster

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